Sunday, March 21, 2010

Elitism at and abroad!

Today, we see progressive elitism at work! An elitist will do what he knows to be best for the country, or world, no matter what the citizens of the country, or world, want or don't want. Example: Healthcare.... Nearly 61% of the American public believe the current non-bill to be voted on by the US House of Representatives (that is an oxymoron) is wrong for America. What does the ELILTIST do? Push it through anyway, for the elitist knows best!
The same goes for Elitist foreign policy. There has to be a bad guy. There also has to be a downtrodden victim. Forget the facts! Forget that the downtrodden victim continues to launch rockets into civilian populations. Forget that the victim has been given a multitude of concessions yet continues to push for the annihilation of an entire people. Forget that the bad guy has given away most of the items in the store, but is now being required to give away the store too! Add an ELITIST who has decided to withhold important military hardware that would allow a friend to defend itself against a nuclear holocaust.
Read this article as congress prepares to take over your health insurance company...then your health management, and eventually control everything in your life including your freedom to worship as you choose.

Obama recalls bunker-buster bomb kits to bar Israeli strike on Iran
DEBKAfile Special Report

Shortly after Vice President Joe Biden's Israel visit ended on March 11 in high dudgeon over the approval 1,600 new homes in East Jerusalem, US president Barack Obama ordered a consignment of Joint Direct Attack Munition- JDAM already on its way to Israel to be diverted to the US Air Force base on the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia. This step, the pointer to a US arms embargo for preventing Israel attacking Iran's nuclear sites, is first revealed here by debkafile's military sources.
US military sources describe the consignment as consisting of 387 JDAM kits for attachment to the warheads of 2,000-pound BLU-109/MK-84 or the 1,000-pound BLU-110/MK-83 bunker-busters for their conversion into smart bombs. On March 13, debkafile disclosed that the Obama administration was pondering withholding from Israel military hardware that could be used for an Israeli attack on Iran. In late February, we reported that defense minister Ehud Barak had submitted to defense secretary Robert Gates a list of the items Israel required urgently to stand up to a four-front assault by Iran and its allies - mainly air force ordnance, certain types of missile and advanced electronic devices. Barak made it clear that all these items must be present in Israel before the outbreak of hostilities. The requests were so urgent that the minister proposed that if Washington was reluctant to hand them directly to Israel, they could be stored for the interim in the big American emergency depots in Israel's Negev.
The 387 DJAP kits were due for delivery at one of the Israeli Air Force's Negev bases in March. Because of his concern over the US president's step to divert the shipment, prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu decided to take the defense minister with him to Washington next Monday, March 22 and have him present at the meeting with Obama which the US media reports has been fixed for Tuesday (the day after his address to the AIPAC annual conference). Together they will ask for the delayed munitions to be released and handed over as part of any general understandings they may reach.

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