Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Relations with US Worse than Ever on Eve of Israel's Birthday

AFTER more than a year in office, the Obama administration has placed our strategic partnership under a shadow. By coldly escalating the Ramat Shlomo-housing dispute into an ongoing, full-scale crisis, Washington has diverged from the tone of previous administrations on the status of Jerusalem, and it has damagingly publicly questioned fundamental aspects of our alliance.

When conflicts break out in our region, President Obama noted last week, America tends to get pulled in, and that costs “American blood and treasure.” Sadly, there seems to be no remorse over expending American blood and treasure for Muslim nations, let alonge American treasure to buy Arab oil.

The US had to constantly make plain that reducing these conflicts was not only in the interests of Israel, but was “a vital national security interest of the United States.”

Those sounded like the words of a president who has taken insufficient account of Israel’s history of peace-making overtures to the Palestinians, and of the history of Palestinian rejection.

On the Iranian front, meanwhile, time is running out. The president seeks the widest possible international support for sanctions, but that means delay and an eventual result of useless measures. The US military option is barely on the table. Concern is now growing that Washington is seeking to deny Israel the capacity to protect itself, even if all else fails.

In terms of battling delegitimization, the US has stood by Israel at the key diplomatic moments of the past year, but only by a thread. Nonetheless, Obama’s failure, in his Muslim-outreach speech in Cairo last June, to highlight the historic Jewish connection to our land was a troubling omission.

On the eve of Israel's birthday, what is required from Washington is a more profound appreciation of Israel’s numerous sincere attempts to resolve the conflict: At 62, thriving, modern Israel is still resented and rejected by most of the Arab world, not because of this or that policy, or this or that territorial presence, but because of the very fact of our existence here.

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