Saturday, March 20, 2010

Why is Obama Making War on Israel

In the wake of this weeks vitriolic attack on Israel by the Obama administration, the question is fair and must be answered. "Why is Obama making war on Israel?"

War is exactly where this administration is headed. A constant barrage of verbal attacks is having an effect. Gallup polls show a weakening in support for Israel by the American public. Less than six months ago, 70% of American at large was in strong support of Israel. Today, the percentage of strong supporters of Israel is down to 52%, and this can be attributed to the constant spewing of anti-Israel propaganda by the Obama administration.
Why is this so?
I have several possibilities.....most should be taken together as a whole.
1. Obama’s assault on Israel is likely related to the failure of his Iran containment policy. Over the past week, senior administration officials including Gen. David Petraeus have made viciously defamatory attacks on Israel, insinuating that the construction of homes for Jews in Jerusalem is a primary cause for bad behavior on the part of Iran and its proxies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria and Gaza. By this line of thinking, if Israel simply returned to the indefensible 1949 armistice lines, Iran’s centrifuges would stop spinning, and Syria, al-Qaida, the Taliban, Hizbullah, Hamas and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards would all beat their swords into plowshares.
2. Obama may be attacking Israel in a bid to coerce Netanyahu into agreeing to give Obama veto power over any Israeli strike against Iran’s nuclear installations. This is not only underhanded, but insidious!
3. Obama wants to bring down Netanyahu’s government. By making demands Netanyahu and his coalition partners cannot accept, Obama hopes to bring down the government and replace Netanyahu and Likud with the far-leftist Tzipi Livni and Kadima. Of course, Obama didn't meddle in Iran when demonstraters against the regime were losing their lives.
4. Another explanation for Obama’s behavior is that he seeks to realign US foreign policy away from Israel. Obama’s constant attempts to cultivate relations with Iran’s unelected president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Ahmadinejad’s Arab lackey Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, and Turkey’s Islamist Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan make clear that he views developing US relations with these anti-American regimes as a primary foreign policy goal.
5. Lastly, when combining the Healthcare Fiasco being pushed through congress with the probability of a Middle East war this summer, one begins to see a pattern. With the continual takeover of the American economy, creating unmanageable debt, usurping freedoms on a never-before-witnessed scale, how would the economy and public react if gas prices shot to $7, $8, or $10 per gallon? This is exactly what would take place if Israel is forced to attack Iran and a war results. The result, America's new Third-World-Dictator will declare Martial Law and seize complete control......btw....I have lived in third world countries and have seen this scenario with my own eyes.
I believe this plan is designed! I also believe it will happen, according to the scriptures.
What does this mean for us Bible-thumping, enemy-loving, Kingdom-seekers?
1. The greatest days of witness for Christ, with accompanying miracles, is upon us.
2. Christ is calling his bride into purity and power, just as he has during the darkest times in history.
3. Our earthly citizenship might be in a dying America, but our perpetual citizenship is in a burgeoning, and coming, Kingdom of city....JERUSALEM.
4. The Lord has promised to sustain, provide, propel, and use his followers. Stay tuned to HIM. Get closer than ever before. Open your eyes to the expanding opportunities to share the gospel. After you lead someone to Christ, disciple them quickly.
5. Get radically faithful to your Church, united prayer, and corporate worship. (This is practice for the Kingdom!)

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