Monday, December 20, 2010

Startling Poll in Jordan Show Sympathy Toward Hezbollah

Alarming Support for Shi'a Radicalism Found in Sunni Dominated Jordan
For months, the Psalm 83 prophecy of a war between Israel and its immediate neighbors has been growing every wider in our view screen. Companion verses in Isaiah 17, Ezekiel 25, and Jeremiah 12 clearly state who these neighbors are according to the people groups that inhabited these particular tracts of land. Here is what we know: Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Gaza, and parts of Saudi Arabia and Egypt, will be the attackers. God said in Ezekiel 25 that these nations will be destroyed, "by the hand of my people Israel."
Over the last year and a half we have seen all the pieces fall into place, with only one exception. Lebanon is now dominated by the Israeli-hating, Iranian-commanded Hezbollah. Gaza is controlled completely by radical Hamas. The Egyptian Negev is the home of the Islamic Brotherhood, as is the western desert of Saudi Arabia. We know Syria will pounce on Israel at the first opportunity.
The one hold out has been Jordan. Jordan is populated by mostly Sunni Muslims that are opposed to Shi'a radicalism. They are the more moderate form of Islam, as was Saddam Hussein. (I am not the one who decides which group is moderate or radical.) However, a new poll reveals a startling turn in Jordanian public opinion when it comes to Hezbollah and Hamas. I believe the research shows that although the Jordanian government is moderate, its people are becoming quite sympathetic to the radical organizations that want to destroy Israel.
This from the Jerusalem Post
"The Pew poll on public attitudes toward Islamism in Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey shows that the radical Islamist side is winning.
"In Jordan, for example, 55 percent say they like Hizbullah (against 43% negative) while 60% are favorable (compared to 34% negative) toward Hamas. Yet this is even more impressive than the figures indicate. Jordan is a staunchly Sunni country whose government opposes the ambitions of Iran and Syria.

"Hizbullah is a Shi’ite group which also is an agent of Iran and Syria. For a majority to praise that organization – conscious of strong government disapproval – is phenomenal."

I am going so far as to suggest that all the pieces for the Psalm 83 Inner Ring War are in place. All that is needed is a spark for the fire to begin.
In the meantime as we focus on Christmas, remember that the only hope is found in a personal relationship with Messiah Yeshua, Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Pray harder than ever that both Jews and Muslims will find him before the prophesied cataclysms take place.

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