Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Not Even the Palestinians Can Agree

The headlong rush to force PEACE at any cost on Israel by Barack Obama and the European Union has it a snag. Or perhaps the snag is just now being made public. The fact is, not even the Palestinians can agree on the terms of peace and statehood.

The West Bank is led by 'Fatah,' the moderate political arm of the Palestinians who have sat down on multiple occasions to negotiate with the Israelis. The seem to truly desire peace, but their major platform is for the 'right of return' for displaced Arabs. Knowing that any Arab anywhere can claim the right of return, Benjamin Netanyahu forcefully rejects the notion. It is a massive security risk.

The Gaza Strip is controlled (Democratically elected) by Hamas, the arm of radical Islam in Palestine. Their only reason for being is to push Israel into the sea. They also seek to violently displace 'Fatah' as Mahmoud Abbas is an anathema due to his dealings with Israel. Suddenly, Hosni Mubarak has a plan to bring about joint rule between Fatah and Hamas....equal partnership....equal power....equal everything. Both sides reacted harshly. This from today's Debka Files.

The conversation ended with Abbas throwing back in Mubarak's face the proposals Cairo drafted after an Egyptian intelligence delegation made the rounds of Tel Aviv, Damascus and Ramallah last week.

According to our sources, Cairo informed all the concerned parties that it had given up on Palestinian reconciliation and a power-sharing deal for reuniting the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The Egyptian plan - as presented to Israel, Syria and the Palestinian Authority – was to form two security commissions to supervise Palestinian security and intelligence forces in the West Bank and Gaza Strip respectively and represent the Palestinians in diplomacy with the Americans and the Israelis.

The West Bank commission would have three Fatah members and one Hamas member, while the Gazan commission would have 3 Hamas and one Fatah member, so representing their respective strength in the two entities.

Cairo also proposed creating a new 3,000-strong Palestinian security service with a half-and-half Fatah-Hamas membership to assume responsibility for and reopen the Gaza Strip crossings, thus lifting the Israeli blockade on the territory.

But the Palestinian leader Abbas sharply rejected the plan, accusing Egyptian leaders of "perpetuating the Ismail Haniyeh regime" in Gaza. "Don't even think of presenting this plan to President Obama," he said.

Abbas' extreme antagonism to the last of many Egyptian

The telling phrase was, "Don't even think of presenting this plan to President Obama." Why? Could it be that Obama's partners in forcing peace on Israel are naive enough to jump at anything that looks like it might establish a legacy? Does our President have an innate inability to see chaos? Is it possible that chaos follows in the wake of our supreme leader? Maybe it's all of the above. One thing is certain, the Palestinian issue is extremely complicated and will not be solved by some glib attempt to put a signature on a document.

The fact remains: God really is in control of what is happening. He continues to set the geo-political landscape while patiently calling people everywhere to turn from self-worship and follow the only true Prince of Peace. Look up! Redemption is coming. (So is the Rapture!)
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