Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The head of Iran's Revolutionary Guard said Saturday that Iran will attack Israel's nuclear facilities if the Jewish state strikes Iran, a semi-official Iranian news agency reported."If the Zionist regime attacks Iran, we will surely strike its nuclear facilities with our missile capabilities," said Gen. Mohammed Ali Jaafari (at left in photo), according to the Iranian Labor News Agency. "Our missile capability puts all of the Zionist regime within Iran's reach to attack," Jaafari said, according to ILNA.Jaafari said calls to stop Iran's nuclear program, which Tehran maintains is for peaceful purposes, are part of the "psychological war that the West has launched against Iran." He has said in the past that any strike against Iran's nuclear facilities would be regarded as the cause for war. "We have no illusions whatsoever as to the hostile intentions of the theocratic radical regime in Iran," said Mark Regev, the spokesman for the Israeli Prime Minister, about Iran's threat.
Israel, which considers Iran's nuclear program to be an existential threat, is widely believed to have nuclear weapons itself though it maintains a policy of ambiguity. Last month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said a nuclear-armed Iran would destabilize the Middle East and threaten the entire world by triggering an arms race and supplying catastrophic weapons to terrorists. "The goal is to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons," Netanyahu said, adding that most governments in the Middle East, Europe and elsewhere agreed. "It's not merely an interest of Israel," he said.Pressed on whether Israel would launch a unilateral attack against Iranian nuclear facilities, Netanyahu said Israel "always reserves the right to defend itself," adding that "we are threatened as no other people are threatened."

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Distant Thunder Virtual Book Tour has Begun

For those of you who've been watching my by-lines after each post, you've noticed my announcements about the coming Virtual Book Tour taking place in August and September.

Well, my Tour coordinator has graciously decided to begin a week early.

Here's the idea. For a book to reach anywhere near its potential in today's literary market it has to have an internet buzz. But how in the world does one create a buzz without blowing up a building our having a name like....Clancy?
Well, the Lord works in mysterious ways. Being immersed in cluelessness about such things, I found the best answer was a quick prayer. You know... HELP! Then I ran across a little add publicizing something called a Virtual Book Tour. Still struggling with cluelessness I clicked and inquired, and voila.....Virtual Tour begins.
What is it? Good question. A virtual book tour is a series of interviews and articles, hosted by numerous blog sites that explore and review new books that are hitting the market. Perfect! So, through August and September I will be answering interviews about Distant Thunder, Biblical Prophecy, and what it is like to be a first-time author. Cool, huh?
You can follow along and participate. I will be facebooking and tweeting about each day's Tour site. You can go to the site, read, and comment. If you've read Distant Thunder, your positive comments will send the book into a true "Buzz" mode as it nears and passes its release date. In fact, I would be greatly appreciative our your doing that very thing. You can go straight to my facebook profile page by going to:
Or you can receive the tweets at http://twitter.com/jimmyrootjr It is that simple.
Then one more step. Send the tour sites to your friends to check out. Tell them you've come across the latest "world's most exciting book" that they really have to check out. Then give them the tour site. This is how you can help create a buzz that just might bring someone into true spiritual life, and that is what Distant Thunder and its sequels is all about.
Here is the first tour stop. http://tinyurl.com/klgrop
Check it out. Comment. Comment on these blogs too. You can do it!
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PS. For those of you that are headed to the Assemblies of God General Council in Orlando, Distant Thunder will be on sale at the Gospel Publishing House Bookstore. It will be signed and ready to go.

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Obama Backs Off...In Desperation?

The Obama administration is dispatching four of its most senior foreign policy and security figures to Israel this coming week with the same message on two open questions causing friction between the close allies: Don't do it.

Taking a firmer line with Israel than the Bush administration, President Barack Obama is urging Israel to stop all settlement construction in the West Bank or risk closing off the most promising avenues for peace negotiations. Yet while dispatching a special team of negotiators to Israel and Syria this week, Obama attempted to assure Israel that he has no intention of introducing or pushing his previously announced Middle East peace initiative.

However, Washington still wants Israel to shelve any plan for a military strike to sabotage Iran's nuclear facilities, arguing that Obama's offer of engagement and talks with Iran deserves time to bear fruit.

Obama's senior military advisers say a strike could cause more problems than it solves in the short run, but Israeli leaders are firm that their small country in Iran's line of fire must make such calculations for itself.

Mideast peace envoy George Mitchell leads off the parade from Washington.

"He wants to be clear that, you know, all sides are creating the conditions, putting themselves in position so that when we begin a formal negotiating process, we've put ourselves in the best position to have a successful outcome," State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said Friday.

Israel's deputy prime minister said Tuesday that U.S. calls for a freeze on West Bank settlement construction run counter to past agreements between the two nations and could undermine U.S. credibility.

The comments by Dan Meridor underscored the growing rift between Israel and the U.S. over the continued construction of homes in the settlements. Meridor, a respected veteran of Israeli politics, is considered one of the most moderate voices in the new Israeli government.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates follows on Monday, and aides say his visit to Jerusalem would be brief and routine. Iran will be a main topic.

National Security Adviser James Jones, top Iran and Mideast specialist Dennis Ross and officials from the Treasury Department and other agencies are all due in Israel later in the week.

The confluence of visits is coincidental, administration officials said.

Senior defense officials said Gates will argue that the administration is not naive in hoping that Iran will yield to pressure to negotiate over its disputed nuclear program, and will stress that the offer is not open-ended. Obama has said Iran owes a response in September to a standing offer for talks, and he has set the end of this year as an unofficial deadline to assess whether his offer of wider engagement is going anywhere.

The Jones delegation is expected to flesh out administration options for further sanctions on Iran should the nuclear overture fall flat.

The top U.S. military official, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen, said this month that Iran is perhaps one to three years away from getting the bomb, leaving a small and shrinking opening for diplomacy to avert what he said could be a dangerous nuclear arms race in the Middle East.

"I think the time window is closing," Mullen said.

It is becoming clear that President Obama is becoming desperate to achieve at least some small step toward peace, something that he can lay claim to. The evidence is found in the double-speak. He says one thing publicly in order to sooth Israel, but says another through his diplomatic minions. The danger is in the desperation. When one falls to the level, any semblance of moral foundation or guiding principles are left by the wayside. As we march toward the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy and the coming Ezekiel 38 and 39 war, the President's lack of any moral compass makes life increasingly dangerous. Look up! Your redemption draws ever closer.

Jimmy Root Jr
Author of Distant Thunder, Book One of the Lightning Chronicles
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A New Pharoah On the Horizon?

Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak arrived in Paris Tuesday, July 21, for talks with French president Nicolas Sarkozy and prime minister Francois Fillon, billed officially as focusing on the Middle East and the outcome of the July 8 G8 summit. However, those talks did not yield the usual joint statements and it is being reported that the meetings were staged as a front for Mubarak's admittance to a Paris hospital for tests and a surgical procedure later this week.
The Egyptian media have been reporting that the event was to precede surgery for a chronic back condition. However, it is also rumored that his health appears to be worse than Mubarak's aides are admitting.
This begs the question: With Mubarak leading Egypt in the position of a moderate for nearly three decades, how radical would a new Egyptian dictatorship be? In Mubarak's 28 years of leadership, the Anwar Sadat-created ties with Israel have been maintained, strained at times, but maintained. Because of that fact, Mubarak has had to quell multiple attempts by Islamic Radicals who have threatened his life and his administration. Iran has inserted itself more and more into the internal politics of Egypt and the radical wing has gotten to the point of being ready to overthrow moderates. What would happen if Mubarak's condition led to his death? He is 81 years old and, even without a critical illness, Mubarak's departure is on the horizon.
One thing is certain Biblically. The landscape of moderate ties to Israel needs to change for Egypt. It is inevitable that radical Islamists will take over and join an Arab coalition bent on the destruction of the Jews. Psalm 83 lists the peoples of Egypt, the Hagrites, as being part of the attackers of God's people. God will not allow it. Isaiah 19 elaborates that after Israel has been regathered from the nations (Isaiah 14) Egpyt will suffer an internal war and be overthrown. It is all written.
The question is, how soon will these things take place? We've seen over and over again that nations can be raised or displaced in a day. That too is written. (Isaiah 66:8)
In my prophetic fiction thriller, Distant Thunder, I created a scenario in which terrorists trigger massive and horrific events in just a matter of days. I believe just about anything can happen at any time when you are talking about the Middle East. Look up.........!
Jimmy Root Jr.
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It Is Nearly Impossible To Keep Up With Events

I admit part of me is fascinated at the quickening pace of newsworthy events flowing from the Middle East. The pawns on the prophetic chess board are being moved with a sense of urgency. Who is orchestrating these events? That is a question with a solid answer. GOD!
The following is another indication that things will soon heat up for Israel in regards to the establishment of a Palestinian State. Sadly, it is the Palestinian people that are being used and exploited. Read the following article from the Jerusalem Post...July 21, 2009.

Amman begins stripping state's Palestinians of citizenship

Jordanian authorities have started revoking the citizenship of thousands of Palestinians living in Jordan to avoid a situation in which they would be "resettled" permanently in the kingdom, Jordanian and Palestinian officials revealed on Monday.

The new measure has increased tensions between Jordanians and Palestinians, who make up around 70 percent of the kingdom's population.

"Many Palestinians living in Jordan are convinced that the Jordanian authorities are trying to squeeze them out," said Ismail Jaber, a West Bank lawyer who has been living in the kingdom for nearly 20 years. "There is growing discontent and uncertainty among Palestinians here."
He and other Palestinians said that Jordanians' "hostile" attitude toward them had escalated after the rise to power of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu earlier this year.
Several Jordanian government officials, they said, are convinced that Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman are secretly working toward turning Jordan into a Palestinian state.
As a preemptive measure, the Jordanian authorities recently began revoking the citizenship of thousands of Palestinians, leaving many of them in a state of panic and uncertainty regarding the future. The Jordanians have justified the latest measure by arguing that it's aimed at avoiding a situation in which the Palestinians would ever be prevented from returning to their original homes inside Israel.
Since 1988, when the late King Hussein cut off his country's administrative and legal ties with the West Bank, the Jordanian authorities have been working toward "disengaging" from the Palestinians under the pretext of preserving their national identity.
That decision, said Jordan's Interior Minister Nayef al-Kadi, was taken at the request of the PLO and the Arab world to consolidate the status of the PLO as the sole and legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.

"Our goal is to prevent Israel from emptying the Palestinian territories of their original inhabitants," the minister explained, confirming that the kingdom had begun revoking the citizenship of Palestinians.
"We should be thanked for taking this measure," he said. "We are fulfilling our national duty because Israel wants to expel the Palestinians from their homeland." Kadi said that, despite the new policy, Palestinians would be permitted to retain their status as residents of the kingdom by holding "yellow ID cards" that are issued to those who have families and homes in the West Bank. He said that Palestinians working for the Palestinian Authority or the PLO were among those who have had their Jordanian passports taken from them, in addition to anyone who did not serve in the Jordanian army. The Jordanian minister said that the Palestinian leadership in the West Bank had been notified of the decision to revoke the Jordanian citizenship of Palestinians.

The Palestinians are not unique as a people group. They are displaced Arabs, sons of Ishmael, that are being manipulated by their brethren for political and ideological purposes. It is exploitation to the highest degree. But God has a word for the Palestinian people, of which a large segment is Messianic. Listen to what God said to Zechariah about the people who would inhabit the Gaza Strip in the last days.

"The king shall perish from Gaza; Ashkelon shall be uninhabited; a mixed people shall dwell in Ashdod, and I will cut off the pride of Philistia. (These are all places inhabited by Palestinians today.) I will take away its blood from its mouth, and its abominations from between its teeth; it too shall be a remnant for our God; it shall be lie a clan in Judah, and Ekron shall be like the Jebusites. Then I will encamp at my house as a guard, so that none shall march to and fro; no oppressor shall again march over them, for now I see with my own eyes."

God promises that the oppressed people of Palestine, whether that oppression comes from Israel or the Arabs, will be shown mercy by God after he takes their stiff-necked pride away. That day is fast approaching. So, as you pray for the peace of Jerusalem, continue to pray for a revival of Messianic faith among the Palestinian people. God will answer.

Jimmy Root Jr
Author of Distant Thunder, Book One of the Lightning Chronicles.
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Monday, July 20, 2009

EU Ultimatum To Force Palestinian State Within Six Months

This just in from Israel Insider, a watchdog organization seeking to inform the world of the dangers confronting Israel. Much of what is below has been ignored by the American media. But I have verified this report through similar articles in the Jerusalem Post and Debka Files. This might be frightening if we didn't know it was already written in advance....by about 2500 years. (See Ezekiel 38 and 39 concerning the Gog and Mag War. Biblical Prophecy Rocks!)

The European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana said on Saturday that the United Solution should recognize a Palestinian state even if no peace accord had been reached between Israel and the Palestinians by the deadline, which reports have indicated to be some six months from now. "After a fixed deadline, a UN Security Council resolution should proclaim the adoption of the two-state solution" including issues such as borders, refugees, control Jerusalem and security arrangements. "It would accept the Palestinian state as a full member of the UN, and set a calendar for implementation. It would mandate the resolution of other remaining territorial disputes and legitimize the end of claims," he said."If the parties are not able to stick to it [the schedule], then a solution backed by the international community should be tabled," he added.

The Foreign Ministry on Sunday dismissed the call as "dangerous," saying in a statement: "Resolutions 242 and 338 of the United Nations, the roadmap [peace plan] and agreements between Israel and the Palestinians all cautiously determine that the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will only be reached through negotiations by the sides." The Ministry added: "Israel has called more than once for the immediate renewal of the talks without preconditions. Another demand setting an artificial deadline endangers and harms the chances of actually reaching a bilateral agreement between Israel and the Palestinians."The Palestinians have said they will not revive peace talks unless there is a halt to Israel's settlement activities in the West Bank. They believe that US President's Obama position supports their refusal to attend talks.

My goodness. If I didn't know better, I would think the world is turning against the existence of Israel. (That was sarcasm at its finest. WAKE UP...the world IS turning against Israel.) Stay tuned.

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Obama Continues To Push in the Wrong Direction

In recent weeks, the President has hosted numerous left-wing Jewish/American groups to the White House, supposedly discussing and forming in depth plans as to how to force Benjamin Netanyahu to conform to Obama's plan for peace. It is no coincidence that no conservative or pro-settlement groups have been invited.
Now, President Obama has taken his pressure to a new level. Not only has he spoken out against Jewish settlement due to "natural growth," (population) he is now placing Jerusalem in the category of a Jewish settlement. Wake up, Mr. President, Jerusalem is the Capitol of the State of Israel. It is not a settlement. It is a city in which both Jews and Arabs have the right to grow, build, and live. It is only the Jews who are not allowed to worship on their history Temple Mound. It is only the Jews who are in the American President's cross hairs. And I make no bones about it. Pressuring Israel on the subject of dividing Jerusalem is another in a growing list of fatal mistakes being made by Barack Obama.
The following is a Jewish take on the situation. From today's Debka Files...(More commentary to follow.)
Netanyahu rejects US demand to cancel East Jerusalem housing project
DEBKAfile Special Report
July 19, 2009, 10:59 AM (GMT+02:00)

Opening the weekly cabinet session Sunday, July 19, Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu sharply rejected the US State Department demand handed to Israeli ambassador Michael Oran to put a stop to construction work at the Shepherd's Hotel site in Jerusalem. The abandoned hotel is located between the Arab neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah and Mount Scopus, where the Hebrew University and Hadassah are situated.

Netanyahu stressed the issue of construction in Jerusalem, capital of Israel and the Jewish people, is not open to discussion. Hundreds of Arab residents have purchased apartments in the west of the city without difficulty, he pointed out, and there is no bar on Jews buying or building on the eastern side. Building permits are issued by city authorities for Jews and Arabs alike in the open, undivided city of Jerusalem, said Netanyahu.

The Shepherd's Hotel site originally belonged to the Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini and his heirs turned it into a hotel in the years between 1948 and 1967 when Jews were forbidden to set foot in Jerusalem. In the 1980s, the Husseinis sold the site to American businessman Irwin Moskowitz who intends building a 20-apartment Jewish housing estate there.

DEBKAfile's political sources add: The left-wing Meretz party leader Haim Oron predictably supported the US demand issued in response to a protest from Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas. This circular process has become a regular feature of US-Israeli relations, usually beginning with left-wing Israeli activists "alerting" the US administration to Jewish construction activity on the West Bank and Jerusalem in order to trigger a Palestinian complaint and invoke American pressure on the Israeli government.

Moskowitz has devoted himself to purchasing land from Palestinians in east Jerusalem for the construction of Jewish neighborhoods. Likewise, Jewish neighborhoods abutting on east Jerusalem and the West Bank, such as French Hill and Pisgat Zeev, have in recent years attracted a growing number of Palestinians apartment purchasers.

Netayahu has made it clear, like his predecessors, that Jerusalem is no "settlement."
I say, more power to Bibi! Someone must stand up to the growing idiocy coming out of Washington D.C. Remember it is all written. Ezekiel 38 and 39 speak to the issue of Israel standing alone in the face of overwhelming opposition and threat. Verse thirteen of chapter thirty-eight says; "Sheba and Dedan and the merchants of Tarshish (peoples of the West) and all its leaders will say to you. 'Have you come to seize spoil? Have you assembled yours hosts to carry off plunder...." This is not a military defense of Israel. It is diplomatic-speak for "We need to talk about this!" Nothing more by way of assistance will come from the West. What a sad state of affairs to see this beginning to happen in 2009.
In the end, whether America survives Barack Obama or not, it will be the God of Israel that stands up and comes to the rescue for his people. "And my holy name I will make known in the midst of my people Israel, and I will not let my holy name be profaned anymore. And the nations shall know that I am (Yahweh) the Lord, the Holy One of Israel. Behold, it is coming and it will be brought about; declares the Lord God. That is the day of which I have spoken." 39:7-8
Oh my.....buckle your seat belt. Be found on the side of God's covenant people. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and wisdom for Benjamin Netanyhu. Pray for President Obama to wake up before he places our precious country and heritage under a curse!

Jimmy Root Jr
Author of Distant Thunder, Book One of the Lightning Chronicles Release August 10, 2009
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Friday, July 17, 2009

Rattled Knees and Rapture Dreams

It's time for a little quiz. Answer honestly! There are only two questions.
When you read or watch the news, does your heart-rate increase? Yes - NO
Is your increased adrenaline due to a sensation of fear, or hope? Fear - Hope
That wasn't so hard now was it? For some, the mere mention of a QUIZ strike Ben-ladenesque fear. But there is more behind your answer than you might realize, especially for the believe in Messiah.
Oh, you want to know how I answered, do you? (Why do you think I'm writing this blog?)
The age/time/generation/days we live in are unique. There's no question that they are rapidly fulfilling a Bible prediction: "In the last days perilous times will come." I, for one, think peril has arrived. Today, Defense Secretary Robert Gates made a brilliant statement. He said, "There is no doubt that Iran will be able to launch nuclear-tipped missiles against its neighbors a lot sooner than it will be able to reach us." Duh! But it gets worse. He also said, "Iran's completion of its nuclear program may be sooner than we think." One word comes to mind... PERIL!
But my heart races for another reason. "For God gave us a spirit not of fear, but of power, love and self-control." (2Timothy 1:7) The elements of this verse are not only available to the believer in Messiah, they have already been given. FOR GOD GAVE! In the same way that God so loved the world that he GAVE, he has given us a spirit that looks beyond peril and acts outside of terror. So, fear is not my heart-racer unless I'm speeding down the highway and see a State Trooper coming the other way, or unless I am sneaking a cookie and my wife comes in the room. (Now that's real fear!)
My increased heart rate is for accompanies this great time of peril.
First: A Great Outpouring of Power is on the way. That makes me excited. People need Jesus, but right now their ears are stopped up. Trouble is coming, and with it, people are going to seek for truth like never before. I get to be a part of the giving of life! lub-dub lub-dub lub-dub...
Second: With the increasing peril of our day will come a release of those things that matter not. It won't matter what my bank account looks like. There won't be one. It will not matter in the least what stuff I have...stuff crammed in the garage or storage. Why? Because when life is on the line, stuff doesn't matter. "The Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit." (Heart rate at 130 and climbing)
Third: With the coming showdown on the horizon, the Gog and Magog War against Israel, my heart beats the fastest whenever I look up to see redemption speeding my way. Terrorism has no hold. Bible Prophecy speaks to the coming victory more than it speaks to horror, at least for the believer. Iran and Ahmadinijad will do their thing...God will pay the back for their misdeeds. And although we can see it all coming, what really pumps fresh surges of adrenaline into my system is the RAPTURE! (Get the heart monitor)
If you are in fear of these days, get in touch with the truth of the Word. Your only fear should be that which is intertwined in having a relationship with the God who measures the universe in the span of his hand...yet love YOU enough to offer redemption through his only Son Jesus Messiah. So, quit shaking in your loafers. Look up! Jesus is at the door. (Get new heart)
Jimmy Root Jr
Author: Distant Thunder Book One of the Lightning Chronicles
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Israeli--Lebanese Border Is Nowhere Near Being Secure

The mysterious explosion at the Hirbet Salim village in South Lebanon, heard on both sides of the border, occurred, DEBKAfile's military sources report, at one of the 35 large weapons dumps the Hezbollah has built illegally as near as 20 kilometers from the Israel border.

Its men failed to adhere to the handling procedures for the dozens of rockets stored there and suffered casualties, dead, wounded and missing, when they blew up. Hezbollah forces cordoned the disaster area against outside access.
Each of the Hezbollah depots, containing surface-to-surface and anti-aircraft missiles, mortar shells, and large quantities of ammunition and explosives, is heavily fortified, fenced in by barbed wire and guarded by Hezbollah checkpoints around the clock. At least five of these Hezbollah guards were killed in the blast.

In the event of war with Israel, these arsenals are able to arm some 7,500 Hezbollah militiamen who live in hiding wearing civilian clothes among the Lebanese-Israeli border villagers.
This perilous state of affairs is carefully concealed three years after the Lebanese war by Israel's war leaders, its armed forces chiefs, the UN peacekeeping force and the Lebanese president.
They are all conspiring now to mask the facts that the Lebanese border region is swamped with vast amounts of rockets and weapons - triple the quantity Hezbollah commanded on the eve of the 2006 war - and Hezbollah's return in full force in South Lebanon.

The same policy of concealment enabled Hezbollah to launch its surprise attack in 2006.
This week, neither the present chief of staff Gabi Ashkenazi nor the OC Northern Command Gabi Eisencott referred to Hezbollah's blatant violations of UN Security Council resolution 1701, which cut short that war with a ceasefire and a ban on Hezbollah's rearming and return to South Lebanon.

The UN peacekeeping force, deployed to prevent these violations, let them happen under its noses, together with the massive smuggling of arms to Hezbollah from Iran and Syria. The truth is that the stockpiling was ordered by Ahmadinijad and Tehran to enable its surrogate, the Hezbollah, to regroup close to the Israeli border and rearm undisturbed, so as to be ready to hit Israel on a signal when it suits Iran's book.
No one can dispute the fact that Israel's enemies are preparing for the right moment. They will pounce as quickly as a cat on an inattentive mouse the second Israel let's its guard down. This is why the urgent rush toward a settlement by Barack Obama and his European cohorts will not produce the desired peace. For peace to happen, the enemies of Israel must disarm...and that isn't going to happen. Bible Prophecy is marching to fulfilment.
Jimmy Root Jr
Distant Thunder Book One of the Lightning Chronicles a Prophetic Fiction Thriller
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Not Even the Palestinians Can Agree

The headlong rush to force PEACE at any cost on Israel by Barack Obama and the European Union has it a snag. Or perhaps the snag is just now being made public. The fact is, not even the Palestinians can agree on the terms of peace and statehood.

The West Bank is led by 'Fatah,' the moderate political arm of the Palestinians who have sat down on multiple occasions to negotiate with the Israelis. The seem to truly desire peace, but their major platform is for the 'right of return' for displaced Arabs. Knowing that any Arab anywhere can claim the right of return, Benjamin Netanyahu forcefully rejects the notion. It is a massive security risk.

The Gaza Strip is controlled (Democratically elected) by Hamas, the arm of radical Islam in Palestine. Their only reason for being is to push Israel into the sea. They also seek to violently displace 'Fatah' as Mahmoud Abbas is an anathema due to his dealings with Israel. Suddenly, Hosni Mubarak has a plan to bring about joint rule between Fatah and Hamas....equal partnership....equal power....equal everything. Both sides reacted harshly. This from today's Debka Files.

The conversation ended with Abbas throwing back in Mubarak's face the proposals Cairo drafted after an Egyptian intelligence delegation made the rounds of Tel Aviv, Damascus and Ramallah last week.

According to our sources, Cairo informed all the concerned parties that it had given up on Palestinian reconciliation and a power-sharing deal for reuniting the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The Egyptian plan - as presented to Israel, Syria and the Palestinian Authority – was to form two security commissions to supervise Palestinian security and intelligence forces in the West Bank and Gaza Strip respectively and represent the Palestinians in diplomacy with the Americans and the Israelis.

The West Bank commission would have three Fatah members and one Hamas member, while the Gazan commission would have 3 Hamas and one Fatah member, so representing their respective strength in the two entities.

Cairo also proposed creating a new 3,000-strong Palestinian security service with a half-and-half Fatah-Hamas membership to assume responsibility for and reopen the Gaza Strip crossings, thus lifting the Israeli blockade on the territory.

But the Palestinian leader Abbas sharply rejected the plan, accusing Egyptian leaders of "perpetuating the Ismail Haniyeh regime" in Gaza. "Don't even think of presenting this plan to President Obama," he said.

Abbas' extreme antagonism to the last of many Egyptian

The telling phrase was, "Don't even think of presenting this plan to President Obama." Why? Could it be that Obama's partners in forcing peace on Israel are naive enough to jump at anything that looks like it might establish a legacy? Does our President have an innate inability to see chaos? Is it possible that chaos follows in the wake of our supreme leader? Maybe it's all of the above. One thing is certain, the Palestinian issue is extremely complicated and will not be solved by some glib attempt to put a signature on a document.

The fact remains: God really is in control of what is happening. He continues to set the geo-political landscape while patiently calling people everywhere to turn from self-worship and follow the only true Prince of Peace. Look up! Redemption is coming. (So is the Rapture!)
Jimmy Root Jr
Distant Thunder Book One of the Lightning Chronicles
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Obama Pushes His Agenda...Rather Quickly

Bashar Assad is now in the cross-hairs of President Obama. Washington sources say Fred Hoff, head of the Syrian desk in George Mitchell's Middle East mission, has queried Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak on the possibility of fast-tracking talks with Syria. Hoff received no clear answer as Israeli leaders indicated that they first had to find out why pre-Netanyahu talks failed.
Conversations between former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Bashar Assad were interrupted in December when Israel launched Operation Cast Lead into Gaza in an attempt to destroy Hamas. Talks never resumed, but they were already moving toward a speedy end before the Gaza operation because of Syrian demands that a map showing a proposed withdrawal of Israel from the Golan Heights be drawn. Olmert, to his credit, refused. So much for that round of talks.
Again the pressure mounts for Israel to bow before the whims of Obama. The Debkafile reported; "The US president is in a hurry. He invited the heads of American Jewish organizations to meet him at the White House for the first time early Tuesday, July 14, to allay their concerns about Iran's nuclear threat and his demands for an Israeli freeze on settlement expansion. He told them the US remains committed to Israel and will not implement any foreign policy that would threaten its security."
Right! Stop growing. Ignore a nuclear threat. Now, give up the most strategic piece of ground standing between you and your mortal enemy. Syria is conjoined to Iran. Everything that is happening with Hamas and Hezbollah flows from Tehran and through Damascus. Yet here is our president, reaffirming his commitment to Israel. If that is commitment, betrayal must really be a doozy!
On top of that, three liberal Jewish groups have also participated in meetings with the President in order to intensify pressure for Obama to lean even harder on Israel. These are anti-zionists. They believe Israel must be cornered into the peace process that will ultimately lead to a Palestinian state. It is reported that these groups are tightly connected to Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod, the president's closest advisers and controllers.
What is coming? Biblically we know what is on the horizon....the Gog and Magog war of Ezekiel 38 and 39. In the near term we need to pray for the peace of a united Israel. That does not mean to pray against Palestinians. Many are Christians living under radical Islamic subjugation. But God is moving, and time is running out.
Jimmy Root Jr
Distant Thunder Book One of the Lightning Chronicles
Watch for my Virtual Book Tour coming in August. Details will soon be available.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Did Netanyahu Snap?

A report has broken out concerning Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meeting with Germany's Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier. While it was a closed meeting there are rumors that the two men had a slight falling out. Allegedly Steinmeier, like Obama and other European leaders, pushed Netanyahu on the settlements issue and their demand that all natural settlement growth cease. Netanyahu's alleged response was somewhat undiplomatic. He supposedly said, " "Judea and Samaria cannot be judenrein." Evidently a brief firestorm ensued, and liberals in Israel immediately began passing the word that Netanyahu had snapped, lost his mind.
Netanyahu's choice of words sends us back to the Nazi era. Netanyahu was saying that the West Bank will not be a place ethnically cleansed of Jews. For arguments sake let's accept the report. If so, are the critics right that he was undiplomatic -- he overreacted--he snapped? It seems that when a representative of the Jewish people sets politics aside and defends his own people he is guilty of being out of line. Maybe Netanyahu decided to push back against the constant pressure by the Germans, The French, the whole of the European Union, and the Americans. Since taking office, they have treated him and Israel as squatters, second class world citizens, and a vassal state. (Pick your own description.) They clearly feel that Israel needs to have a finger wagged in its face. They feel that the future of the capital of Israel, Jerusalem, should be decided by them and not the people of Israel. They feel that hundreds of thousands of Jews in Judea and Samaria should be transplanted somewhere else. The problem is they not only feel these things deeply, (As is the way of those who live by emotions rather than by a moral foundation) they are determined to make their feelings reality. If Netanyahu used this language we say, Bravo.
Finally, there is an Israeli Prime Minister who is willing to stand up and fight for the State of Israel. Netanyahu is a linguist who knows the power of words. He knows that showing any signs of weakness will only lead the Germans and Obama to keep on pushing back. Netanyahu should be praised for saying that the State of Israel will not be party to expelling Jews from their legal homes. Sharon/Olmert/Livni did that and we watched synagogues burned to the ground by Palestinians and Jews forcefully ejected from their homes. And in that vacuum, terrorism steps in, being lead by Hamas. It appears that is not about to happen again anytime soon.
The sound of distant thunder is on the horizon. Though we stand up and cheer for Netanyahu and his 'snap,' the world will not react favorably to his words. They see themselves as the bank of all the world's wisdom and will, in their smug lecturing begin to form up to force the Palestinian issue. Keep an eye on the reactions that are soon to come, especially in regards to Gog and Magog. Bible Prophecy is being fulfilled at an amazing pace.
Jimmy Root Jr
The Lightning Chronicles

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Call for UN to Force the Palestinian State on Israel

The pressure is once again coming from all corners of the geo-political world. President Obama continues to pressure Israel to cease all natural expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank. French President Sarkozy presses for cabinet changes within Netanyahu's coalition government. Now, the European Union has decided to bypass the natural diplomatic process and use the UN to force Israel to recognize a Palestinian state.
It's perplexing to me how the world ignores the intent of radical Islam in doing away with all Jews, and Christians for that matter. Terrorism has faded from the diplomatic radar. Obama won't even use the word, let alone deal with the threat. The regime in Iran sits back and laughs as the self-professing wise men play right into their hands. Of course, it is beyond all of them to check out Joel chapter three. God is quite clear as to how and why he dispatches his wrath against the nations. Dividing the land will guarantee God's retribution.
Check this out from today's Jerusalem Post.
The European Union's top diplomat has called for the United Nations Security Council to push forward and recognize a Palestinian state even without a final-status agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

"After a fixed deadline, a UN Security Council resolution should proclaim the adoption of the two-state solution," Solana was quoted as saying, adding that such a move should include resolutions regarding borders, the refugee problem, the issue of Jerusalem and security arrangements.

"It would accept the Palestinian state as a full member of the UN, and set a calendar for implementation. It would mandate the resolution of other remaining territorial disputes and legitimize the end of claims," Solana was quoted by Reuters as saying.

"If the parties are not able to stick to [the timetable], then a solution backed by the international community should be put on the table," he said.

Last month, Solana drew harsh condemnation from Israeli officials after he met with a Hizbullah legislator in Beirut.

The meeting with parliamentarian Hussein Hajj Hassan marked the first time a senior EU diplomat met with the Iranian-backed terror organization.

It is going to take a massive amount of courage and stubbornness for Netanyahu to stay the course. It will take guts for him to launch an attack against Iran's nuclear facilities. But I think he is the man appointed for such a time as this. Now is the moment to pray for Israel.
Jimmy Root Jr
Author Distant Thunder Book One: The Lightning Chronicles
Read the Book Blog and follow the progress of Distant Thunder as it approaches its release date of August 10, 2009. http://www.lightningchronicles.blogspot.com/

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Voters Remorse...As Obama Turns Against Israel?

It seems people have a knack for waking up at the very worst point of a nightmare. The heart races, sweat breaks out, but the nightmare wasn't reality, so recovery takes place quickly. However, what we are seeing with the Obama Administration is not some fuzzy dream. It is reality, and the wake-up call has come eight months too late. READ the following from noted syndicated columnist, Alan Dershowitz.
Many American supporters of Israel who voted for Barack Obama now suspect they may have been victims of a bait and switch. Jewish Americans voted overwhelmingly for Mr. Obama over John McCain in part because the Obama campaign went to great lengths to assure these voters that a President Obama would be supportive of Israel. This despite his friendships with rabidly anti-Israel characters like Rev. Jeremiah Wright and historian Rashid Khalidi.
At the suggestion of Mr. Obama's Jewish supporters -- including me -- the candidate visited the beleaguered town of Sderot, which had borne the brunt of thousands of rocket attacks by Hamas. Standing in front of the rocket shells, Mr. Obama declared: "If somebody was sending rockets into my house where my two daughters sleep at night, I'm going to do everything in my power to stop that. And I would expect Israelis to do the same thing." This heartfelt statement sealed the deal for many supporters of Israel.
Now, some of them apparently have voters' remorse. According to Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, "President Obama's strongest supporters among Jewish leaders are deeply troubled by his recent Middle East initiatives, and some are questioning what he really believes." I hear the same thing from rank-and-file supporters of Israel who voted for Mr. Obama.

It is becoming clearer by the day that our President has no moral foundation, nothing that anchors him to truth. When that is the case, one has no difficulty in speaking whatever is expedient for one's own purposes. With no moral foundation, and going only by good intentions, vibrant emotions, and graceful public speaking, Obama is leading our nation to ruin. He has betrayed the principles of freedom (i.e. Iran and Honduras) and is glorifying Tyranny, compromise, and appeasement. His highest goal seems to be to embrace Mahmoud Ahmadinijad, dance with Russia, and reject the democratic State of Israel. Professing himself to be wise, he is revealing himself to be a fool.
Jimmy Root Jr
Author: Distant Thunder Book One: The Lightning Chronicles
A Prophetic Fiction Thriller depicting Biblical Prophecy. The War of Gog and Magog will happen.
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Friday, July 10, 2009

Iran Can Have A Bomb Within A Year

This from Herb Keinon in the Jerusalem Post

Both the US and Israel believe Iran has the technical capacity to build one nuclear bomb within a year if it decides to do so, but both countries also believe the chances that Tehran will indeed make that decision are slim, according to assessments made known to The Jerusalem Post.

According to these Israeli assessments, there is not much difference now between the US and Israel regarding a timeline for a "worst case scenario" on Iran's development of a bomb. At the same time, both Jerusalem and Washington currently believe that "worst case scenario is not likely to materialize."

The assessments come in the wake of comments made Sunday by US Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to the effect that Iran could be as little as a year away from completing a nuclear bomb, while Mossad head Meir Dagan recently surprised many by saying Iran won't have a nuclear weapon until 2014.

"I would be careful about all the declarations on this matter," said one senior government official who deals with the issue, adding that a decision by Tehran to go full throttle toward the building of a bomb was dependent on numerous different decisions the government would have to make, and which it had simply not yet made.

It is becoming increasingly evident that, although intelligence agencies can predict when Iran will be capable of building a nuclear device, no one actually knows if they will do it. If anything, Mahmoud Ahmadinijad and his regime have proven themselves predictably unpredictable. That analysts would downplay Iran's intent borders on naivete. Placing a POSITIVE spin on terrorism again demonstrates that Biblical Prophecy is being ignored.

It is also being reported today that Benjamin Netanyahu and Syria's President Assad are exchanging notes by means of a third party. That tells me that Israel is beginning to exercise a certain desperation in finding some scant hope for peace before it must take unilateral action against Iran. It is an honorable effort, but it will not be rewarded beyond being something that is only temporary in nature.
God has already spelled out in great detail what is quickly approaching around the corner. Read Ezekiel 38 and 39, compare it to current events, and you will see prophecy being fulfilled before your very eyes.
Jimmy Root Jr

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Thursday, July 9, 2009


G8 Butts Head Into Solid Wall

For a short while it seemed a possibility. Nicolas Sarkozy had the G8 delegates, meeting in Italy, rallying on the same page in regards to Iran. But enter the Russians.....and the little rally ended. Although the American spin claimed an unprecedented "sense of urgency," the truth says something different. The nations of the world are impotent in dealing with Iran and its drive to develop nuclear weapons.

The goal Sarkozy was shooting for was the implementation of severe sanctions against the Iranian regime. Outrage over the harsh crackdown against protesters in Tehran was sounded by most delegates, but when it came to attaching any consequences to Iran's actions, the G8 slapped diplomatic duct tape over their mouths. Why?

A Debka File report today gives us a glimpse. "Russian opposition to condemning Iran left only an endorsement of the diplomatic track, which may have been directed more against an Israeli military option than Iran." THE RUSSIANS refused to betray its budding alliance with Iran and Islam. Not even a date limit for establishing diplomatic talks with Iran was agreed to. Rather than doing everything possible to prevent the radical regime of Ahmadinjad from attaining nuclear weaponry, Russia made a threat to Israel. This because of a February 21, 2009 agreement between Iran and Russia in which Vladimr Putin pledged to defend Iran against any western-generated military attack.

Before the breakdown in applying sanctions occurred, Vice President Joe Biden gave a clear go ahead for Israel to defend itself without American interference. But then the sanctions proposal broke down. Suddenly, in an interview from Italy, President Obama countered Biden's statement by stating that America would, and does oppose Israeli action. I cannot believe that Biden spoke on his own. He is on too short a leash. So what is going on?

Number One, it is increasingly obvious that Obama is out of his element. His posturing in the realm of foregin policy and geopolitical relations is minor league at best. His ego is larger than his intelligence. His attempts at international intrigue are at a pre-school level, especially in his chess match with the Putin. Putin is a Master player, and he is quickly driving Obama towards the ultimate "checkmate."

Number Two, when men think they are at the apex of wisdom, God calls them out and reveals that they are fools. Everything we are witnessing is confirmation to me that God is lining the world up for a showdown. The alignment of the Ezekiel 38-39 coalition is nearly complete. Israel stands alone and will soon be forced to act. Last week, in an interview with Israeli Foreign Minister and former Prime Minister, Ehud Barack, Greta Van Sustren asked how long Israel would wait before responding to the Iranian threat militarily. Barack clearly stated that Israel would wait "some months, not a year, but some months." Intelligence experts have been warning that Iran will reach the critical stage, the stage of no return in their nuclear development sometime in the fall of 2009. Could we be in the countdown to the setting of Ezekiel's hook?

Keep your eyes open. Keep your head up. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


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Monday, July 6, 2009

An Interesting Development: Biden Speaks

Is the Administration really having that much difficulty muffling Joe Biden, or is this the way President Obama keeps his own words from being soiled by the truth? On Saturday, Biden let fly the statement... "we underestimated the level of recession." He was referencing the fact that unemployment is 1.5 points higher than the administration predicted, as well as the fact that the stimulus may not have any effect after all. Has intelligence suddenly surfaced in Washington? Nah! It's simply the truth coming to light after the cat is out of the bag, the money is spent, and taxes are in the process of skyrocketing.
Now the theme switches back to Israel. As you read the following, you will see a couple of 'between the lines' issues. First, Obama thinks he is giving Israel a rope with which to hang itself. If they attack Iran, we won't stop them, nor will we help them. Second, Obama is attempting to manipulate Iran, as if Iran is cringing in fear of an Israeli attack. "Maybe," Obama thinks, "Mahmoud will come and talk to me about being a nicer individual if he thinks I am giving Israel a green light." Sorry. This is just another failure of understanding. Mahmoud Ahmadinijad would relish an Israeli attack. It would give him cause to rally the whole Islamic world against the little Satan. The Big Satan (America) has pretty much taken itself out of the picture by the way it is being ruled by a weenie. (I say that with respect for the office of the President, not the current occupant who resembles and Oscar Meyer product.) (Sorry, no negative inference to Oscar Meyer was intended.) Read the following and think it through.
Biden: If Israel wants to bomb Iran, we can't stop them
DEBKAfile Special Report
July 5, 2009, 5:51 PM (GMT+02:00)

US Vice President Joseph Biden: Israel must determine for itself.
In an interview with ABC's George Stephanoupolos taped Saturday, vice president Joseph Biden said in answer to a question: "Look, Israel can determine for itself — it's a sovereign nation — what's in their interest and what they decide to do relative to Iran and anyone else." Whether we agree or not? The interviewer asked. "Whether we agree or not," said the vice president.
This was the first time a senior Obama administration official left Israeli the military option against Iran's nuclear sites. DEBKAfile's Washington sources note that the vice president has the reputation for fast draws which are sometimes later modified by "clarifications." If this time Biden's statement was coordinated with the president, it would mean that the administration has withdrawn its veto against Israel's resort to military action to curtail Iran's drive for a bomb before diplomacy has been fully tested.

He went on to say: "They're entitled to do that. Any sovereign nation is entitled to do that. But there is no pressure from any nation that's going to alter our behavior as to how to proceed. What we believe is in the national interest of the United States, which we, coincidentally, believe is also in the interest of Israel and the whole world.

"And so there are separate issues. If the Netanyahu government decides to take a course of action different than the one being pursued now, that is their sovereign right to do that. That is not our choice. "

Stephanopoulos persisted: But just to be clear here, if the Israelis decide Iran is an existential threat, they have to take out the nuclear program, militarily the United States will not stand in the way?

Biden: "Look, we cannot dictate to another sovereign nation what they can and cannot do.
Interviewer: You say we can't dictate, but we can, if we choose to, deny over-flight rights here in Iraq. We can stand in the way of a military strike.
Biden: "I'm not going to speculate, George, on those issues, other than to say Israel has a right to determine what's in its interests, and we have a right and we will determine what's in our interests."

DEBKAfile's intelligence sources: The last three days from Friday, June 3, have seen a spate of reports all pointing in one direction: Israel's air and sea capabilities for dealing with Iran and its military nuclear program. US vice president Biden's statement, unless it is withdrawn, looks like the Obama administration's seal on a possible Israeli attack for pre-empting a nuclear-armed Iran. "Israel can determine for itself whether or not to bomb Iran's nuclear program," he said.
Until now, administration officials referred a potential Israeli bombardment of Iran as a disaster whose consequences were impossible to predict.

Now the ball is squarely in Binyamin Netanyahu's court, whether because Washington hopes Israel will pull the Iranian chestnut out of the fire, or to call Israel's bluff. Netanyahu and defense minister Ehud Barak are now free of America restraints for backing up their statements about the need to pre-empt a nuclear-armed Iran before the Islamic Republic poses an existential threat to Israel.

Asked if Americans would again put their lives on the line again if violence flares back up in Iraq, Biden flatly said "no."

The ABC correspondent notes that in the interview Biden used the phrases "sovereign nation" six times in the interview, once in reference to Iraq, once to the US and three times in referring to Israel.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Turkey Getting Cold Feet About Joining the EU

I have been encouraging you to keep your eyes on Turkey as the prophetic clock winds down to mid-night, and the signs are beginning to stack up. Ever since the election of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogon, a radicalized Muslim, Turkey has been turning away from its traditional alliances. Israel's incursion into the Gaza Strip in October of 2008 only encouraged that turn. Others are seeing the process speed up. The following is an example.

Gog-Magog: Turkey losing interest in the EU
by Michael G. Mickey

In recent weeks I've dedicated a number of commentaries (links provided below) to the prophesied battle of Gog-Magog described in Ezekiel 38-39, particularly on the topic of the nation of Turkey's future role in it which is in direct opposition to its current standing as an ally of the West and a member of NATO. The latest news demonstrating we're on our way to prophetic fulfillment? It appears that Turkey is losing interest in its efforts to become a member of the European Union and looking for friendship elsewhere, specifically strengthening its ties to some future Gog-Magog allies!
Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin:
After years of being refused entry into the European Union, Turkey is losing interest and is looking eastward where it has many friends. And it is seeking to reassert the influence it once held in traditionally Turkic countries, according to a report in Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.Formally, Ankara remains committed to joining the EU, but the idea of joining has lost much of its appeal after years of rejection and additional European demands to repeatedly prove that it is worthy.In the same commentary it is noted that Turkey "has made efforts to develop better relations with Arab states and such other countries as Russia, Syria and Iraq – and even Armenia, a traditional foe."
Along with the above,
EUBusiness.com is reporting, in part:
"Turkey on Tuesday opened another chapter in its long and torturous quest to join the European Union, urging its future partners to drop political considerations and "play the game by its rules"."
Turkey's frustration with the EU is becoming more and more apparent and when we couple that with the above, examining these current news stories through the lens of bible prophecy, it's a sight to behold if ever there was one.
Turkey's FutureWhich nations does Ezekiel 38-39 tell us Turkey will engage in a surprise attack on Israel we commonly refer to as the battle of Gog-Magog alongside?
Magog - Most agree this is a reference to Russia.
Meshech - Most associate this with modern day Turkey, ancient Anatolia, but some say it refers to the Moscow area.
Tubal - Most associate this with modern day Turkey, ancient Anatolia.
Persia - modern Iran
Gomer - eastern Europe or Turkey
Togarmah - southeastern Europe or Turkey
Make no mistake about it, Christians, the prophetic stage is being set for fulfillment before our very eyes. Not only that, let's remember that Gog-Magog is a last days event according to Ezekiel 38:8.Additional item of interestStirring the hornet's nest in Turkey-EU relations,
The Telegraph is reporting that French president Nicolas Sarkozy, in a recent major policy speech, said the Islamic burqa "will not be welcome on the territory of the French republic." This, I imagine, is probably not sitting well with Turkey's mostly Muslim population.In response to Sarkozy's speech, Al Qaeda's North Africa wing has threatened France with attack, according to YnetNews which quoted the terrorist group as stating:
"We will take revenge for the honor of our daughters and sisters against France and against its interests by every means at our disposal."Should France, a nation already openly opposed to Turkey gaining full membership in the European Union, become the victim of an Al Qaeda terrorist attack of any significance, current tensions between Ankara and the EU may reach the boiling point at a time like this when Turkey's leadership is likely already suspicious that the biggest obstacle they face in becoming a full member of the EU is the religion of the majority of its people, something for us to bear in mind as we watch God's prophetic scenario unfolding in the news of our world today.Keep hoping for the blessed hopeKeep looking up, faithful Church! There is more reason for us to hope for the return of Jesus Christ to occur in our lifetimes than any generation before us, both as a result of the natural passage of time and current conditions in our world that place the fulfillment of end times prophecy within view on the prophetic horizon.
Remember what Turkey represents in Biblically prophetic terms. In Ezekiel 38-39, two particular names are listed, names of Jepeth's sons who migrated to the land that is comprised of Turkey today. Gomer....son of Japheth.....who migrated to the area of western Turkey, and Togarmah....son of Japheth....who migrated to the area that makes up the states around the Caspian Sea. Some believe Meshech and Tubal also refer to areas in Turkey. This may be so, but most scholars believe Meshech and Tubal migrated to the area of the Steppes of Russia. Whichever the case, the turning of Turkey is absolutely a given. It will, andis happening. It is only a matter of time.
Stay alert. Keep your eyes open. Look beyond the headlines and you'll see all kinds of fascinating facts.

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