Thursday, July 9, 2009

G8 Butts Head Into Solid Wall

For a short while it seemed a possibility. Nicolas Sarkozy had the G8 delegates, meeting in Italy, rallying on the same page in regards to Iran. But enter the Russians.....and the little rally ended. Although the American spin claimed an unprecedented "sense of urgency," the truth says something different. The nations of the world are impotent in dealing with Iran and its drive to develop nuclear weapons.

The goal Sarkozy was shooting for was the implementation of severe sanctions against the Iranian regime. Outrage over the harsh crackdown against protesters in Tehran was sounded by most delegates, but when it came to attaching any consequences to Iran's actions, the G8 slapped diplomatic duct tape over their mouths. Why?

A Debka File report today gives us a glimpse. "Russian opposition to condemning Iran left only an endorsement of the diplomatic track, which may have been directed more against an Israeli military option than Iran." THE RUSSIANS refused to betray its budding alliance with Iran and Islam. Not even a date limit for establishing diplomatic talks with Iran was agreed to. Rather than doing everything possible to prevent the radical regime of Ahmadinjad from attaining nuclear weaponry, Russia made a threat to Israel. This because of a February 21, 2009 agreement between Iran and Russia in which Vladimr Putin pledged to defend Iran against any western-generated military attack.

Before the breakdown in applying sanctions occurred, Vice President Joe Biden gave a clear go ahead for Israel to defend itself without American interference. But then the sanctions proposal broke down. Suddenly, in an interview from Italy, President Obama countered Biden's statement by stating that America would, and does oppose Israeli action. I cannot believe that Biden spoke on his own. He is on too short a leash. So what is going on?

Number One, it is increasingly obvious that Obama is out of his element. His posturing in the realm of foregin policy and geopolitical relations is minor league at best. His ego is larger than his intelligence. His attempts at international intrigue are at a pre-school level, especially in his chess match with the Putin. Putin is a Master player, and he is quickly driving Obama towards the ultimate "checkmate."

Number Two, when men think they are at the apex of wisdom, God calls them out and reveals that they are fools. Everything we are witnessing is confirmation to me that God is lining the world up for a showdown. The alignment of the Ezekiel 38-39 coalition is nearly complete. Israel stands alone and will soon be forced to act. Last week, in an interview with Israeli Foreign Minister and former Prime Minister, Ehud Barack, Greta Van Sustren asked how long Israel would wait before responding to the Iranian threat militarily. Barack clearly stated that Israel would wait "some months, not a year, but some months." Intelligence experts have been warning that Iran will reach the critical stage, the stage of no return in their nuclear development sometime in the fall of 2009. Could we be in the countdown to the setting of Ezekiel's hook?

Keep your eyes open. Keep your head up. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


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