Friday, February 19, 2010

These Baseless Accusations Against Peace-Loving Iran Must Stop! Yeah, Right!

Please Take NOTE: The blog title has a hint of sarcasm!
As you are surely aware of by now, the International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA, has finally decided that Iran IS doing everything it can to develop nuclear weapons and may actually be building a bomb right now.
Do ya s'pose? (Again, that was misspelled sarcasm.) And, of course, the Obama administration (not sarcasm) immediately reiterated the need for stepped up efforts to apply harsh sanctions. Again I ask.........NORTH KOREA? How'd that work for ya? (With Sarah Palin's accent.)
If that isn't enough to increase your jocularity, try this one.
The supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said this in response to the IAEA report....
"The West's accusations are baseless because our religious beliefs bar us from using such weapons ... we do not believe in atomic weapons and are not seeking that."

The most difficult thing to swallow will be how the Obama administration will probably take the good Ayatollah at his word! Which one of the two is the greater fool?

What to be watching for:
1. Remarks that downplay the situation on the part of the White House
2. Little reaction from Israel.....which in my opinion would indicate that the Israelis have made the decision to pursue sanctions at the pointed end of a bomb.
3. Russia acting all incensed, but only slapping Iran's radioactive hands. After all, it is their money, their scientists, and their prompting that has put the world in this situation.
4. Further moves by Iran to act like they are ready to comply with international demands, particularly setting dates for inspections. They are simply buying time.
5. Look up, Jesus may shout for your quick exit from the planet anytime now. But if not, keep occupying hearts and minds with the gospel until he comes.

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