Monday, April 26, 2010

Iran See's US Intervention as Laughable

I am convinced that what we see happening is a classic example of "baiting." Iran is on the verge of enriching its uranium to a weapon's grade level. They are not slowing down in the least. They certainly aren't talking to Obama. Israel is being threatened verbally with annihilation, and it won't be long before Iran has the nuclear power to back its words. Russia has not yet delivered its vaunted S-300 anti-aircraft/anti-missile system to the Iranians. Iran is as vulnerable to an Israeli attack as it will ever be, and it knows it.
So why does it continue to threaten the Jewish state knowing Israel has the capability, for know, of doing tremendous damage to its military and industrial infrastructure? Because an attack is exactly what Iran is challenging Israel to do.
1. Ahmadenijad's brand of Islam (Shi'a) is nihilistic. They are willing to be attacked in order to rally the entire world of Islam against Israel, even if it means their own death. It sounds like the character of a suicide bomber because that is exactly what it is.
2. The United States will do nothing. There is no longer an argument to challenge that fact. Obama is dismantling America and its defenses at an alarming rate. He is not going to start another war against his Islamic friends. Therefore, Iran is able to move according to a long established plan.
3. Israel is going to have to act because of several converging circumstances.
a. Russia has announced it will go ahead with the plan to initialize the Bushuhr nuclear facility in Iran sometime towards the end of July.
b. The temporary peace agreement established by the Arab League with Israel will expire on July 30th, 2010. Even now there is a new call by the Arab League to join with the United States in forcing a Palestinian solution upon the Israelis....built on the 1967 pre-war boundaries.
c. Intelligence experts believe Iran will not only be nuclear capable, but will have built its first nuclear bomb by the end of the summer.
In the meantime, talking has gotten nowhere. Read this article from columnist Barry Ruben in today's Jerusalem Post.

The Region: Onwards, Iran marches
By BARRY RUBIN 26/04/2010

It has been 15 months since Barack Obama called for ‘good-faith negotiations’ with the Islamic Republic on its nuclear program. Where are we now? Still talking about it.

Iran may be able to build a missile capable of striking the United States by 2015, according to a new US Department of Defense report. As I keep trying to explain, this isn’t all about Israel, because Iran will be able to hit any country in the region. Yet the more likely danger is that the Iranian regime will use nuclear weapons “defensively.” In other words, it will intimidate, subvert and bring over to its side millions of people, changing the power balance in the region. And if anyone in the Arabic-speaking world wants to oppose it or do anything about it, Teheran will just use the possession of nuclear weapons to scare them into submission.
But won’t a US promise of protection reassure everyone? Take a look at current US policy and try to answer yes without laughing. And there’s another problem. Even if you know that the US will launch an attack in response, your country will still be flattened. Better to give in or even jump on the revolutionary Islamist bandwagon, many will conclude.
Meanwhile, we can still read headlines like this one: “US open to Iran nuclear fuel deal despite doubts.” Oh, right! Let’s spend a few months going back to the nuclear fuel swap deal which Iran raised last September to sabotage the sanctions train so successfully. No problem. What could possibly be a reason to hurry in putting pressure on Iran?
That’s why the Pentagon report is so important. It warns: “Iran’s nuclear program and its willingness to keep open the possibility of developing nuclear weapons is a central part of its deterrent strategy.” Please note what Iran’s deterrent strategy means in practice. Iran’s radical Islamist regime will be able to foment terrorism and revolution against Arab governments, try to take over Lebanon, promote Hamas in fighting Israel and overturning the Palestinian Authority, and target American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, among other things.
But if the US or others try to do something about it, Iran will use its possession of nuclear weapons to deter them. At the same time, it will use possession of nuclear weapons to foment appeasement among regional and Western states while simultaneously persuading millions of Muslims that revolutionary Islamism is invincible and they should join a movement headed for inevitable victory.

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