Friday, September 24, 2010

Mountains Out of Molehills

So the issue is settlements...Jewish settlements on Jewish land, on the outskirts of the Jewish capital city.
The real issues continue to be sidestepped, i.e. Arab intolerance of Israel's existence...Iranian meddling in all affairs Middle Eastern...Iran's rush for nuclear arms...Palestinian propensity to give up its sons, daughters, and mothers as suicide bombers if given the opportunity.
Now, King Abdullah of Jordan, has narrowed the parameters of what it will take to launch the next round of war with Israel. Abdullah, though a true moderate and quasi friend of the West, is right.
Read on and again see that one of the two participants in the current peace discussions does not want peace at all.

Abdullah: If freeze issue not settled, war may follow
By JPOST.COM STAFF 09/24/2010
Jordan's King Abdullah warned Thursday that if the issue of the building moratorium in West Bank settlements was not solved a regional war could break out by the end of the year. King Abdullah's comments came in an interview with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. "If we fail on the 30th [of September], expect another war by the end of the year. And more wars in the region over the coming years," Abdullah said.
Abdullah said he feared that dealing with the settlements rather than focusing on the core issues would doom the peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians to failure. "If the issue of settlements are still at the table on 30th, then everybody walks away. If they do, how are we going to get people back in the near future. I don't see that happening," Abdullah said. "We are at a defining crossroads of whether we are going to go down in the abyss or not."
The Jordanian leader praised Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for their seriousness at trying to arrive at a peace agreement. He hinted at his displeasure with Iran involving itself in the Middle East peace process, stating that the Palestinian issue had been "hijacked" by some non-Arab elements that were preventing moderate elements from voicing their opinion. He expressed his belief that a resolution to the conflict would end Iran's involvement in the issue.

Don't hold your breath that Iran is going to end its involvement anytime soon. In fact, go back and read Ezekiel 38 and 38...Persia is Iran.

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