Saturday, December 11, 2010

Botch One Mission: So Let's Move to the Next

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, today announced the end of US efforts in the stalled Israeli/Palestinian peace negotiations, at least in the current track.
Remember that Obama stupidly (a word he has used, so I feel free to do likewise) raised the settlement freeze issue as being absolutely necessary for any positive movement in making peace. Of course, the Palestinians jumped on the error and based all negotiations on Israel freezing the settlements. Israel wisely refused to bow!
Thus, negotiations have stalled beyond repair....again. I say 'good for Israel' in not making another horrible concession.
One would have hoped that the Obama administration might have learned the simplest, and most singular rule in diplomatic negotiations. Never show your hand! In fact, rule #1 is to keep your mouth shut as an intermediary. Oops.
So, Obama is removing himself from Middle East meddling? NOPE
Now he (and Clinton) have decided to help Turkey and Israel restore their rift. Please say it isn't so! But nay, 'tis so. And how will they achieve such a reparation? According to Mrs. Clinton, the hope for Middle East will be focused in helping Iran realize that Russia and China really would like to do the refining of Iran's uranium.
Yep, that's it! Forget attempting to prevent Iran from becoming nuclear. No, let's offer a deal.
"Hey, Mahmoud buddy, look, we'll refine your uranium for you if you'll just use it to power your electrical plants. Shoot, pal, we'll even pay for it. Why don't you talk with my girl Hillary. You two can work it out while I continue splitting the democratic party, all nationalities within the confines of the United States, and one ally from another though our wikileaks leaks. Hey, then I'll take a vacation."
For the good of the known world, PLEASE Mr. President, take an extended vacation that lasts until 2012!
And that, my friend, is my opinion.
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