Monday, July 13, 2009

Did Netanyahu Snap?

A report has broken out concerning Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meeting with Germany's Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier. While it was a closed meeting there are rumors that the two men had a slight falling out. Allegedly Steinmeier, like Obama and other European leaders, pushed Netanyahu on the settlements issue and their demand that all natural settlement growth cease. Netanyahu's alleged response was somewhat undiplomatic. He supposedly said, " "Judea and Samaria cannot be judenrein." Evidently a brief firestorm ensued, and liberals in Israel immediately began passing the word that Netanyahu had snapped, lost his mind.
Netanyahu's choice of words sends us back to the Nazi era. Netanyahu was saying that the West Bank will not be a place ethnically cleansed of Jews. For arguments sake let's accept the report. If so, are the critics right that he was undiplomatic -- he overreacted--he snapped? It seems that when a representative of the Jewish people sets politics aside and defends his own people he is guilty of being out of line. Maybe Netanyahu decided to push back against the constant pressure by the Germans, The French, the whole of the European Union, and the Americans. Since taking office, they have treated him and Israel as squatters, second class world citizens, and a vassal state. (Pick your own description.) They clearly feel that Israel needs to have a finger wagged in its face. They feel that the future of the capital of Israel, Jerusalem, should be decided by them and not the people of Israel. They feel that hundreds of thousands of Jews in Judea and Samaria should be transplanted somewhere else. The problem is they not only feel these things deeply, (As is the way of those who live by emotions rather than by a moral foundation) they are determined to make their feelings reality. If Netanyahu used this language we say, Bravo.
Finally, there is an Israeli Prime Minister who is willing to stand up and fight for the State of Israel. Netanyahu is a linguist who knows the power of words. He knows that showing any signs of weakness will only lead the Germans and Obama to keep on pushing back. Netanyahu should be praised for saying that the State of Israel will not be party to expelling Jews from their legal homes. Sharon/Olmert/Livni did that and we watched synagogues burned to the ground by Palestinians and Jews forcefully ejected from their homes. And in that vacuum, terrorism steps in, being lead by Hamas. It appears that is not about to happen again anytime soon.
The sound of distant thunder is on the horizon. Though we stand up and cheer for Netanyahu and his 'snap,' the world will not react favorably to his words. They see themselves as the bank of all the world's wisdom and will, in their smug lecturing begin to form up to force the Palestinian issue. Keep an eye on the reactions that are soon to come, especially in regards to Gog and Magog. Bible Prophecy is being fulfilled at an amazing pace.
Jimmy Root Jr
The Lightning Chronicles

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