Sunday, September 20, 2009

Obama Demotes Israel in his Priority List

President Obama again does the polar opposite of what he should be doing. In a sweeping move this week he reneged on an agreement put in place by the Bush Administration, that of developing a anti-missile shield to protect our Eastern European allies. Instead, our President has opted to place a sea-based missile shield for the protection of Israel and, of all places, Azerbaijan.
However, it now appears that Israel has been demoted on Obama's priority list. This makes any development of a defensive missile system highly unlikely, if not improbable. In a period of three days, our President has betrayed our Eastern European friends, made a promise to protect Israel, and then betrayed that promise.
The United Nations Security Council gathering looms on September 22nd. Obama will try his hand at chairing that meeting....imagine the rhetoric that will spew. Most of the substance he will bring to the table will be in the form of photo-ops. However, it seems that his main line of protecting and defending the Constitution, and our allies, will be to once again attempt to bargain away something of ours to the Russians in hopes they will help us out on the Iranian issue.
Friends, that help will not come. There are too many agreements already established between Russia and Iran. It is the Russians who have footed the bill for Iran's nuclear ambitions. It is Russia that has warned the world repeatedly that it will not support sanctions. Worse, both Medvedev and Putin have stated on multiple occasions that any military attack on Iran will be met by Russian wrath. Why? Partly because a full 40% of Russian Military Forces are Muslim. But we must also remember that God is beginning to set a hook.
It is our responsibility to continue to pray. How?
1. We are to pray for our leaders, whether we agree with them or not. That prayer should be for wisdom and spiritual awakening so that we can leave Godly and peaceful lives.
2. We must be praying for both the Jews, and the Muslims. It will only be a spiritual awakening to the claims of Jesus Messiah that will actually transform lives.
3. As Jerusalem, according the the Bible, is the center of the world, we must be praying for its peace. That doesn't mean we reject the Palestinian Arabs. It simply means we must pray for Divine protection.
4. The prophecies of at least two rounds of attack against Israel (see earlier blogs) are marching toward fulfillment. Within the passage of Ezekiel 38 and 39 is an indication that the Lord will make himself known to the whole world as he defeats Israel's enemies. In other words, the greatest day of evangelism in the history of the Church is right before us. STAND STRONG PRAY HARD LIVE BOLDLY SPEAK THE TRUTH IN LOVE SHOW THE LOVE OF JESUS IN EVERYTHING YOU DO!.....
5. Watch and pray! Stay tuned without fear or foreboding.
Jimmy Root Jr
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