Monday, February 15, 2010

A Fundamental Misunderstanding of the Issue

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warns: "US will not stand by while Iran pursues nuclear program."

Clinton said Monday that Iran is becoming a military dictatorship, a new US accusation in the midst of rising tensions with Iran over its nuclear ambitions and crack down on anti-government protesters. Speaking to Arab students at Carnegie Mellon's Doha campus, Clinton said Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps appears to have gained so much power that it effectively is supplanting the government." Iran is moving toward a military dictatorship," she said. "That is our view."
On the surface, Clinton's assessment is understandable. The problem is she is developing that assessment by mistakenly assuming that Iran's government is bases on a democratic, freely elected system similar to ours. It is not, nor has it ever been. This is the flaw in the Obama/Clinton way of viewing US policy toward Iran. They mistakenly believe that there is a separation between civilian leadership and military hierarchy. This is wrong!
Iran suffers from a RADICALIZED religious dictatorship that not only controls the major elements of the government and the Iranian media, but also controls the military. Radicalism permeates the system, from Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, all the way to the lowly private goosestepping his way down the streets of Iran on Revolution Day. The military's assumption of power is being purposefully guided by Khamenei, the Imams, and Ahmadinejad in order to squelch the protests of those who truly seek a free society...a group that Obama has refused to bolster!
What are the goals of Iran's Radicalized Religious government?
1. The forced Islamification of the planet.
Jewish expert, Dore Gold said this; Iran's crossing the nuclear threshold and acquiring nuclear weapons will have global implications that have unfortunately not been fully recognized. This will not be another case like that of Pakistan or North Korea. The Islamic Republic is truly a revolutionary regime that wants to re-shape not only the Middle East but world politics as a whole. In this spirit, General Jafari, commander of the Revolutionary Gaurd, told his officers in 2008: "Our Imam did not limit the movement of the Islamic Revolution to this country, but drew greater horizons."
2. The removal of the Great Satan (the USA)
Will Iran transfer its nuclear weapons to terrorist groups? Of course! In 1983, when Iran ordered the attack on the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut, its operatives created the largest non-nuclear explosion that had ever been detonated on the face of the Earth. Tehran was determined to evict the U.S. from Lebanon to consolidate its control. Today, Iran is showing no reluctance to transfer to its terrorist arm, Hezbollah, nor is it reticent in its establishment of relations with rogue states like Venezuela. If Iran develops nuclear weapons, you can be sure it will develop Hezbollah-like groups in places like Venezuela and El Salvador. Hugo Chavez is salivating for the opportunity.
3. The restoration of the Holy Land into the hands of Muslims by destroying the State of Israel!
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei once told the former Spanish prime minister, Jose Maria Aznar, in a private audience in 2001 that it was Iran's goal "to set Israel on fire." This was not rhetoric for public consumption. It was stated years before when President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made his declarations to the same effect. This drumbeat continues. Yesterday, Ahmadinejad said Israel was on the verge of "annihilation".
4. If the above cannot be done by current means, a cataclysmic war will be instigated in order to usher in the ultimate conqueror, the Mahdi.
In fact, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is convinced this is his calling. He is the Islamic forerunner to messiah much like John the Baptist was for Jesus. The only difference? John baptized with water. Ahmadinejad wants to baptize with radioactive fire.
The approach of the Obama Administration to seek multi-lateral sanctions against Iran will not work! It hasn't worked to convert Cuba into a democratic republic, it certainly will not work for those who see suffering and martyrdom as points of merit for eternal reward. What Iran should be seeing is unified strength...and a military strike or two coming from the West. What Iran wants is a continued limp-wristed response (from Hillary of course), and a unilateral military strike against its facilities by Israel. Then, Caddie-bar-the door!
Nothing like backing ourselves into a mess! However, always remember that God is orchestrating these events! His purpose is much bigger than that of the nutjob in Iran.

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