Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tel Aviv Within Range of Iranian-bulit Missiles

This holiday, we truly have many things to be thankful for. We are still relatively free as a nation (the TSA outbreak notwithstanding), there is still food on the table, and Jesus is still alive and reigning; definite reasons for gratitude. But there is also a horizon before us that should make our hearts well up with joy...not fear...not apprehension.

An awareness of our times, clearly portrayed in the Bible, will take you through whatever comes our way. Depend on the Lord fully, without doubt, holding nothing back. Pray hard. Share often. Look to the needs of others. Do these things, and you will be fine.

NOW, an important article revealing our times.

Syrian, Hizballah's guided missiles defy Israel's aerial supremacy
DEBKAfile Special Report November 22, 2010

debkafile's military sources report: Syria and Hizballah now possess thousands of surface missiles from Iran with enhanced ranges of up to 300 kilometers and they are being outfitted by Iranian engineers with guidance systems. The new guided Fateh-110, M-600 and Scud D missiles hardware can pinpoint any part of Israel within a 10-meter radius in defiance of Israel's aerial and anti-missile capabilities, say Israeli and Western missile experts. Hizballah and Syria have been furnished by Iran with the means for fighting a new, far more comprehensive war.

All of Syria's chemical Scud C and D warheads have been converted into guided missiles, and so have the 1,000 Scud Ds kept in Syrian bases near the Lebanese border ready to push across to Hizballah in a military confrontation with Israel, which Hassan Nasrallah said ten days ago he would welcome.

During the three-week war of 2006, Hizballah launched 500 rockets a day - relying on sheer, terrifying numbers against populated areas, mostly in the North - to bring Israeli armed forces low.

A dozen a day of the guided, long-range weapons would do far more damage, say our military sources. Iran's allies would likely go for Greater Tel Aviv in order to sow demoralization in the most densely populated part of Israel and devastate its industrial and financial centers.

Earlier this month, Israel's Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gaby Ashkenazi, said it was possible that in the next war, large segments of the population would have to be evacuated from their homes.
Former head of the Israel Mission Defense Organization Uzi Rubin said recently: "The enemy has achieved aerial supremacy without even having aircraft." Iran's fully-guided Fateh-110 rocket would enable Hizballah and Syria to strike critical Israeli facilities with dozens rather than hundreds of rockets, he said.
Hizballah and Syria have 1,500 warheads that could strike the Tel Aviv area. "This is a revolution," said the missile expert.
debkafile's military sources note that Rubin did not mention Israel's missile and rocket defense systems, the Arrow, Iron Dome and David's Sling, as able to thwart the new Syrian and Hizballah guided weapons – for good reason. Those systems are not up to intercepting heavy hails of thousands of incoming missiles. Even if only scores reached their targets, the damage would be tremendous.

As for aerial strikes against launching sites, Hizballah has dismantled its missile bases and scattered the warheads widely apart in underground bunkers and natural caverns, from which they can be launched.

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