Friday, April 30, 2010

True Intentions--The Community Organizer at Work

Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, has no intentions of coming to the table with peace on his mind.

As reported by the Jerusalem Post today:
"While Israel and the Palestinian Authority are finally expected to begin US-mediated indirect “proximity” talks in the very near future, concern is growing among some in the Israeli government that the PA is planning to marginalize the diplomatic process and instead unilaterally seek UN recognition for a Palestinian state along the pre-1967 lines. There is a rising conviction among some in the Netanyahu government, The Jerusalem Post has learned, that the PA is aiming to secure a new UN Security Council Resolution, updating 1967’s Resolution 242, providing for the establishment of Palestine and fudging the refugee issue. The idea of such a move, runs the bleak assessment, would be to establish a state not at peace with Israel, but rather to continue the conflict with Israel."
Other intentions are becoming clear as well. The stated intent of Barrack Obama has been to administer "biting" sanctions against Iran in order to force it to curb their nuclear ambitions. Warnings and deadlines (with consequences) have been issued over and over again. Iran has laughed, scoffed, and mocked each one, or it has manipulated our community organizing president. As they outmanuever the President at every turn, Obama will not even respond when provoked.
This from today's Debkafile:
The US Fifth fleet and USS Eisenhower refrained from shooting an Iranian spy plane collecting intelligence from the American carrier on April 21 because they are under orders not to respond to hostile Iranian acts without permission direct from Washington. Gulf governments fear US military passivity will encourage Tehran to be bolder and more provocative, emulating Pyongyang which got away scot-free with sinking a South Korean vessel.
Now, the community organizer in chief is pushing for the UN to finally administer sanctions. However, these sanctions against Iran include certain exemptions for Russia and China, just so these two countries don't veto the resolution when it comes before the Security Council.
So, help me understand. We want Iran to be sanctioned, but we are going to give exemptions to Russia......the same Russia that is providing the financing, expertise, and personnel for the building of Iran's nuclear that somehow, Iran will stop doing what they are doing?
We are going to give exemptions to China....the same China that is buying Iranian oil, refining it into gasoline, then re-selling it to Iran making a huge that China can continue supplying Iran with needed fuel for its economy?
Wow....Another Obama Masterpiece. This community organizing stuff makes a person sit back and say SHAZAM! Wish I'd thought of that!
In the meantime, Israel is left hanging out in the wind all because it wanted to build a few apartments in its own territory, within the confines of the capitol city it has owned for three thousand years. In fact, the community organizer in chief is even forwarding the notion of sanctions against Israel.... and I bet those sanctions will actually have some "bite" to them.
Look how far we have fallen!
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