Friday, December 18, 2009

Counterparts and Confusion

Although we look toward the arrival of Christmas day as a way of celebrating the Lord's deliverance of humanity from the death of sin, the Jews are in the final few days of their celebration of Chanukka (Hanukkah) in which the remember the deliverance brought about by the Maccabees against the strong hand of the Syrians.
I have been intrigued to read various Jewish perspectives on this week of celebration and have come to the conclusion that many Israelis are operating in confusion. The reason for this comes from a deep sense of contradiction. In their minds, they celebrate their freedom, yet many see the plight of the Palestinians as mirroring their own Jewish history. How can true freedom be celebrated while an entire people are held in subjugation? I even found an article that condemned the Israeli government for using an overbearing iron fist while being ripe with corruption. That was from an Israeli citizen. Why the confusion in the face of nearing calamity at the hands of Israel's multiple enemies?
I submit that these Jews are suffering from spiritual bi-polarisim. They are attempting to maintain the freedom to exist, but have not discovered the existence of true freedom. I speak of the freedom provided by the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Yeshua, not the temporary freedom and cleansing of the temple gained by the Maccabees. Only Jesus offered the cleansing of the inner temple, the spirit of the person. Only Jesus offered the transformation from death to life. Only Jesus provides the hope of deliverance. What both the Jews and the Palestinians seek is LIFE.
As you celebrate your way through this Christmas season, remember to pray for those who are still in bondage. Pray for Jews, Muslims, Africans, Irish, Russians, Chinese, and everyone in between. Pray for your neighbor across the street. Pray for a fresh arrival of freedom.
NOW for a bit of NEWS.
New Centrifuges Developed
(From today's Jerusalem Post)
Iran has found a way to get around whatever sanctions are in place and import the necessary parts to develop faster centrifuges for the enriching of uranium. The fact that Iran continues to defy the international community should come as no surprise. However, there seems to be an urgency attached to Iran's mission to construct nuclear weapons. Why? Could it be that Muslim's bent to the Shi'a interpretation of the Koran are sensing (by way of the demonic delusion behind it) the return of the Mahdi in the same way that we who believe in the Rapture of the Church somehow sense the sounding of the trumpet is drawing near?
The scriptures tell us that Lucifer understands his time is short. He knows what is coming. His mission of opposing God is taking on an urgency never before witnessed in the the cosmos. For my part, I'm so very glad I am, only by the grace of God, on the side that has already achieved the victory over the enemy. That is cause for celebration!
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