Friday, March 12, 2010

Biden's Blight and Obama's March Madness

While President Obama plays with the Constitution of the United States, Vice President, Joe Biden, went to the Middle East with three missions: to sweeten US-Israeli relations, celebrate the launching of indirect Israel-Palestinian peace talks and underscore the commonality of US-Israeli purpose on Iran.
Biden fell down on all three counts, then deviated from the avowed policies of the Obama Administration.

Here are FIVE Other Ways Biden brought his BLIGHT:

1. He hardly ever mentioned Barack Obama in any of his political appearances, preferring to say "we" - in other words, America, which he represented in his visit.
2. While affirming American friendship for Israel and concern for its security, Biden's recurring theme was this: "I can promise the people in Israel that we will confront as allies every security challenge that we will face."Here, too, "we" - meaning the United States - would define the security challenge and decide how to confront it, an attitude which was deeply resented in Jerusalem.
3. At his lecture to Tel Aviv University Thursday, March 11, before his departure, Biden said: "The United States is resolved to prevent Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon" - a general statement with no commitment. Until then, he had shunned any mention of Iran at all, but members of his party leaked word that he was leaning hard on Israel to prevent its resort to military action against Iran's nuclear projects, without however offering any commitment on painful sanctions.Saudi Arabia and its Arab Gulf neighbors got wind of the slugging-match over Iran in Jerusalem over Iran and were alarmed enough to demand clarifications from Washington. Defense Secretary Robert Gates was sent post haste from Kabul to Riyadh and Abu Dhabi with assurances that the Obama administration had not abandoned the road to a showdown with Iran, whether economic or military.
4. The Biden party did not include Middle East envoy George Mitchell, but he did bring Dennis Ross along.This seemed almost natural in view of Ross's standing in the National Security Council as an expert on Iran. However, given his long experience in Israeli and Palestinian affairs, the Vice President appeared to have chosen him as his senior adviser for the visit and sidelined presidential envoy Mitchell - yet another significant departure from the policy direction taken by the president and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
5. And finally, instead of smoothing ruffled feathers in Jerusalem with interviews to the host media, Vice President Biden snubbed them all and granted the only interview of his trip to the Arabic Al Jazeera TV, whose news content is sharply slanted against Israel, US military campaigns in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and the Western war on terror. By signing off his Israel visit with an Al Jazeera interview, Joe Biden tells us exactly how he feels about the Jewish state.

Some of you are beginning to feel dismayed at what you are seeing, but I want to remind you: What you see taking place has a is a particular purpose of HOPE!
1. The direction that is being taken by our leaders serves as a reminder: We are citizens of a far better Kingdom, and though we are saddened and angered at watching the death of the country we love, our true home awaits our arrival.
2. The process of PROPHETIC fulfillment is managed by God, and God alone. He is the one who is orchestrating the events in our world, particularly as they revolve around Israel.
3. These days in which people are perplexed are providing the greatest opportunities since the first century for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
4. We are being given an unprecedented privilege......... To see the unfolding of age-old prophecies that will culminate, for us, with the sound of a trumpet!
Are you looking for opportunities to proclaim Jesus? Are you preparing to give an answer to anyone who asks you about your faith? Now is the is the day of salvation.

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