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Turkey Getting Cold Feet About Joining the EU

I have been encouraging you to keep your eyes on Turkey as the prophetic clock winds down to mid-night, and the signs are beginning to stack up. Ever since the election of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogon, a radicalized Muslim, Turkey has been turning away from its traditional alliances. Israel's incursion into the Gaza Strip in October of 2008 only encouraged that turn. Others are seeing the process speed up. The following is an example.

Gog-Magog: Turkey losing interest in the EU
by Michael G. Mickey

In recent weeks I've dedicated a number of commentaries (links provided below) to the prophesied battle of Gog-Magog described in Ezekiel 38-39, particularly on the topic of the nation of Turkey's future role in it which is in direct opposition to its current standing as an ally of the West and a member of NATO. The latest news demonstrating we're on our way to prophetic fulfillment? It appears that Turkey is losing interest in its efforts to become a member of the European Union and looking for friendship elsewhere, specifically strengthening its ties to some future Gog-Magog allies!
Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin:
After years of being refused entry into the European Union, Turkey is losing interest and is looking eastward where it has many friends. And it is seeking to reassert the influence it once held in traditionally Turkic countries, according to a report in Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.Formally, Ankara remains committed to joining the EU, but the idea of joining has lost much of its appeal after years of rejection and additional European demands to repeatedly prove that it is worthy.In the same commentary it is noted that Turkey "has made efforts to develop better relations with Arab states and such other countries as Russia, Syria and Iraq – and even Armenia, a traditional foe."
Along with the above, is reporting, in part:
"Turkey on Tuesday opened another chapter in its long and torturous quest to join the European Union, urging its future partners to drop political considerations and "play the game by its rules"."
Turkey's frustration with the EU is becoming more and more apparent and when we couple that with the above, examining these current news stories through the lens of bible prophecy, it's a sight to behold if ever there was one.
Turkey's FutureWhich nations does Ezekiel 38-39 tell us Turkey will engage in a surprise attack on Israel we commonly refer to as the battle of Gog-Magog alongside?
Magog - Most agree this is a reference to Russia.
Meshech - Most associate this with modern day Turkey, ancient Anatolia, but some say it refers to the Moscow area.
Tubal - Most associate this with modern day Turkey, ancient Anatolia.
Persia - modern Iran
Gomer - eastern Europe or Turkey
Togarmah - southeastern Europe or Turkey
Make no mistake about it, Christians, the prophetic stage is being set for fulfillment before our very eyes. Not only that, let's remember that Gog-Magog is a last days event according to Ezekiel 38:8.Additional item of interestStirring the hornet's nest in Turkey-EU relations,
The Telegraph is reporting that French president Nicolas Sarkozy, in a recent major policy speech, said the Islamic burqa "will not be welcome on the territory of the French republic." This, I imagine, is probably not sitting well with Turkey's mostly Muslim population.In response to Sarkozy's speech, Al Qaeda's North Africa wing has threatened France with attack, according to YnetNews which quoted the terrorist group as stating:
"We will take revenge for the honor of our daughters and sisters against France and against its interests by every means at our disposal."Should France, a nation already openly opposed to Turkey gaining full membership in the European Union, become the victim of an Al Qaeda terrorist attack of any significance, current tensions between Ankara and the EU may reach the boiling point at a time like this when Turkey's leadership is likely already suspicious that the biggest obstacle they face in becoming a full member of the EU is the religion of the majority of its people, something for us to bear in mind as we watch God's prophetic scenario unfolding in the news of our world today.Keep hoping for the blessed hopeKeep looking up, faithful Church! There is more reason for us to hope for the return of Jesus Christ to occur in our lifetimes than any generation before us, both as a result of the natural passage of time and current conditions in our world that place the fulfillment of end times prophecy within view on the prophetic horizon.
Remember what Turkey represents in Biblically prophetic terms. In Ezekiel 38-39, two particular names are listed, names of Jepeth's sons who migrated to the land that is comprised of Turkey today. Gomer....son of Japheth.....who migrated to the area of western Turkey, and Togarmah....son of Japheth....who migrated to the area that makes up the states around the Caspian Sea. Some believe Meshech and Tubal also refer to areas in Turkey. This may be so, but most scholars believe Meshech and Tubal migrated to the area of the Steppes of Russia. Whichever the case, the turning of Turkey is absolutely a given. It will, andis happening. It is only a matter of time.
Stay alert. Keep your eyes open. Look beyond the headlines and you'll see all kinds of fascinating facts.

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