Thursday, December 31, 2009

When You Add it up, 2009 Was Prophetically Monumental

Yes, you heard it! I'm doing math. I hate math. Math makes me sick to my stomach (unless I am building something:). But taking the final day of the year to review the sum total of 2009 is necessary, as well as enlightening. Events are not random, nor are the consequences of said events. Just as 2 + 2 = 4, so event laid upon event equals a certain direction. The question is whether or not the developed direction runs parallel to the prophesied events of the Word of God. I believe they are. Let's review some of the events that took place, events that seemed to be laid on a path that will eventually lead to the Prophetic.
--- Operation Iron Fist by the IDF in the Gaza Strip leads to an alarming revelation of world anti-Semitism, including within the diplomatic community of the United States. In other words, the anti-Semites were given an opportunity to come out of the closet and they did.
--- Barack H. Obama was inaugurated as President of the United States. The first black, Muslim educated, anti-capitalist President in the history of our country. He campaigned on change, and he has certainly accomplished his promise. Everything has changed!
--- Vladimir Putin visits Tehran in order to reaffirm Russia's partnership with Iran, both in its nuclear development and rebuilding its military. A second $1 Billion dollar military pact is signed in which Russia began to rebuild Iran's air defense systems.
---Russia negotiates a $1.5 Billion dollar military and natural gas agreement with Libya. Two Libyan ports are given into the hands of the Russian Navy for refueling, porting, and to modernize the facilities.
---Russia signs another $1 Billion dollar agreement and mutual defense treaty with the Sudan.
---Benjamin Netanyahu wins a closely contested race for the right to form the next Israeli government.
---Russia completes the expansion and modernization of the Syrian port of Tripoli on the Mediterranean Sea. Russia now has full port access for its navy in Syria and Libya. Russia's naval presence surpasses the American naval presence for the first time in history.
---President Obama sets forth his "extended hand" approach to the Iranians. All they have to do is unclench their fists.
---President Obama visits European cities in his famous "Apology Tour of 2009."
---Turkey approaches Syria with the thought of re-establishing relations that were broken off in 1982 Lebanese war.
---President Obama speaks to the Egyptian Congress in Cairo on June 4th. In his speech he declares the Koran as HOLY, uses the Book of Usuphala out of context (parts of verses 32-34, which calls for the punishment of any Muslim who helps a Jew), and declares the the US must see to an end of Palestinian suffering. He went on to state that the USA is not a Christian country and that it is the largest, non-Middle Eastern Muslim nation on earth. (It is not even in the top 20...Indonesia is the larges Muslim nation in the world.)
---After the President's tour and speech, Turkey begins to hint at a turn away from its western and pro-Israeli stance. (I began calling readers to watch Turkey very closely.)
---Iran holds a fraud laden election in which Mamoud Ahmadinijad is declared the victor. Protesters hit the streets, but no word of support came from the lips of the President of the United States. What a shame!
---Tunnels from Egyptian territory in the Negev and into the Gaza Strip are discovered. It is estimated that 40,000 Kazim and Kytusha rockets had already poured into the hands of Hamas.
Egypt makes a half-hearted attempt to close the border and bury the tunnels.
--- President Obama speaks at the United Nations. In his speech he called for the dividing of Jerusalem into two capitals, the recognition of a State of Palestine with contiguous borders, the end of the Palestinian "HOLOCAUST," and a complete stoppage of all Jewish settlements (the whole country, not just the West Bank.). I marked September 23rd as the day America betrayed and rejected Israel...the day of God's curse.
---The Goldstone Report is presented to the United Nations Human Rights Council and Israel is soundly condemned. Turkish Prime Minister calls for the United Nations to unrecognize Israel as a nation.
---Turkey bans Israel from a scheduled combined air forces exercise. Italy and America pull out of the same exercise in protest.
---Turkish and Syrian air forces complete the aerial exercise instead. Two days later, diplomatic relations with Syria are fully restored, Embassies are reopened, and a mutual defense treaty is signed.
---Turkish Prime Minister shows up in Iran with Mamoud Ahmadinijad in order to restore relations with Iran, relations that had been broken since the 1979 Islamic uprising that sent Jimmy Carter to his demise.
---Mutual defense and cooperation treaty is signed by Turkey, Iran, and Syria.
---Turkey pledges to surround Israel with an "electronic" hedge in order to detect any Israeli attack on Iran. Turkey would serve as Iran's first alert system.
---Lebanese Military receives $500 million dollars from the US to rebuild its military, and then promptly declares that there is now no separation between the Lebanese army and the Hezbollah. In other words, Barack Obama just equipped Hezbollah for war.
---Egypt exchanges diplomats with Saudi Arabia for the first time since the 1978 Camp David Accords when Egypt and Israel signed a mutual non-aggression pact.
---Iran successfully detonates a simulated atomic device.
---Iran successfully launches its best intercontinental missile yet at approximately the same time Barack Obama was receiving his Nobel Peace Prize.
---Egypt and Saudi Arabia prepare a UN Security Council Resolution that calls for the dividing of Jerusalem into two capitals, one Jewish, one Palestinian.
---Russia hosts summit in Saudi Arabia to re-establish its place as the broker of Middle East peace. Nations attending were Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and the Sudan.
---Barack Obama's third deadline for Iran to stop its nuclear development and come to the table to talk passes on December 31st. Iran responded again by stating it would not give up its nuclear aims, no matter what sanctions might be put in place
These, and numerous other events occurred in 2009.....all seemingly taking us in the direction of WAR. Yes, I said WAR. In all likelihood, we are going to see war in the Middle East in 2010, probably sooner than later. The result of that war is made clear in scripture. It will end the existence of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, the Gaza Strip, and quite probably Egypt and Saudi Arabia. It is prophesied in Psalm 83, Ezekiel 25, Jeremiah 12, Joel 3, and Isaiah 17. Israel will expand to control territory not held since the days of King Solomon. The whole world will begin to understand that Allah is false and Jehovah is true. Worldwide evangelism will take on a "harvest-fervency," and the coalition of Ezekiel 38 and 39 will solidify and prepare. WOW
Will the Rapture occur soon? I hope so, but if it doesn't, our call is to be about our Father's business of sharing the good news of Christ and living for the Kingdom. And remember,
"For you shall not go out in haste, and you shall not go in flight, for the Lord will go before you, and the God of Israel will be your rear guard." Isaiah 52:12

2010 looks like the very best year to be alive in Christ. Sign on if you haven't done so already.

Jimmy Root Jr
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Forecast 2010

This is an interesting op-ed piece from the Jerusalem Post. Barry Rubin gives a forecast of 2010 for Israel and peace. His commentary brings to mind the perspective given in Ezekiel 38-39 in which Israel will be living securely in un-walled villages. (In an earlier blog I point out how securely and unwalled equals strong and fearless, not in a state of perpetual peace.) Read it and see what you think, plus, take note of the last paragraph in which Rubin declares that 2010 will be the "make or break" year.
The Region: Overcast With a Chance of Nuclear Weapons
In contrast to my rather gloomy assessment of the Obama administration's prospects in the Middle East, Israel's prospects look rather good. This is granted, of course, that the chances for any formal peace (note the word "formal") with the Arab states or the Palestinians are close to zero. In addition, there are two longer-term threats in the form of Iranian nuclear weapons and Islamists one day taking over one or more Arab states.
But let's enjoy ourselves while we can. It's also important to remember in the Middle East, optimism does not mean forecasting blue skies but merely ones only lightly overcast.
It's funny, though, how much better Israel's situation is than is generally perceived. Consider the pluses:
• The potential of a clash with the US has been averted, most likely for the remainder of President Barack Obama's term. All the lessons received by the US in the region - to whatever extent it learned them - are favorable to Israel, showing how ready Israel is to help US efforts, at the same time as demonstrating how hard it is to get peace and how limited the other side's cooperation is. The possibility of US rapprochement with Iran or Syria has been destroyed by the latter.
• On the surface the situation with Israel looks dreadful, but where it counts the support is sufficient. France, Germany and Italy have friendly governments, while in Britain an acceptably positive regime is about to be replaced by a warmer one. (It helps to have low expectations.)
• Despite their rhetoric, Palestinian Authority leaders are basically satisfied with the status quo. Their strategies for forcing more concessions from Israel without giving anything leave them smug but without prospects for success. The danger of a Hamas takeover has been averted. The economic situation in the West Bank is about as good as it's ever been. And the PA rulers prefer to avoid renewed violence. That's not nirvana but it ain't bad either.

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• Hizbullah doesn't want renewed war this year, seeking to carry out revenge terrorist attacks away from the Lebanon-Israel border. Hamas is probably cowed enough by the early 2009 fighting (outside observers still don't realize the extent to which its gunmen broke, ran away and hid behind civilians, but the Hamas leadership knows), though we can't be certain.
• While the international economic slump has hit Israel, the country has been more insulated from its negative effects than one might have dared hope. Its remarkable technical innovation in hi-tech, science, medical and agricultural technology continues to make rapid progress.
• Israel has a government with a high level of popular support, which really seems - after so much ineptness and ingenious plans that didn't do much good - to be on track. There is, by Israeli standards, a high degree of national consensus.
• Iran still doesn't have nuclear weapons.
THAT'S NOT at all a bad list. There are many who think that Israel cannot flourish, perhaps cannot even survive, without having formal peace with the Palestinians or with Syria and the Arabic-speaking world in general. This is simply untrue. The lack of a signed peace treaty with everyone (not to mention that such documents exist with Egypt and Jordan) is not the same as war. From the usual standards of no war, no peace, this is a pretty good one.
Of course, there are negatives, yet they really don't amount to anywhere near as much as it seems at first glance. The virtual defection of Turkey's regime from the Western alliance (yes, it really is that bad) and the end of the special relationship between Jerusalem and Ankara is a bad thing. But the Turkish semi-Islamist rulers are restrained by their desire to play a role in regional peacemaking and not to make the Americans or Europeans too angry.
Most distressing of all is the noise. The virulent hatred of Israel in large sections of the American and especially European intelligentsia, which goes along with the endless outpouring of academic, media and EU sniping, can be dispiriting.
Yet even here, there is some silver lining. The more extreme and outright crackpot the attacks, the less credible they are. Public opinion polls, especially in the US, are not so bad.
What's most important is this: A willingness to assess your problems accurately, guided by reasonable expectations. Not being crippled with ideology, blinded by misconceptions, swayed by bad international advice and the desire to be popular. And with determination and courage to implement policies that do the best with the hand you've been dealt.
If only others were doing the same thing, the world - and especially the Middle East - would be a better and more peaceful place.
Unfortunately, prospects for US policy in the region are considerably less rosy.
The Obama administration's first problem is that it has literally no way forward on what is over-optimistically called the Israel-Palestinian "peace process," since it isn't going to put real pressure on the PA to negotiate. Nothing may happen before Israel ends its 10-month construction freeze next September. So the US government will pretend to work hard, send envoys zipping around, peering for some opening to leap into action. But this charade should be pretty transparent.
Then there's Iran. Originally, the administration was going to increase sanctions in September. That was moved back to the end of December. Now it is too late to meet that deadline. At best, we are going to see negotiations in January and maybe - maybe - increased sanctions in February. But who knows?
That's not all. The administration keeps pretending it has China and Russia on board for sanctions. This is just untrue and will soon become obvious. Either there will be no sanctions, ridiculously weak sanctions or more serious sanctions without these two. Once again, there is no easy way out for the administration from looking like a failure.
And by the end of next year or earlier, it will be clear that any sanctions applied aren't working. The year 2010 is the make or break year for stopping Iran. Not hard to guess which it will be if current trends continue. The world needs the US leadership to learn a great deal real fast. Let's hope that happens in the year to come.

Jimmy Root Jr

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Monday, December 28, 2009

The Chinese Perspective on the Middle East

The following article was developed from a statement made by Ehud Barack, Israel's Minister of Defense. It was edited and published in Chinaview, a Chinese internet media outlet. I find it interesting to note that the writer presents the difficulties that Israel will face in attacking Iran's nuclear sites. He doesn't go into whether or not Isreal WILL attack Iran, just the logistical problem's in doing so.

Another article in today's Jerusalem Post presents Israel's foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, as posing that any peace with the Palestinians is most like 10 to 20 years down the road. That only adds to my speculation that Israel sees itself as isolated, alone, but ready to fight. In the case of Iran, if conventional weapons cannot do the job for Israel, don't bet against the IDF using tactical nuclear weapons. At least the radiated areas of Iran's facilities would be uninhabitable for several years.

Anyway, here is the Chinese perspective.

Israel says regular bomb cannot destroy Iran's nuclear facility
JERUSALEM, Dec. 28 (Xinhua) -- Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak said on Monday that Iran's newly-disclosed nuclear facility near Qom can withstand regular bombs.
"The facility in Qom is in a bunker and therefore resistant to regular bombs," local daily Haaretz quoted Barak as speaking to the Knesset (Israeli parliament) Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.
The site in Qom has been under construction for years, he added.
Iran confirmed in September that it is building a new nuclear fuel enrichment plant near its central city of Qom, arousing concern in international community.
IAEA board of governors last month passed a resolution in Vienna, calling for the "full cooperation" of Iran to clarify all outstanding issues involving its nuclear program and requiring Iran to stop construction on the uranium enrichment facility near Qom.
Israel regards Iran as one of its major security threats, and has joined the United States and some other countries in accusing the Islamic republic of secretly developing nuclear weapons under the guise of a civil project, a charge Iran firmly denies.
Iran has suggested in the past that the Middle East should be free from all nuclear weapons, referring to Israel which is widely suspected to possess nuclear weapons.
In wake of sensitive and subtle situations between Israel and Iran, military analysts have made some speculation about Israeli-Iranian war scenario.
Noting it as pure speculation, some analysts told Xinhua before that an Israeli attack on Iran would be led by the Israel Air Force, with backing from the Israel Navy and potentially with additional fire power supplied by ground-based intermediate-range ballistic missiles.
But they questioned, concerning such a mission, whether Israel has sufficient strike power, as Israel could not commit all of its aircraft to Iran and Israel also might face a difficulty of refueling its aircraft.

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Beware: The Russians ARE COMING!

While attempting to keep my feet warm this morning, due to an overabundance of snow (obviously produced by the effects of Global Warming!), I ran across an event that has received little or no attention in the West. If you recall, Ezekiel 38 and 39 clearly define the partners of an international (predominantly Arab) coalition that will descend upon the mountains surrounding Israel in order to wipe the Jews off the map, or at least subdue them into dividing their land. (Joel 3)
The nations mentioned by Ezekiel are Russia, Turkey, Iran, the Central Asian Nations, Libya, and the Horn of Africa nations of Sudan and Ethiopia. Amazingly, it seems the ball might be rolling in Ezekiel's direction. Read this article from today's (Dec. 27) Jerusalem Post and raise your eyebrows. You may want to read earlier posts to get a feel for the "bigger picture" as well. Gog and Magog appear to be packing their gear and getting ready to march.

Diplomacy: The Russians Are Coming

In a luxury hotel at Suweima, on the eastern shores of the Dead Sea, the Russians held a "Track II" conference this week designed to send a clear message to the Arab world: "We are back."

Medvedev talks alongside Egyptian President
Hosni Mubarak, not pictured, after they signed bilateral accords at the Presidential Palace in Cairo on Tuesday.Photo: AP
The conference, covered widely in the Arab world but hardly at all in Israel, took place just weeks after the re-launch - after an absence of some 18 years - of an Arabic version of the Moscow News. It also comes at a time of diplomatic stagnation in the Middle East that has led to increased calls from many quarters - particularly the Palestinians and the EU - for various actors in the international community to step in and impose a solution on the parties.
Russia, obviously, wants to be one of these actors. Hence the two-day conference, part of the Valdai Discussion Club, put on jointly by the Ria Novosti, the Russian News and Information Agency funded by the government, and the Russian Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, the equivalent to the Council on Foreign relations in the US.
The organizers invited a slew of Mideast experts from Russia and the region - including Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, the "State of Palestine," Saudi Arabia, Syria and Turkey, with a couple of people from the UK, US and France thrown in for good measure - to discuss whether a comprehensive settlement is possible in the Middle East by 2020.
The hope of the conference, said Sergei Karaganov of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy at its outset, was to "generate fresh ideas." Forget about it. The real agenda, it seems, was to implant in the Arab public a sense that Russia has returned to the region and is a player.

As my preacher/father used to say....stay prayed up, paid up, and ready to go up! Good advice. Jesus said in Luke 21:34-36; "But watch yourselves lest your hearts be weighed down with dissipation and drunkenness and cares of this life, and that day come upon you suddenly like a trap. For it will come upon all who dwell upon the face of the whole earth. But stay awake at all times, praying that you may have strenght to escape all these things that are going to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Iran May Be On The Brink...Nuclear Weapons in the hands of a Pyromaniac

I've been saying all along that I believed the continuing route of diplomacy/threats of sanctions with Iran has only served to further their nuclear preparations....namely....the production of an actual atomic weapon. The following article, from a verified Iranian source with a track record of being right, should serve as a wake up call. Somehow, I don't believe it will.
(My Commentary Will Follow Your Reading of This Article)
Maverick Iraqi Politician Claims Iran Could go Nuclear Within Weeks
Iraqi parliamentarian Mithal al-Alusi is warning that Iran is much closer to attaining nuclear capability than most sources, including the International Atomic Energy Agency and the US State Department, believe. In fact, he predicts the Iranians could have a nuclear capability - and may announce that they have it - as soon as next month.

"We are receiving information which says Iran is so close to producing an atom bomb," Alusi said in an interview earlier this month, the latest in a series of interviews conducted since September. "All the international community, they don't realize how close [the Iranians] are to the goal... The Iranians will surprise us one day [soon] and say, 'We have it.'"
Alusi said he cannot reveal his sources of this information, because that would place in grave and imminent danger individuals within the Iranian "establishment" who risked their lives to share it with him.
"I am talking about Iranian insider information. Very clear, from inside Iran," he said. "There are people within Iran who want to be normal... They know this is a dangerous regime. You see how they treat their own people... Iran is terrorizing the world already. What will they do once they have the bomb and they are stronger?"
Asked whether his sources are members of the Iranian government, or Iranian nuclear scientists, Alusi said he could not be more specific, but that they are "people who are part of the system in Iran, but [who] do know how dangerous it will be if the fascists are in control. They are wanting a normal situation to live, and they know this might be their last chance."
Alusi's estimate, which is that Iran will have nuclear capability by January or February, "sounds a little soon... [but] it's not outside the realm of possibility," according to Ilan Berman, vice president of the American Foreign Policy Council, who has consulted for the CIA and
According to Israeli intelligence, however, Iran already has sufficient low-enriched uranium for a nuclear weapon but has yet to reach the breakout stage and begin enriching uranium to higher levels, needed for a nuclear weapon. Even once this happens, it would take the Iranians some time to perfect the weapons program and manufacture a warhead. This would likely take a few years - until 2014, according to Mossad chief Meir Dagan.
An ideological pioneer, Alusi has frequently been ahead of the curve. Iraqi-born and bred, he fled to Germany in 1977 after being sentenced to death by Saddam Hussein for circulating anti-Ba'athist flyers. Following Saddam's ouster, he returned to Iraq with his two sons to accept a leadership position in the Supreme National Commission of de-Ba'athification.
In September 2004, he traveled to Israel to attend a counterterrorism conference. He did so because, in his words, he believes "Israel is a modern state and an important part of the Middle East."
Then, in February 2005, terrorist insurgents murdered his two sons, Ayman, 30, and Gamal, 22, apparently as payback for Alusi's visiting the Jewish state - a taboo in Iraqi society. Minutes after the attack, he told reporters, "Even if these terrorists try to kill me again... peace with Israel is the only solution for Iraq. Peace with everybody, but no peace for the terrorists."
Refusing to be intimidated, Alusi continued to build his political party, the Iraqi Democratic Nation Party, which his sons had helped him establish. In December 2005, voters elected him to parliament as an independent.
In early September 2009, before Iran announced the existence of a previously unknown uranium enrichment plant near the city of Qom, Alusi told this reporter there were other major Iranian nuclear sites in addition to the four known to the international community. Now he says that in addition to the five currently known, there are even more Iranian nuclear sites.
In September, he also told this reporter that Iranian scientists were working feverishly to develop "[the] missiles and atom bomb program together." Soon afterward, Iran began testing short-and medium-range missiles, as well as the Shihab-3, a long-range missile that can reach Israel.
Earlier this month he said, "I believe the atom bomb will be declared... by January, February, with a nuclear bomb and missiles [to launch it]."
Alusi believes Teheran's announcement in late November that it intends to build 10 new uranium enrichment sites is a ploy designed to mislead the West into thinking Iran is farther away than it actually is from attaining nuclear capability.
Alusi said that the Iranian government cannot be appeased by compromise or concession. He believes they are determined to assert their hegemony; hence their brazen missile-testing.
Asked whether he thinks a military operation to set back Iran's nuclear program will prompt a surge in terrorism, Alusi argued this reasoning is flawed. "The opposite is correct," he said. "If Iran has [nuclear capability], there will be more terror attacks... If [after it attains nuclear capability] there is any clash, hundreds of thousands will die, at least."
He emphasized that admittedly painful sacrifice in the short-term will avert a catastrophic scenario in the long-term.
"We will pay a price [with a limited military operation to set back Iran's nuclear program], but nothing compared to the price if Iran has this kind of weapon and … all the international community will be in danger."
While the Iranian government is belligerent, those at the helm of its war machine are clear in their motives, which include the determined desire to become a superpower, according to Alusi. "They have goals. They want DC to accept them as a superpower. You don't know them. We do," he said.
Although he says he is generally averse to war, he believes a military operation is the only option now, the sooner the better. For every month that elapses, the human and environmental costs of undertaking such an operation will be greater, Alusi cautioned.
"Why do international leaders wait?" he said. "To act now is best to save [the most] human beings. In several months, the danger of radioactivity to human beings and nature will be far worse."

Some ominous signs that something may happen soon:
1. Benjamin Netanyahu is sinking into a political quagmire after Israeli citizens were angered by his appeasement of Obama and the Palestinians. Simply put, they believe he caved on the West Bank settlement issue. They also believe he has dropped the ball on gaining the freedom of captured Israeli soldier, Galid Shalit. Hamas has demanded a prisoner swap...Galid for 100 terrorists being held in Israel. Fair or not, Israelis are making life for Netanyahu's coalition government somewhat uncomfortable.
2. Egypt has turned toward the Iranian camp and is working with Saudi Arabia to draft a UN Security Council Resolution that will declare a Palestinian State and a divided Jerusalem.
3. Arms continue to pour into southern Lebanon and the Gaza Strip...preparations for war are spoken outright.
4. Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, and Egypt are now aligned with Iran. Should Israel attack the nuclear facilities of the Iranians, these countries are bound by treaty to respond. (READ Psalm 83, Isaiah 17, Ezekiel 25, Obadiah 15-18)
5. America has gone off the map. The pitched battle between freedom and socialism has distracted the American public. Afghanistan is now the only military struggle in sight....most of the public not realizing that Israel is the key to absolutely everything.
6. President OBAMA is markedly anti-Israeli.
7. God seems to be moving the pieces at an ever-quickening pace. That can only mean time is running out on the nations of the world that are shaking their fists in his face. (READ Psalm 2)
For a while, I thought we might make it to January 1, 2010 without seeing the start of the Inner Ring War (See earlier posts), but now I'm not quite so sure. Keep your eyes locked on Scripture, your heart intertwined with the heart of God, and pray, pray, pray.
Jimmy Root Jr
Author: Distant Thunder Book One of the Lightning Chronicles
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THEME: The Dividing of Jerusalem and the Two-State Solution

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Friday, December 25, 2009

One Step Closer?

It appears the Palestinian statehood 'ball' will soon be back in Barack Obama's court. Read the following.

Egypt, Saudis Secretly Draft Palestinian Statehood Motion for Security Council
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report
December 24, 2009, 11:45 AM (GMT+02:00)

DEBKAfile's Middle East sources report that Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf emirates and the Palestinian Authority are secretly drafting a UN Security Council motion granting Palestinian statehood within the pre-1967 war borders of the West Bank and Gaza Strip with Jerusalem its capital. This group is working under tight wraps, using diversionary tactics, to keep the US and Israel from discovering their scheme. Libya, or if it is elected to the Security Council, Lebanon will table the motion.
Saudi King Abdullah, President Hosni Mubarak and Mahmoud Abbas have decided that if the US vetoes their resolution, Abbas will resign down finally as chairman of the Palestinian Authority and his place will not be taken by any member of his administration. Abbas keeps on saying his decision to resign is irrevocable with this development in mind and the dilemma it will pose Washington and Jerusalem: According to the Palestinian constitution, the Speaker of the Palestinian legislature, Dr. Abdel Aziz Duaik, of Hama
s, fills the absent chair.
However, according to our sources, the three Arab leaders are banking on the US being constrained from voting against the motion by president Barack Obama's avowed support for Palestinian statehood - albeit omitting to predetermine its borders. The Americans may simply abstain, leaving 10-12 Security Council members out of 15 to carry the resolution. Abdullah, Mubarak and Abbas are counting on their resol
ution carrying the same huge impact as the Nov. 27, 1947 UN vote approving the establishment of two states in partitioned Palestine. They believe it will put an end once and for all to discussions on the future borders of a Palestinian state; any Israeli presence across the 1967 boundaries, civilian or military, will be illegal and in clear breach of an explicit Security Council resolution.
This move has sent Abbas on extensive travels in recent months with frequent side-trips to Riyadh and Cairo. It was also discussed during Mubarak's visits to the Gulf this week.
The Palestinian leader, our sources report, has secured endorsement pledges from Russia, China, France and Britain, as well as the African, South A
merican and Asian representatives on the Security Council.
According to DEBKAfile's Jerusalem sources, the Netanyahu government shows no signs of anticipating this hostile diplomatic gambit and the foreign ministry does not appear it is ready to pre-empt it or fight back.

The coming days will be filled with Obamaesque rhetoric as he touts his new legacy of bringing about sweeping healthcare reform. (The sweeping will be the ridding the world of American styled democracy, freedom, and capitalism.) But in the midst of the braggadocio, calamity is about to fall on his desk. Will he dither? Will he hold out on making a decision as he did with a troop surge in Afghanistan? I think not! He will either see the light of the heinous nature of creating a Palestinian Terrorist State and quickly veto the coming Security Council measure, or he will immediately abstain. An abstention is the same as a YES vote...because Israel will be left alone against the world either way. I hope he finally makes the right decision, but I really don't think the man is smart enough to see what is about to jump up and bite him on the butt.

Remember that God is in control. Celebrate the fact that Jesus was born to this wicked world and that he will soon come to claim his rightful bride, and then his rightful throne.

Merry Christmas 2009

Jimmy Root Jr

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THEME: The Dividing of Jerusalem and the Two-State Solution

Thursday, December 24, 2009

America Stricken With a Spirit of STUPID

I cannot tell you how disgusted I am with the current leadership in Washington, D.C. The only explanation I have is that a huge case of STUPID has been applied to the dimwits who are in control of the Congress and the White House of the United States. This is not only for this Health Care DEBACLE, but for the asinine way in which President Obama has gone about trying to bring peace to the Middle East....his obvious contempt for Israel.....and sadistic enjoyment of dishonoring America and all she stands for.
HOWEVER, this Christmas I will celebrate and be thankful that JESUS is the King...and all pretenders to His thrown soon be tossed aside! My suggestion is to enjoy your Christmas and allow yourselves the great expectation that the King will appear in 2010, if not before!
Jimmy Root Jr

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Two Important Developments....War is on the Horizon


The tides of war continue to rise, and these latest developments seem to be raising the odds that a massive confrontation is just around the corner. In nearly every piece of news flowing from the Middle East Iran is at the root of the problem. The Biblically described people of Persia are instigating a fight with more earnest than we have seen since Israel became a nation. The prophesied coalitions of Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38 and 39 are coming together with lightning speed. Mid-way through 2009 I challenged you to watch for Turkey's turn to radical Islam and an alliance with Iran. It happened in October. At the same time I thought it wise to keep a new I on Egypt...watching for it to turn from it's moderate Islamic stance as a quasi-friend of Israel. It happened yesterday! Time is running out on this season of shallow peace. Be in prayer about how God will use you to further his purposes as you read these important news items.

Lebanon Repudiates UN 1559 Outlawing Hizballah Terror Militia
DEBKAfile Special Report
December 23, 2009, 1:02 PM (GMT+02:00)

Lebanon has announced its repudiation of 2004 UN Security Council resolution 1559 which in 2004 ordered all militias including Hizballah disbanded and disarmed. Lebanese sources reported Wednesday, Dec. 23, that president Michel Suleiman had notified US president Barack Obama about this decision, while Lebanese foreign minister Ali al-Shami passed the word to heads of the diplomatic missions.
The announcement came two days after Iranian foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki visited Beirut and shortly after Lebanese prime minister Saad Hariri held talks in Damascus with Syrian president Bashar Assad.
The US embassy spokesman's only comment was: "We haven't received a verbal note on the matter."
He did say whether the notice had been relayed to the embassy or directly to President Obama when Suleiman met him at the White House last week.
According to DEBKAfile's military sources, Mottaki's visit was devoted to discussing with Lebanese leaders, including Hizballah heads, Beirut's possible attachment to the new Iranian-Syrian mutual defense pact signed last Thursday, Dec. 10 in Damascus. Its terms deal with the coordinated steps the two nations will pursue in the event of an Israel attack on Iran's nuclear facilities.
Lebanese officials replied to the Iranian feeler by saying it was too soon to broach this plan now, but could be discussed when prime minister Saad Hariri visits Tehran some time soon. Iran's invitation was handed to Hariri when he visited Damascus this week for his first meeting with Syrian president Bashar Assad, since his the assassination of his father in Beirut four years ago. Syria was widely implicated in the murder.
Lebanese officials also advised Mottaki that Iranian-Lebanese relations would be best served by quiet, inconspicuous action to have Security Council Resolution 1559 annulled. This would leave Hizballah free to take delivery of continuous arms consignments from Iran and Syria in broad daylight without either side being accused of illicit smuggling.
No government may unilaterally repudiate a Security Council resolution - only the SC, which must reconvene and adopt a fresh motion to amend or annul the motion in question. However, Beirut feels confident enough to make this gesture of defiance, emboldened both by Iranian and Syrian support and by apparent Israeli apathy in the face of Hizballah's massive arms build-up, which is going forward with the full endorsement of the Lebanese government and president. Even the most recent supply of a mixed bag of lethal surface missiles from Syria to Hizballah has failed to rouse the Netanyahu government to a response.
(Beware of a sleeping Tiger!)

Mubarak on Urgent Trip to Gulf about Iran's Reconciliation Move
DEBKAfile Special Report
December 22, 2009, 8:28 PM (GMT+02:00)

While Israel was wholly caught up in the next stage of a deal with Hamas for trading its soldier Gilead Shalit for several hundred jailed Palestinians, the Iran-Syrian axis pounced with swift moves to mend its fences with moderate Arab rulers. Sunday, Dec. 20, the powerful Iranian speaker of parliament, Ali Larijani, arrived in Cairo and was received at once by Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak for a conversation lasting two hours.
DEBKAfile's Iranian sources report that the Iranian visitor carried with him a wide-ranging proposal to ease the strained relations between Tehran and the moderate Arab governments.
Without wasting a moment, the next day, the Egyptian president flew to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Arab emirates to discuss the momentous turn of events.
The octogenarian Mubarak travels very infrequently these days because of his failing health except in extraordinary circumstances. He was galvanized this time by the message Larijani brought from Tehran containing the offer of "a new Iranian approach to resolving outstanding issues." Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has already offered to open an embassy in Cairo for the first time since ties were broken off after Iran's 1979 Islamic revolution.
Aware that any breakthrough with the Arab governments was contingent on allaying their fears of its nuclear drive, Iran's offer of a new beginning is reported by our sources as including a form of Iranian-Arab nuclear cooperation. Its immediate objective is to close ranks with the Arab nations in order to outmaneuver the US-Israeli campaign against its nuclear drive, thereby derailing the US president Barack Obama's plans for drawing Europe, Russian and China into approving another round of harsh sanctions against the Islamic Republic.
The expeditiousness of Mubarak response to Tehran's overture and the promptness of his Gulf consultations indicated that the bloc of Arab nations, which he and Saudi king Abdullah lead, has given up on effective action by America or Israel, including force, for throwing Iran off its current nuclear course.
Within the region today, coexistence with Iran looks like a safer bet.
If this burgeoning realignment of Middle East partnerships goes forward, the region's strategic balance will be pulled out of shape, Washington's influence heavily downgraded and Israel isolated.
Iran and Syria are acting on more than one front. When Lebanese prime minister Saad Hariri visited Damascus over the weekend, he was handed an invitation to visit Tehran soon by Syrian president Bashir Assad.
Furthermore, Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is in Damascus with 10 of his ministers to sign new accords for closer relations. The new Turkish-Syrian pact brings Ankara into Iran's circle of influence.
In Washington, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs warned that December is a very real deadline ahead of possible new sanctions on Iran and its nuclear program.
The US year-end deadline for accepting a UN-brokered compromise for its nuclear program was quickly brushed off by Ahmadinejad. "They say we have given Iran until the end of the Christian year. Who are they anyway? It is we who have given them an opportunity," Ahmadinejad said in a speech in the city of Shiraz carried live on state television Monday, Dec. 22.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Comparison Really Isn't Fair: I mean it is God vs. Mortal

I was listening recently to the latest episode from the History Channel, The Nostradamus Effect, which compared various ancient sources regarding the "end of the world." I admit my dogmatic stance. I mean, once you know that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west because of the rotation of the earth, what is wrong with being rigid and dogmatic?
To compare the quatrains Nostradamus to the prophetic passages of Scripture is absolutely unfair. How can one seriously liken the words of a mere mortal, probably under the influence of his own medicinal blend (Michel de Nostradame was an apothecary in the 16th century) to the words of the Almighty, Creator, God of the universe?
For example, the most recent episode emphasized the Biblical Doctrine of the Rapture while attempting to align Nostradamus' prophecy of the same....then, to top it off, they went to the Mayan Calendar to see if both prophecies lined up with the 2012 doomsday prediction.
First, the Mayan Calendar does not predict the end of the world as taking place on December 21, 2012. That is simply when the Mayan "Long Calendar" resets. The system lays out linear time by tracking seasonal cycles like the phases of the moon, orbit of the earth around the sun, and the orbital position of the solar system in the galaxy. That is all it does. It is not predictive in any way other than calculating cyclical events (and done with extreme accuracy for an ancient people!) It really is an amazing system, but it is not prophetic.
Nostradamus, on the other hand, recorded his predictions and published them in a book titled "The Prophecies." One particular prophecy has been labeled Nostradamus' Rapture prophecy and is found in Century 10, Quatrain 74 (like chapter and verse). Here is what Michel prophesied;
"The year seven of the great number accomplished, it will appear at the time of the games of hecatombe (slaughter), not far from the age of the great Millennium, when the dead will come out of their graves."
As you probably know, all of Michel de Nostradame's prophecies are hazy, abstract, and open to individual or frenzied interpretation. For instance, the lastest interpretation of Quatrain 74 describes the resurrection of the dead taking place in the 7th year from the great millennium (2000) during the hecatombe. The hecatombe occurred on the fourth day of the Olympic games when 100 cattle were slaughtered and barbecued as an offering to the gods. It was also the day in which the most violent sports were played, namely the Olympic version of the Ultimate Fighter. Therefore, as the interpretation goes, the Rapture would occur in 2007 during the World Olympic Wrestling Championships held in Baku, Azerbaijan, which also corresponded to Rosh HaShannah, the Jewish feast of Trumpets.
The problem is no rapture happened in 2007 on Rosh HaShannah. (I was paying attention:) But lest we bash Nostradamus, several evangelical prognosticators have also made rapture predictions that did not pan out...i.e...Hal Lindsey and 1988. What do we learn? That you cannot interpret Nostradamus, nor is it wise to attempt to write something into the Biblical stream of prophecy. The fact is, Nostradamus' predictions are so hazy that interpretations must be forced in order to make any sense out of them at all. Not so with the Biblical predictions of the Rapture and the end times. They are spelled out clearly, although dating is highly inadvisable.
Here are clear Biblical Signs that clarify the season in which the end time events will occur.
Jeremiah 12:14-17... The nation God has plucked up because of wickedness will be reborn.
Ezekiel 36 ... in which Israel is reborn and the end time events are triggered.
Ezekiel 37, 38, 39....Israel is reborn and the Gog/Magog war occurs.
Daniel 12:1-12... Israel is reborn as Michael the Arch Angel is again placed in position to protect God's covenant people...terrible war will occur, then the dead will rise from their graves. hmmm
Joel 3:1... Israel is reborn then God will call the nations to account in the Valley of Jehoshaphat. (Armageddon)
Zechariah 8-14... Israel will be reborn, Israel's enemies will be judged, and then the King returns.
Notice the reoccurring theme.... ISRAEL WILL BE REBORN....then the rest of the end time prophecies will be fulfilled. BTW... that happened on May 14, 1948, with Jerusalem being retaken in 1967.
Regarding the RAPTURE of the Church....
1 Corinthians 15:50-15 declares that we will all be "changed" (made different) in the twinkling of an eye (shortest Greek measurement of time) in order to inherit the Kingdom of God. It would happen at the last trumpet...meaning it would be an actual event, not some hazy quantum leap.
1 Thessalonians 413-18... the Lord himself will descend with a cry of command, the shout of an arch angel, and the trumpet call of God. The dead in Christ will rise first, then we who are alive (in Christ) and remain will be caught up (harpazo = snatched away, gathered away) together with them (the now resurrected in Christ) in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we will always be with the Lord. (Note to those who say the word "Rapture" is not in scripture; the Greek word harpazo is translated raptos in Latin, thus rapture in English. The Latin Vulgate specifically uses the term Rapture. We simply speak in English in our part of the world...)
Seems quite clear to me. The event that would trigger the season in which the rapture would take place is
The Rebirth of Israel

That means, the RAPTURE of the Bride of Christ, the Church of true believers, the household of God, the citizenry of the Kingdom, is imminent! ARE You ready? Or, are you a skeptic who prefers hazy sources in order to prevent conforming to the narrow parameters of scripture? You see, the Bible applies the same power of truth to redemption as it does to its 100% accuracy when it comes to prophecy. The Bible clearly states that the only way to the Father is through Jesus Christ. The Bible says that the road that leads to the Kingdom is narrow and few find it. The Bible says that the only entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven is by way of repentance from sin and a complete turning to Jesus as the only Redeemer, Savior, and Lord. The Bible says Jesus is coming soon. HE IS!

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Obama May Talk Iran to Death

I thought you would find this interesting as we wind down the year. I believe 2009 was a prelude to prophetic events. The year 2010 could prove historic in truly Biblical proportions. I would suggest, after you have eaten yourself through the holidays, that you begin 2010 with a bit of prayer and fasting. Why? Something prophetic is brewing and we need to be spiritually ready to fulfill our calling.


Obama gives Iran another year's grace for nuclear dialogue
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis
December 19, 2009

US president Barack Obama's tough talk of sanctions has melted into soft soap for luring Iran into further dialogue. Adopting the reverse tactic, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sounds almost reasonable for a change, even as Tehran pushes its revolutionary goals as pugnaciously as ever.
DEBKAfile's Washington sources disclose Saturday, Dec. 19 that official US warnings that Washington's patience is running out and tough sanctions are imminent are no more than a smokescreen for three major steps embarked on by the Obama administration in the last four days for dragging out sanctions and setting back military action against Iran's nuclear facilities.
Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu gave the US president another six months for diplomacy without the threat of military action when they met at the White House November 9. The first six months' grace runs out at the end of Dec. 2009. The second ends in mid-2010. Netanyahu was backed up by defense minister Ehud Barak who said Monday, Dec. 14: "There is still time for diplomatic action to stop Iran.”
Using the respite, our sources report that the US president offered three inducements for tempting Tehran to call off its military program:
1. Whereas Tuesday, Dec. 15, Congress approved penalties for firms selling Iran gasoline and the insurance companies underwriting its sale, the following day, the influential senator John Kerry announced through his spokesman Frederic Jones that the Foreign Relations Committee, which he heads, "needs time to consider the bill."
2. Friday, Dec. 17, Pentagon spokeswoman Tara Rigler announced a six-month delay in deploying the precision-guided, 30,000-pound Massive Ordnance Penetrator or "bunker buster" bomb (developed specifically for the nuclear facilities Iran and North Korea have sunk deep under ground).
"Funding delays and enhancements to the planned test schedule have pushed the capability availability date to Dec. 2010," she announced.
Only five months ago, in August, the US Air Force announced that the 15-ton bomb for delivery by B-2 stealth bombers had been funded and would be ready for service in July 2010.
Washington is thus offering Tehran another six months to play with, free of threat of sanctions and safe from the bombardment of its subterranean nuclear facilities.
3. Over the weekend beginning Friday, Dec. 18, Israeli newspaper correspondents briefed by administration officials ran stories denigrating Mossad director Meir Dagan as the only Israeli official hold-out on the need to attack Iran. He is presented as being in the grip of a fixation detrimental to his handling of other key issues. One editorial advised the Israeli government to learn to live with a nuclear-armed Iran.
But the Obama administration's lures had at least one result: Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, speaking from the Copenhagen climate conference, said:
"Everything is possible, 400 kilos, 800 kilos, it's nothing," for enrichment abroad, "but not in a climate where they threaten us. From the outset, delivery of 1,200 kilos of uranium was not a problem for us, but if they believe they can wave a stick to threaten us, those days are over. They have to change their vocabulary to respect and legality."
While preaching to others about sticks, the Iranian president must have thought the big sticks Tehran waved in the last four days alone were invisible.
Wednesday, Dec. 12, Tehran launched an improved Sejil 2 missile which DEBKAfile's military sources confirm is capable of penetrating US and Israeli anti-missile defense shields and defying their interceptors, although US and Israeli sources were at pains to play down its capabilities. Those sources report that Sejil-2 is loaded with electronic chips used as decoys to mislead the electronic systems of the Israeli Arrow 2 and the US Patriot, Aegis and THAAD anti-missile missile systems.
Only last week, furthermore, Tehran signed a new military pact with Syria, roping in the Lebanese Hizballah and Palestinian Hamas as second-strike wielders; Wednesday, the "Iranian Cyber Army" hacked into Twitter and filled its home page with anti-US slogans; for most of December, Iran-backed Yemeni rebels have kept Saudi and government forces on the run and, Friday, Iranian soldiers seized control of an Iraqi oil well in a disputed border region.
All the same, Obama's beckoning gestures and Ahmadinejad's smooth response indicate a fresh round of talks will be explored between the 5P+1 bloc (five Security Council permanent members plus Germany) and Iran before sanctions are broached or either the US or Israel resort to military action against Iran's nuclear facilities.
This means that Washington's determined ultimatum to Iran to comply with its international obligations by the end of 2009 has been extended by a whole year - an extra six months granted by Israeli up to June 2010 and another six months which President Obama tagged on himself in order to further delay an Israeli attack on Iran.
By then, it will all be over: Tehran will have attained a nuclear weapon plus the means of delivery.
Saturday, an Iranian military spokesman declared: "Our forces are on our own soil, and based on the known international borders this well belongs to Iran."
It is not hard to imagine how Tehran will comport itself once it has "the bomb."

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Counterparts and Confusion

Although we look toward the arrival of Christmas day as a way of celebrating the Lord's deliverance of humanity from the death of sin, the Jews are in the final few days of their celebration of Chanukka (Hanukkah) in which the remember the deliverance brought about by the Maccabees against the strong hand of the Syrians.
I have been intrigued to read various Jewish perspectives on this week of celebration and have come to the conclusion that many Israelis are operating in confusion. The reason for this comes from a deep sense of contradiction. In their minds, they celebrate their freedom, yet many see the plight of the Palestinians as mirroring their own Jewish history. How can true freedom be celebrated while an entire people are held in subjugation? I even found an article that condemned the Israeli government for using an overbearing iron fist while being ripe with corruption. That was from an Israeli citizen. Why the confusion in the face of nearing calamity at the hands of Israel's multiple enemies?
I submit that these Jews are suffering from spiritual bi-polarisim. They are attempting to maintain the freedom to exist, but have not discovered the existence of true freedom. I speak of the freedom provided by the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Yeshua, not the temporary freedom and cleansing of the temple gained by the Maccabees. Only Jesus offered the cleansing of the inner temple, the spirit of the person. Only Jesus offered the transformation from death to life. Only Jesus provides the hope of deliverance. What both the Jews and the Palestinians seek is LIFE.
As you celebrate your way through this Christmas season, remember to pray for those who are still in bondage. Pray for Jews, Muslims, Africans, Irish, Russians, Chinese, and everyone in between. Pray for your neighbor across the street. Pray for a fresh arrival of freedom.
NOW for a bit of NEWS.
New Centrifuges Developed
(From today's Jerusalem Post)
Iran has found a way to get around whatever sanctions are in place and import the necessary parts to develop faster centrifuges for the enriching of uranium. The fact that Iran continues to defy the international community should come as no surprise. However, there seems to be an urgency attached to Iran's mission to construct nuclear weapons. Why? Could it be that Muslim's bent to the Shi'a interpretation of the Koran are sensing (by way of the demonic delusion behind it) the return of the Mahdi in the same way that we who believe in the Rapture of the Church somehow sense the sounding of the trumpet is drawing near?
The scriptures tell us that Lucifer understands his time is short. He knows what is coming. His mission of opposing God is taking on an urgency never before witnessed in the the cosmos. For my part, I'm so very glad I am, only by the grace of God, on the side that has already achieved the victory over the enemy. That is cause for celebration!
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Game of the Diplomatic Waggle

"Waggle" is just another word to describe the eternal BABBLE that is going on in the Holy Land....namely, that it's all Israel's fault, if Israel only makes a few more concessions we'll come to the peace table, etc, etc, etc, waggle waggle waggle.
It is painfully obvious that the Palestinian leadership has no interest in pursuing peace. The pursuit is for total control of all the land that was deeded to Abraham. Until the descendants of Ishmael are recognized as the rightful heir of the Patriarch, no peace will be established with Isaac the usurper. Thus, the end run. Rather than re-approach the negotiating table where Israel awaits with yet more concessions, the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, makes a run to the European Union...starting with Sweden. Of course, those ignorant of the greater issues of religion that are intertwined in the strife will proceed on the basis of a humanistic logic that states that opposing people groups can actually get along. The problem is that logic has never held true for any length of time. Even in the great melting pot of the United States we are beginning to see the effects of multi-culturalism and the end result of ethnic division. In fact, ethnic diversity is just another way of saying ethnic boundaries. Boundaries demand defense. Encroachment of the boundaries means WAR.
So what does the EU do with its vast humanistic wisdom? It calls for the division of Jerusalem into two distinct capitals, meaning a greater portion of the land must be divided to satisfy the national rights of the Palestinians. That might be fine and good if the Palestinians had any other foundational priority than the complete annihilation of the Jews and the State of Israel. As it is, dividing the land and the city of Jerusalem will only lead to further, and greater attacks on the right of Israel to exist. Now that the EU has climbed on board with Barack Obama in calling for a contiguous Palestinian State, there really isn't much point for the Palestinian leadership to sit down and smoke a peace pipe with their mortal enemy.

There is no doubt in my mind that war is just around the corner. The Hizbollah, on the Lebanese border, have rearmed themselves with nearly 50,000 Syrian/Iranian rockets and America-provided military hardware. Hamas is not only in control of the Gaza Strip, but have gained a foothold in the West Bank, and they are now locked and loaded with at least the same number of rockets as Hizbollah. Syria and Iran are as kissy-face as two contries can be, and Jordan is quickly falling into a no-win situation in its moderate stance toward Israel. Iran is "this close" (pinch your thumb and forefinger together) to completing its quest for developing a nuclear bomb. Israel is the same hair's breadth away from an obligatory strike against Iran. Time is running out! Why? Russia has promised Iran its new S300 Anti-aircraft missile system that is impenetrable to anything but stealthy aircraft. That delivery will soon happen, and when it does, the door will be closed to an Israeli strike without American help. (Note: The US has refused Israeli requests to purchase the FA-18 stealth fighter.) Do you really think Barack Obama is going to commit to an attack against Iran? Didn't think so.
Again, time is running out. That means we must be about our Father's business NOW!. Then, when this thing breaks out, be ready to share Christ like never before. People will be open simply because the world will be immersed in chaos and terror. You have the answer!
Jimmy Root Jr
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