Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Game of the Diplomatic Waggle

"Waggle" is just another word to describe the eternal BABBLE that is going on in the Holy Land....namely, that it's all Israel's fault, if Israel only makes a few more concessions we'll come to the peace table, etc, etc, etc, waggle waggle waggle.
It is painfully obvious that the Palestinian leadership has no interest in pursuing peace. The pursuit is for total control of all the land that was deeded to Abraham. Until the descendants of Ishmael are recognized as the rightful heir of the Patriarch, no peace will be established with Isaac the usurper. Thus, the end run. Rather than re-approach the negotiating table where Israel awaits with yet more concessions, the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, makes a run to the European Union...starting with Sweden. Of course, those ignorant of the greater issues of religion that are intertwined in the strife will proceed on the basis of a humanistic logic that states that opposing people groups can actually get along. The problem is that logic has never held true for any length of time. Even in the great melting pot of the United States we are beginning to see the effects of multi-culturalism and the end result of ethnic division. In fact, ethnic diversity is just another way of saying ethnic boundaries. Boundaries demand defense. Encroachment of the boundaries means WAR.
So what does the EU do with its vast humanistic wisdom? It calls for the division of Jerusalem into two distinct capitals, meaning a greater portion of the land must be divided to satisfy the national rights of the Palestinians. That might be fine and good if the Palestinians had any other foundational priority than the complete annihilation of the Jews and the State of Israel. As it is, dividing the land and the city of Jerusalem will only lead to further, and greater attacks on the right of Israel to exist. Now that the EU has climbed on board with Barack Obama in calling for a contiguous Palestinian State, there really isn't much point for the Palestinian leadership to sit down and smoke a peace pipe with their mortal enemy.

There is no doubt in my mind that war is just around the corner. The Hizbollah, on the Lebanese border, have rearmed themselves with nearly 50,000 Syrian/Iranian rockets and America-provided military hardware. Hamas is not only in control of the Gaza Strip, but have gained a foothold in the West Bank, and they are now locked and loaded with at least the same number of rockets as Hizbollah. Syria and Iran are as kissy-face as two contries can be, and Jordan is quickly falling into a no-win situation in its moderate stance toward Israel. Iran is "this close" (pinch your thumb and forefinger together) to completing its quest for developing a nuclear bomb. Israel is the same hair's breadth away from an obligatory strike against Iran. Time is running out! Why? Russia has promised Iran its new S300 Anti-aircraft missile system that is impenetrable to anything but stealthy aircraft. That delivery will soon happen, and when it does, the door will be closed to an Israeli strike without American help. (Note: The US has refused Israeli requests to purchase the FA-18 stealth fighter.) Do you really think Barack Obama is going to commit to an attack against Iran? Didn't think so.
Again, time is running out. That means we must be about our Father's business NOW!. Then, when this thing breaks out, be ready to share Christ like never before. People will be open simply because the world will be immersed in chaos and terror. You have the answer!
Jimmy Root Jr
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