Saturday, December 5, 2009

Will Obama's Strategy Work?

There can be no doubt, the mouth of Barack Obama is golden. He can deliver a speech with the perfect tonal baritone, eyes that portray wisdom and assurance, and just enough curl on the corners of his lips to demonstrate a confident cockiness. The problem is if anything substantive passes his lips during a speech, odds are the words are detrimental to American interests.
The current debate on the airwaves is over the President's Afghanistan policy. It is a policy that delivers 75% of the "on-the-ground" commander's request of 40,000 new troops. Obama's rhetoric declared a new surge against the forces of Al-Qaeda, yet also gave the date in which we would put down our toys and head for home. (An impossibility that could only have been delivered to satisfy a cook-leftwing base of blooming idiots!) Will the strategy work? That is the question.
Warning!!! The following is my opinion and should not be swallowed without at least 8 ounces of water first thing in the morning. Maybe some sugar! The answer? NO! But not because the President is obviously out of his league in international strategy. Not because he is more afraid of committing troops than he is committing fraud on the American people (i.e. a new stimulus package he will unveil this weekend while everyone is still talking about Tiger's Transgressions.) It is certainly not because the Taliban are better fighters with better equipment and training. His strategy will not work because Barack Obama is NOT IN CHARGE. Yes, you heard it. The Neophyte in Chief is not in charge. (Neither are the secret societies, the media, congress, Bill and Hillary, or the leftwing cooks.)
Only a fool denies in his heart that there is no God. If God is God, then God must be in complete control. Otherwise he would not be God. Okay, a short foray into deep thought was necessary, but it is true. God even pre-wrote the future through his prophets so that men would gain a real grasp on reality even though they have denied the existence of a supremely superior being.
Obama's policies will not work, but not because of his extremely wrong worldview. The only possible way any foreign policy can work is if it would line up completely with God's design as revealed in scripture. That means a total alignment with the nation of Israel, God's covenant people, and the implementation of national principle based on the solid rock of the scriptures. But alas, not even the Christian Church of America (as a whole) carries a Biblical Worldview.
So, in the final analysis: Barack Obama's strategy is meaningless, except for the American blood that will be shed in his ridiculous 75% push in Afghanistan. My advice is to turn your eyes to the Word of God and to the Son, Jesus Christ as quickly and as often as you possibly can. Other than the above mentioned foolishness, it is a wonderful day to be alive and serving the real King!
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