Monday, November 29, 2010

Peace Talks are a Sham

It's all a sham, a scam, and a crying shame that our current leadership simply doesn't want to open their eyes to the truth.
In fact, our leadership over the last two decades attempted to create peace with the same blinders on.
First, it was Yasser Arafat--the hero, icon, and face of Palestine. HE WAS A TERRORIST. Not once did he negotiate in good faith. Never would he acknowledge Israel's right to exist. O, he would talk a good talk when in the Western media spotlight, but with his own people his talk was always on the destruction of Israel and the removal of all Jews from the Holy Land.
His organization....Fatah....continues the same.
The Fatah Revolutionary Council concluded its fifth convention in Ramallah over the weekend by declaring its refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. The Palestinians are opposed to any understandings between Israel and the US that could harm their interests, the council said.
As quoted in today's Jerusalem Post:
“The council affirms its rejection of the so-called Jewish state or any other formula that could achieve this goal,” said a statement issued by the council. The council also renews its refusal for the establishment of any racist state based on religion in accordance with international law and human rights conventions.”
Once again, the Palestinians have achieved their goal of clouding the issue of human rights, and the world listens.
Why do we not hear a cry for human rights every time a rocket is fired from Gaza into the civilian population of Israel? Where were the human rights activists when Palestinians were blowing themselves up on buses filled with Israeli Jews? Why is it a human rights violation for Israelis to build apartments in their capitol of Jerusalem? hmmm Why is our President, as was his predecessors, so blind to the truth?
One good thing....they are all fulfilling Bible prophecy without an awareness that they are doing so. Both Psalm 83 and the Ezekiel 38 and 39 prophecies clearly explain that the world will turn against Israel.
Peace talks notwithstanding, the world, by-in-large, is turning against Israel.
My question: Are you continuing to pray for the peace of Jerusalem?
I do hope you are.

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