Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fallout Continues for Israel

In the wake of Monday's Israeli defence of it's borders (something every country but the United States seems to do), fallout confines to drop from around the world. How surprising! Not only were terrorist proven to be the instigators of the flotilla incedent, an assortment of military equipment including small arms and night vision equipment were discovered with a shipment of wheelchairs. Turkey has called for a complete severance with Israel, several countries have recalled their ambassadors, and the US has yet to make any stand for or against Israel's actions.
This prompted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to question the nations of the world and ask, "What would you have done?" Of course there was no response, especially from the Obama administration that has done nothing about the same kind of flow across our own border.
Now, another flotilla is on the way for another confrontation. Will Turkey send it's navy as an escort in order to provoke Israel even further? And what would happen if the Israelis happen to sink a Turkish ship? Our eyes have been on Iran's nuclear threat to the extent that we ha e failed to consider that any of Ahmadenijad's allies might actually be the agent provacotur. (I misspelled that, but who cares, I'm on vacation! Plus, I'm doing it from an iPhone without reading glasses:)

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