Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Congress Won't Back Obama's Guantanamo Closing

Do you suppose someone in Washington is actually thinking?

Congress says it will not allow money, approximately $80 million dollars, to be allocated to shut down the Guantanamo detainee facility in January as Obama had announced. The President suddenly sounded compliant. Has he gotten smarter in the last few hours?

Okay, here's the deal. Obama hasn't gotten smarter. He's already the smartest man alive. Congress hasn't had an updraft of intelligence either, at least not as a whole. The conservatives have been screaming that released detainees will have free access to the United States, thereby creating a huge glut in the risk of terrorist acts in the near future. Obama has never agreed that would be the case. Plus, we must remember who controls the congress....yup....Democrats. Suddenly, the dems have turned on their President's plans, but it is not out of wisdom.

The Guantanamo closing was scheduled for January of 2010. Congress, of course, is on a two year term limit...at least it all has to be re-elected. YES Ma'am, 2010 is an election year and the majority of the American public understands that releasing the most hardened terrorists into the good 'ole USA will lead to a massive public health hazard....in the form of car bombs, and various other styles of suicidal behavior. Americans in general see the danger. All liberal congressfolk see is the need to be re-elected. So, they hold off on what they really want.

In the final analysis, it is obvious that the Dims (not used lightly) want there to be an upsurge in terrorism, maybe so they can save the day. Certainly they can't be THAT stupid, can they?

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