Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Iranian Yellow Cake.... .Not for Public Consumption!

The Iranian government announced yesterday that it had completed production of its first batch of yellow cake, refined uranium needed in constructing a nuclear weapon. Intelligence experts are now saying that Iran is as close as TWO WEEKS away from refining that yellow cake to the 90% purity needed for the bomb.
So far, no word is coming out of Washington or Jerusalem, but this is a major step forward in Iran's program to terrorize the world.
Debkafile is also making a bold statement concerning Barack Obama's ridiculous sanctions, stating;
"It turns out, according to our sources, that the sanctions the UN, US and other nations had clamped down on Iran this year acted as a sharp spur to its nuclear progress rather than slowing it down."

If Iran is allowed to produce nuclear weapons, it really isn't going to matter how long the Bush Tax Cuts are in place. We are talking the necessity of a preemptive strike to avert an Iranian strike against Israel. At the very least, Iran will use such weapons as a tool for blackmail and terror. (I deal with this scenario in "Distant Thunder" and "Magog Rising.") At that point, the entire world will be reacting, and it will surface first in the international markets.

Yes, we are living in perilous times....and the peril is growing. BUT.....We are also the generation that will witness the coming of the KING!

How are you preparing? I suggest you pray more for your neighbor. Be more generous than ever. (It will come back to you pressed down, etc.) Tell more people about the life-change you experience through Jesus Messiah. Keep looking up. Your redemption is on the fast track!

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