Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Double Talk is the Accepted Method of Communication

Not long ago, I mocked this picture-->
saying this was the distance air could travel between Hillary's ear unimpeded. I was wrong. This is the length of time any Ally can trust the word of the Obama Administration.
Yesterday, I opined that it seemed Obama is content with a Nuclear Iran, as long as he can be friends with all parties involved.
I was right! Within hours of declaring an immediate 30 to 60 day push for harsh sanctions against Iran, Hillary and the Administration decided the process would probably take several months. Again, Israel is left twisting in the wind. Though I saw it coming, I'm still sickened by a foreign policy that kisses up to those who hate us and abandons those who seek to live in freedom!
Read the following from today's Debkafile
US backs off speedy Iran sanctions promised Israel
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report March 2, 2010,
Washington eased the threat of harsh sanctions hanging over Iran's head over its nuclear program at the very moment that it was beginning to take effect and Tehran was showing signs of stress. Tuesday March 2, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told reporters on her plane to Buenos Aires: "We are moving expeditiously and thoroughly in the Security Council, I can't give you an exact date, but I would assume some time in the next several months."This abrupt reversal of US tactics on Iran's nuclear activities took place when Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak was hardly out the door from Washington after receiving assurances from administration officials that a new round of tough sanctions would be in place by the end of March, with or without the Security Council. Clinton herself assured a Senate panel last week that stiff sanctions would be clamped down on Iran "in the next 30 to 60 days." Clinton and defense secretary Robert Gates, when they talked to Barak last Thursday, Feb. 25, were so sure of that timeline that they fixed a date for the defense minister to return got Washington for the second time in a month after sanctions were in place.
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