Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Who Lost Turkey?

Carolyn Glick poses an important questions in today's Jerusalem Post. Who Lost Turkey?
Here's how she begins:

"You have to hand it to Turkey’s Islamist leaders. They sure know how to get their way. In the seven years since they first took power, the Islamist AKP party has successfully transformed Turkey from a staunch ally of the US and Israel and a member of NATO into a staunch ally of Iran and a member of NATO.And that’s not all. Turkey’s Islamist leaders have used the Western language of democracy and freedom not only to abandon the West. They have used that language to destroy the foundations of Turkey’s Western-style secular democracy and transform the governing system of NATO’s sole Muslim member into a hybrid of Putinist autocracy and Iranian theocracy.
On September 12, the AKP took an enormous step toward consolidating its achievements and expanding its power. The Islamist regime won a national plebiscite on constitutional amendments that remove the remaining obstacles to its absolute power.
As a National Review reader noted, the vote was a mockery of democracy. It was held at the end of Ramadan during which the AKP provided 30 consecutive free post- Ramadan fast dinners to voters in key voting districts."
The question is valid, yet it misses the mark. Of course, the mark I speak of is Biblical Prophecy. As Islam pushes forward around the world, bringing deception and bondage, God is also at work bringing about his purposes. It was written long ago that Turkey (Gomer and Togarmah in Ezekiel 38) would join forces with Persia (Iran). No diplomatic effort, no NATO unity, no Western slight of hand could have prevented this coalition. And no amount of diplomacy, direct negotiations, or an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities will keep the Ezekiel 38 and 39 prophecies from coming to pass. As easy as it might be to lay blame for losing Turkey, one must simply remember; "It is written!"

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