Sunday, April 4, 2010

In the Fullness of Time

A chill crisp wind greeted the disciple as he climbed the rocky, eastern slope of Golgotha. The sun had not yet arisen, nor had travelers begun the journey home after a historic Passover celebration. The hill was quiet but for the singing of birds.
There stood the cross, the place where his world had come crashing down not three days before. Tears filled his eyes, not just from the grief he felt at having lost the Master, but at the knowledge that he'd been just like the other. He had run! He was a traitor to his King.
He looked toward the city gates, still worried that he might be discovered, and that only increased his sense of self-loathing. Try as he might, he could not deny his fear of ending up just like Jesus; dead--buried--gone!
He approached the foot of the cross and felt his stomach turn. Dried blood and flesh was still clinging to the rough wood of the beam. The spikes that had been used to pin his friend to the device were still wedged in place. He gasped as he read the crudely carved sign reading "King of the Jews."
Jesus said the fullness of time had come, but I missed his meaning. I missed his time, the disciple thought to himself. How could I have been so blind. He wept all the more as he struggled for an answer.
The sun had finally broken the horizon and the sounds of the days preparations reached his ears. The disciple wiped his eyes and turned away. A sad journey to Emmaus awaited his first step. As he turned toward the road he was ignorant of the fact that his Savior had exited the tomb in which he'd been deposited. Later that day, he would realize he'd missed the fullness of time again.
Another "FULLNESS OF TIME" is scheduled. Are you ready, or has religion, faithlessness, or the cares of life blinded you to its arrival.
Jesus said three things very clearly.
1. He would go to Jerusalem and be crucified.
2. He would be raised from the dead on the third day.
3. He would return to take his followers back with him to his Father's house.
Count on it. The event is going to happen! It might be today! It might be in the middle of the chaos that is coming when Israel is forced to defend itself. It might be in the middle of the Gog and Magog War. Maybe before. Maybe after. Whenever it happens, be assured that IT WILL HAPPEN!

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