Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A New Pharoah On the Horizon?

Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak arrived in Paris Tuesday, July 21, for talks with French president Nicolas Sarkozy and prime minister Francois Fillon, billed officially as focusing on the Middle East and the outcome of the July 8 G8 summit. However, those talks did not yield the usual joint statements and it is being reported that the meetings were staged as a front for Mubarak's admittance to a Paris hospital for tests and a surgical procedure later this week.
The Egyptian media have been reporting that the event was to precede surgery for a chronic back condition. However, it is also rumored that his health appears to be worse than Mubarak's aides are admitting.
This begs the question: With Mubarak leading Egypt in the position of a moderate for nearly three decades, how radical would a new Egyptian dictatorship be? In Mubarak's 28 years of leadership, the Anwar Sadat-created ties with Israel have been maintained, strained at times, but maintained. Because of that fact, Mubarak has had to quell multiple attempts by Islamic Radicals who have threatened his life and his administration. Iran has inserted itself more and more into the internal politics of Egypt and the radical wing has gotten to the point of being ready to overthrow moderates. What would happen if Mubarak's condition led to his death? He is 81 years old and, even without a critical illness, Mubarak's departure is on the horizon.
One thing is certain Biblically. The landscape of moderate ties to Israel needs to change for Egypt. It is inevitable that radical Islamists will take over and join an Arab coalition bent on the destruction of the Jews. Psalm 83 lists the peoples of Egypt, the Hagrites, as being part of the attackers of God's people. God will not allow it. Isaiah 19 elaborates that after Israel has been regathered from the nations (Isaiah 14) Egpyt will suffer an internal war and be overthrown. It is all written.
The question is, how soon will these things take place? We've seen over and over again that nations can be raised or displaced in a day. That too is written. (Isaiah 66:8)
In my prophetic fiction thriller, Distant Thunder, I created a scenario in which terrorists trigger massive and horrific events in just a matter of days. I believe just about anything can happen at any time when you are talking about the Middle East. Look up.........!
Jimmy Root Jr.
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