Sunday, January 2, 2011

Egypt Slowly Sinking Into Radicalism

Twenty-one Coptic Christians are dead and seventy-nine were left injured after a bomb tore through their church on New Year's Day in Alexandria Egypt. Though ailing president, Hosni Mubarack, denies that the assault is homegrown, the evidence says otherwise. Radical Islamic jihadists have gone from being a minor element in Egypt to being a force that must be dealt with. Problem: No one seems to be dealing with it, and it is gaining ground among the masses.
The tide that is rolling across the Middle East seems unstoppable. Even the presence of the might US military in Iraq has not been able to keep Al Qaeda forces from slaughtering Christians around that country. Killing Christians wherever they are found has become the favorite pastime of Islamic radicals, whether it happens in Israel, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, or Afghanistan. It is happening at an alarming rate, and will probably increase as the coming confrontation between Islam and Israel draws closer.
News such as this can have one of a few effects on us.
1. We can begin to fret, worry, and act out of fear. Wrong reaction!
2. We can become numb to the suffering of our brothers and sisters who are dying for Christ around the world. Another wrong reaction!
3. We can develop an extreme hatred for Muslims. Yes, a terribly wrong reaction!
4. We can pray for those brothers and sisters who are suffering, while at the same time, determine to do our part in expanding the Kingdom of Christ in every way possible. This is the only reaction worthy of a believer in Jesus.
I trust this is the direction you will turn.
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