Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saudis get Missile Shield from US--Israel gets Nothing

Here's what we know so far:
1. President Obama is supposedly livid over a few buildings in East Jerusalem, a place that belongs to the Jews and is part of their capitol city.
2. President Obama talks a great talk when it comes to sanctions but does nothing!
3. Hillary Clinton's yap is loud but meaningless.
4. Russia laughs at the US.
5. Iran thumbs its nose at the US.
6. China OWNS the US.
7. The World no longer trusts the US.
8. Israel is told not to attack Iran and is cut off from its shipments of arms from the US.
9. Saudi Arabia and the Emerites get missile sheild protection from the US.
10. Israel gets nothing! Oh, I'm wrong. Israel gets a kick in the teeth from the US.
11. In all probability, God is about to judge the US.
12. A Spiritual Awakening is happening in the US that will be like nothing we've seen before!
13. Jesus is coming soon for his Bride.
READ THIS ARTICLE at risk of losing your temper!
ME game-changer: US nuclear shield for Saudis, Gulf emirates
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis

The US test-fired a submarine-launched ballistic Trident missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads from Saudi territory during a joint military exercise last week, a Western military official reported late Wednesday, March 31.
A US defense spokesman denied the Trident's launch, Wednesday, April 1, but Saudi security sources stand by the report.debkafile's military sources report this was the first time in Middle East military history that a nuclear-capable missile was fired from the oil kingdom toward the Persian Gulf and Iranian shores. It came in response to Saudi and Gulf Arab concerns over America's failure to halt Iran's evolving nuclear weapon program. DEBKA-Net-Weekly out Friday will discuss the strategic aspects of this game-changer for Iran and Israel. To subscribe to DEBKA-Net-Weekly, click here
The official did not reveal the location of the test, the type of submarine used, whether it was successful - or even the scale of US and Saudi strength taking part in the joint exercise. Our sources report they must have been American since Saudi Arabia does not have the units or radar systems for operating multiple-headed ballistic missiles. Regardless of the location - Saudi waters off the Red Sea or its Persian Gulf bases - the drill would have brought the Trident close to the Iranian coastline, either on the Persian Gulf or Arabian Sea.
This demonstration by the Obama administration aimed at showing Saudi and Gulf Arab rulers they are now protected by an American nuclear umbrella against an Iranian nuclear attack. Monday, March 29, Saudi Deputy Defense Minister Prince Khaled bin Sultan said Saudi and U.S. warplanes will carry out joint air exercises soon.
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Dealing with headlines from the Middle East and comparing them with Bible Prophecy

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