Monday, June 15, 2009

A Showdown is Approaching, But It Is Bigger Than You Think

The weekend was filled with dramatic events.
An election in Iran was stolen. Israeli Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu finally responded to President Obama's Muslim charade in Egypt. South Korea tried desperately to maintain a headline in world news. And the Obama Administration ignored it all in order to pilfer your freedom. HEALTH CARE? Come on. America has been hit with a "Stupid Stick" and the President is wielding it with finesse and expertise.
It all seems so dark. Islam is on the rise. Radical Islam is taking control. Christians are rolling over in America and playing dead. Where is God in all this? Well my friend, He is exactly where he said he would be.....IN CONTROL!
WAKE UP.... A SHOWDOWN IS COMING....and it is now visible on the horizon. Iranians can protest all they want, but the radical regime of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Kameini and monkey-faced president, Mahmoud Ahmadinijad is in place. It is entrenched. Talking with it will accomplish nothing but make us look weak. (Currently, we ARE weak.) But God is not mocked. He is about to respond...and though the rubber-spine American President will abandon Israel, Jehovah will not.
Psalm 83 has some powerful words...and it names names. READ IT. Edom and the Ishamaelites are the Arabs. Moab is Jordan. Ammon is Syria. The Palestinians are named according to area and city. Tyre is Lebanon. You are looking at the Islamic world that immediately surrounds Israel. Ezekiel 38 and 39 name some names as well. Meshech & Tubal is Russia. Gomer and Togarmah are Turkey and the Central Asian Republics. Persia is IRAN. Put is Libya. Cush is the people stretching throughout the upper Nile....Sudan, Ethyopia, and Egypt. These are Islamically dominated countries in a wider circle around Israel. (Russia may not be Islamic, but it has allied itself with Islam. Forty percent of the Russian Army is Muslim....Coups still happen.)
The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is about to throw down against the false god of the Muslims. Allah the moon god can't hold a candle to Jehovah, God of the universe. It won't even be a fight. Every one of the afore mentioned countries will be Jehovah. Not by Obama. Not by Netanyahu, not by global warming...but by Jehovah. Islam will be defeated, almost in an instant.
What does that mean for you, believer in Jesus Christ? We are fast approaching the showdown, the event that will open the door to the greatest moment of evangelism the world has ever known. It will open for a short time....then it will be closed. Are you prepared to work while it is still day?
Get ready. Get your heart right. Get on board with Jesus. Stop playing around. Quit fiddling with sin. Get white hot. Be filled to overflowing with the power of the Spirit of God. Miracles are needed. Witnesses are being called. The time of harvest is here!
Jimmy Root Jr

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