Monday, February 22, 2010

And the BEAT Goes On

The drumbeat never ends. Form a Palestinian State by any means. Take and security from Israel. Don't make the Palestinians throw out the terrorists!
Am I against the Palestinians? By no means. I'm against the mindset of those who control them...the mindset that says Israel must be driven into the sea, the mindset that claims Israel does not want peace when it has made concession after concession after concession. What has Israel received in return? More demands....and lots of rockets launched into civilian populations. If they hadn't constructed a wall between Israel and the West Bank, suicide bombers would still be doing their thing!
"Will there eventually be a dividing of the land?" you ask. YES! You can read about it in Joel chapter 3. How will it end? Armageddon! READ ON

Sarkozy, Abbas urge rapid renewal of Mideast peace talks

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, called Monday for the rapid resumption of negotiations that will lead to a Palestinian state. Following a meeting of the two leaders in Paris, Sarkozy said that he would work for the creation of "a modern, viable Palestinian state" which, like Israel, would have Jerusalem as its capital and which would be drawn up according to the borders of 1967. In addition, any solution to the Mideast crisis must also include a discussion on the fate of the Palestinian refugees, the French president said.

The created Palestinian state must be "modern, viable, democratic," Sarkozy added. However, he played down a proposal by his Foreign Minister, Bernard Kouchner, who said in a weekend interview that "one could envisage the rapid proclamation of a Palestinian state and its immediate recognition by the international community." Such a move, said Sarkozy, would be impractical without internationally-recognized borders. "We have always said we want a viable Palestinian state," he said. Abbas said a unilateral declaration of statehood would be undertaken only "in accordance with European nations and the United States." Abbas also said that it was important to overcome the rift between his government and the Hamas leadership in the Gaza Strip, and that the only way out of the rift would be democratic elections. Sarkozy said he would discuss the situation in the Mideast with US President Barack Obama at the end of March, when he and his wife, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, travel to Washington on a state visit. "We are working hand in hand with the Americans, he said.

What bothers me most is how the West continues to believe that the resolution of the Palestinian issue will intice Iran to back off it's intention to become a nuclear state. Forgive me, but the Palestinian issue is only an excuse. Iran will do what it will do because the Jews possess the land that Muslims occupied for a period of time. According to the Koran, taking back the land that they claim as belonging to Ishmael qualifies as JIHAD. That's my take on the situation. Take it or take it not, that is the question.

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