Monday, August 31, 2009

How Close Is Iran to Completing the BOMB?

During a live ‘Blog Talk Radio” Interview this morning with host Simon Barrett, I was asked if I actually believed Iran was close to the completion of its project to build nuclear weapons. (Interview at

Personally, I am grateful that I am not a “Spook,” otherwise known as a member of the intelligence community. I’m a Pastor. My only way of knowing how close Iran might be to finishing its ambition is by staying current with what others are saying.

With that being said, in today’s Debka File from Israel, we see that the US, Israel, Britain, France, the Netherlands, and Japan are all in a dither about the upcoming release of Mohammad El Baradei’s concealment of Iran’s actual progress. Remember that El Baradei is the UN’s outgoing chief nuclear inspector at the Atomic Energy Agency. Apparently, a large quantity of important data was withheld from his reports. This information was supplied to him by the above mentioned nations, but never made his final reports. The danger? Iran’s progress has been permitted to go forward without El Baradei’s confrontation.

Worse yet, Yousri Abu Shadi, a retired Egyptian official at the IAEA says that Iran can make a bomb whenever they want to. MEMRI TV, Egypt’s Channel 1 aired a conversation from which the following was taken.

Yousri Abu Shadi: “The question should be whether Iran is capable of doing this. Yes. Technically speaking, it is capable of it. If Iran wants to produce nuclear bombs within a short period of time, it can. It’s over. They have been enriching uranium for two years now, and by now they have more than seven thousand centrifuges, which produce tons of enriched uranium, but to a low percentage. If they complete the process, they will produce uranium enriched to whatever percentage they want – 90% or more. At the moment, they enrich uranium to 5%.

Interviewer: “How long does it take to move from 5% to 90%?”

Yousri Abu Shadi: “It doesn’t take a long time….it will be able to produce a nuclear weapon in less than two years.”

James Lewis reported in American Thinker today that Dr. Uzi Rubin, a leading Israeli nuclear physicist, believes that Iran’s missile development is moving much faster than anticipated.

Thinking through these small details, and adding the fact that the current occupant of the White House is dead set on having a cup of tea with the Iranians, one can see where this is all headed. If any of Obama’s domestic agenda actually becomes reality, America will not have the finances to mount any real opposition to Iran, either in the form of economic sanction or military action. That will leave Israel to do the dirty work, and then reap the brunt of the world’s disfavor.

You can easily see how what is happening in the Middle East is literally a time bomb with a lit fuse that is getting really, really short.

Jimmy Root Jr
Author of Distant Thunder Book One the Lightning Chronicles A Prophetic Fiction Thriller

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