Tuesday, February 2, 2010

King Abdullah Calls for more Obama Involvement...YIKES

In the last few blogs I warned of the headache Israel would experience as President Obama's socialist agenda in the US hit the Scot Brown roadblock. Problems here mean more meddling in the Middle East in order to "save face" with his megalomaniac self perception. Unfortunately, those who desire to see Israel diminshed also understand how to tweak the President into action that is favorable to Arab nations. The following article is further proof of the sweet talk coming Obama's way. He sucks it all in as if he is the most important man in the world. The problem is this...HE is the most important man in the world. It's too bad he is on the wrong side of just about everything freedom stands for.
Note: Did anyone notice in the State of the Union address that the President mentioned the important nations that had helped in Haiti, yet DID NOT MENTION ISRAEL...which, second only to the USA, has given more support in rescue teams, field hospitals, and money? Some say there is paranoia about Obama's perceived anti-semitism. Well, I'M NOT PARANOID!

From Ynet News
Jordan king urges more peace efforts from Obama
US president phones King Abdullah II to discuss efforts to 'overcome obstacles' facing launch of Palestinian-Israeli peace talks

US President Barack Obama telephoned Jordan's King Abdullah II to discuss efforts to "overcome obstacles" facing the launch of Palestinian-Israeli peace talks, the palace said.

"The two leaders discussed Middle East developments, mainly efforts aimed at overcoming obstacles facing the launch of serious and effective Palestinian-Israeli negotiations in line with a two-state solution," a palace statement said.

It quoted the king as telling Obama that the United States "plays a key role in resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which is a priority to achieve a comprehensive peace in the Middle East."

"Efforts must be intensified to launch negotiations that would lead to a two-state solution, which enjoys an international consensus," the king said.

In Washington, the White House said Obama "expressed his appreciation for Jordan's staunch support for a two-state solution and comprehensive peace in the region, and told the King he considers Jordan to be an integral partner of the United States."

The United States has been trying for months to re-launch peace talks, but the Palestinians are demanding that Israel halts all settlement growth in the West Bank and east Jerusalem as a pre-condition for negotiations.

The White House pledged on Friday to push "hard" for the talks in 2010, acknowledging it was a "major disappointment" that Obama's administration was unable to jump-start negotiations in its first year.

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