Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Commander in SCHMUCK!

I Offer Several Observations....things that are as clear as day, as large as the nose between my eyes, and as obvious as my morning need for coffee.
1. President Barrack Obama is a SCHMUCK
Not only did he brazenly lay out his requirements for the re-establishment of good will between the USA and Israel, he abruptly stood up from the dinner he and Benjamin Netanyahu were sharing and stated, "I am going to eat with Michelle and the girls. I'll come back when you have an answer!" The only word that can be used for the way the President is treating our closest ally is SCHMUCK. (BTW, I still pray for him every day...for God to awaken his heart to the truth so we can live in peace.)
2. President Barrack Obama is either ignorant of the true, dangerous nature of Middle East politics, or he is a member of a sleeper cell that has been waiting to bring about Israel's removal from the planet. (That idea was offered by a guy in my church....and he has a point.
3. Hillary Clinton is nothing more, nor does she even have the force of a Yapping Dog! This is not a personal attack...but a diplomatic fact!
4. While the President gloats over this victory in taking over the American Constitution, while his administration mocks the American people, while Israel is flung under the bus, while Washington thumbs its nose at the Almighty, God simply laughs. These people are REALLY SMALL, the the last laugh will always belong to God.
5. While our SCHMUCK in Chief continues to wage a ridiculous war on God's covenant people, the Iranians progress toward the NUKE. Russia is helping them. Turkey is distracting Israel again, Hezbollah and Hamas have become even more entrenched, the EU has endorsed the anti-Semetic Goldstone report, half of Europe has called for the UN to forcibly divide Israel and Jerusalem, and on on it goes.
6. As Obama tightens the screws on Israel to make overwhelming concessions (which they will not do), the Palestinians have done, and continue to do nothing as an overture of desiring peace.
Read This
Palestinian leader insists on settlement halt for Israel talks
Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas at an Arab summit on Saturday ruled out US-brokered indirect talks with Israel unless the Jewish state stops building settlements.

"We cannot resume indirect negotiations as long as Israel maintains its settlement policy and the status quo," Abbas said at the opening session of the two-day summit.

His comments came shortly after UN chief Ban Ki-moon urged Arab leaders to help facilitate the indirect "proximity" talks and stressed in a speech at the summit that "Jerusalem's significance to all must be respected, and it should emerge from negotiations as the capital of two states."

Israel angered the world community when it announced plans earlier this year to build 1,600 new homes for Jewish settlers in predominantly Arab east Jerusalem.

So, there you have it for MARCH 27, 2010. What does it mean for the believer in Jesus? If the prophecies of the coming wars of Psalm 82, and Ezekiel 38-39 are this obvious, shouldn't the prophecy of Jesus coming for his Bride be taking our breath away? Work while it is still day. Night is on the way. Unstop your ears and start listening for the trumpet as you share Christ with everyone possible. No matter how much time we might have left (which could be days, months, or years) we must be about our Father's business. Stick with it. Hang in there. We win!

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