Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Middle East Could be at War Within a Month

Few have paid attention to events in Lebanon over the last few months, events that could end up being the spark that ignites the next war in the Middle East.
On trial are four, upper ecshelon commanders of Hezbollah for the 2006 assassination of Lebanon's West-leaning Prime Minister, Rafiq Hariri.
This trial, conducted by a UN appointed commission, is on the verge of indicting the accused, and that indictment could be handed down within a month.
Upon hearing such news, most shrug a shoulder and say, "good!" However, there is a twist. The Hezbollah has vowed a violent overthrow of the Lebanese government should such an indictment fall upon their leadership, and they have the power to follow through with the threat.
Lebanon has been in the middle of Israeli/Syrian tensions ever since the three nations were reborn in the 1940's.
But this time, if Lebanon finally loses its moderate to west leaning government to the violent, Jew hating terrorists of the Hezbollah, Israel will be forced to respond with overwhelming force.
Why? Because Israel IS the target!
Keep an eye on this little-publicized trial. It could ignite the powder keg that will lead to the Psalm 83...Inner Ring War.

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