Friday, May 22, 2009

Shake a Finger....Give Away the Store

May 21,2009
Lou Dobbs was beyond irritated, he was irate. A video feed of Iran's latest firing of the Sejil-2, missile, a two-stage, solid-fueled, 2,000 kilometer ranged missile had just been fed on the screen behind him, (CNN) while a look of consternation was etched on his face.
Now, it's never easy to tell when a launch video is from recent activity, or just another Iranian scare tactic. But US missile tracking systems, including the advanced American anti-missile station in the Israeli Negev, have confirmed not only the launch, but the accuracy and capabilities of the Sejil-2.
Within the news feed appeared the face of our President as he expressed his "long concern" over Iran's missile development program. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said this was a "step in the wrong direction." I guess! Military intelligence leaks suggest that Iran is two to three years ahead of the Israelis missile defense technology. Uh-oh! It is no coincidence that President Obama approved the sale of the American Arrow 3 anti-missile system to Israel. The problem is, Obama cut funding for this system as it was part of the "defense shield" that Bush was attempting to deploy in eastern Europe, and it will not even be testable until 2012. Uh-oh, again! In other words, the Sejil-2 can reach Israel in a matter of minutes, at a speed practically impossible for the Patriot anti-missile batteries to intercept, and there is no 'coming to the rescue' anytime soon by the Americans.
But that wasn't why poor Hal was so upset. Immediately after the the Iranian missile clip ended, it was revealed that President Obama had just approved the sale of "civilian" advanced nuclear technology to the United Arab Emirates. The UAE has extremely close ties to Iran and it is totally plausible to suggest that this technology will be in the hands of Iranian and Russian scientists within hours, if not minutes of receiving this great help from America. Can you see the rise of the threat level for Israel? Is it so far 'out there' to understand that Prime Minister Netanyahu will probably be forced to attempt his own solution by unilaterally attacking Iran? Is it so hard to see a hook being set in Iran's sworn ally, Russia? An agreement made in 2003 was reaffirmed in February during a visit by Vladimir Putin to Iran. That agreement dictates that Russia step in should any western nation attack Iran's nuclear program.
When it is all added up, all you can say is, "Wow! Has someone been hit with a stupid-stick?" Lou Dobbs sure thought so.

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