Saturday, May 30, 2009

One of the Sad Realities of a Failing America

Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback, Michael Vick, was in the news again this week. In fact, he was in the news on an hourly basis as a crazed sports world took note of his every move after being released from Leavenworth Federal Prison. Vick was in prison after being convicted on aiding and funding illegal dog fighting, a felony crime. Dogs died. Yes, that is sad, cruel, and should be punishable by prison.

However, there is a sad reality behind the story, and here it is. It is illegal to kill a dog in America. Did you hear it? It is illegal to KILL A DOG in the United States of America. If you kill a dog, or abuse and animal, you WILL go to prison! PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has fronted a campaign that uses all means to make sure animals are protected, even using the Michael Vick conviction to raise millions of dollars. But get is not illegal to kill a baby. You will not go to prison by aborting a baby. It is not a crime. It is encouraged. It is taught. It is now funded in most states. The USA funds abortions in other countries. Most PETA activists are proponents of a woman's right to kill her baby. You can kill a baby in America, but you had better not kill a dog!

Jesus said that in the last days, "the love of most will grow cold." How cold are our hearts when we live in a "Christian" nation and get rabidly upset over the death of a dog, while 60 million children have been aborted in the last thirty plus years? Is it any wonder we feel the hoof beats of the four horses of the apocalypse? They are thundering down on a nation that has turned its back on God. They are approaching the furious level of judgment on a country that is turning its back on God's covenant people. Yet, babies are still dying. At least the dogs are safe.
Jimmy Root Jr
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