Sunday, October 31, 2010

Three Days and Counting..... To What?

For many, Tuesday, November 2nd is the big day, the changing of the tide, the correction in the course.
I, too, am ready to vote. (Too bad I can't vote some on the left.)
However, a sweeping conservative victory on Tuesday will not change the direction our world is headed. It might make us more comfortable than we would have been with liberals in high places. Tuesday might end up saving us a few bucks in raised taxes, though I doubt it. We are going to have to dig our way out of a debt that verges on the obscene. My guess is, no matter what is being said, at some point we are going to have to pay the piper.
But it's the entire direction of the world that should have our focus.
Islam continues to rise it's turbaned head. Radicals have taken the wheel to this car full of explosive deception, and no matter who sits in the White House, Congress, or Governor's Mansions, America and Israel are being targeted like never before.
Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu declared in a Cabinet meeting, "We stand before a rising wave of terror!"
His declaration came with the realization that terror organizations continue to equip themselves with weapons. Now that Iran is on the verge of developing nuclear bombs, it is now time to ring the alarm. Terror groups will not hesitate to use a nuke or two. Again, no matter which side wins this election, the occupier of the White House is not listening to the truth. The emperor has no foreign desire to do what is necessary. He teleprompts a good game, but the substance behind his rhetoric is very thin indeed.
Where are we headed? Must I say it? Read your Bible.
The destination has been written....with pinpoint accuracy and prophetic signs that are being fulfilled.
If you are a believer, look up with joy.
(As you smile, remember to vote on Tuesday)
If you have not yet believed in the one and only Son of God, named Jesus Messiah (Christ), I would suggest you do so quickly.

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