Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Iranian Provocation of Israel Draws Ever Closer

No more paintball. No more Mr. NiceGuy. The Israeli navy will assume that groups of provocateurs are aboard any future ships that try to break the Israel-imposed sea blockade on the Gaza Strip, Deputy Commander of the Navy Rear-Admiral Rani Ben-Yehuda told The Jerusalem Post on Monday.“I recommend that humanitarian activists who are planning on participating in these new flotillas think very hard because they cannot know who is on these ships,” he said. “We believe that there will be groups that will try to cause provocations and repeat what happened on the Marmara.”
Two Iranian cargo ships carrying "humanitarian aide" left port yesterday, June 14, and one of them will be sailing via Istanbul, the official Iranian news agency IRNA reported on Monday. Another flotilla is also expected to soon leave Lebanon for the Gaza Strip.
In the meantime, the Jerusalem Post is also reporting that Turkey is amassing its navy and off loading troops on the Island of Cypress in preparation for an armed confrontation with Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has taken the steps of allowing an international probe into the flotilla affair as well as easing the Gaza blockade, but this has all been a setup....well planned and played by Iran and Turkey. Israel was caught off guard by not believing that its long-time ally, Turkey, had actually turned fully toward the dark side....the Iranians.
Debka is reporting that Jordan's King Abdullah is complaining that Israel has been attempting to derail a Jordanian push toward becoming a nuclear nation. His claim is that his country should be allowed the development of nuclear technology to produce electricity. Where have we heard that before? Syria said it. Iran said it. Who's next? The Saudis or Egypt?
And Then,
Word is that when the UN's international investigation into the Gaza flotilla raid is complete, it will be decidedly anti-Israeli and a resolution to condemn Israel for its actions will be speedily forthcoming. Worse, the Obama Administration is hinting it will not veto the resolution and may not even abstain. That means only one thing.....the USA may actually vote in favor of the condemnatory resolution. If so, what will be coming our way by way of judgment will make the ills and spills of the last few months look like vacation.
What shall we do who call upon the Lord Jesus? Keep calling! Keep working while we still have daylight! Keep looking up...redemption is getting closer! Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem! Pray for a wake-up call to our leadership! Tell your neighbor about who you've found in Jesus! Do not fear! Do not miss the coming opportunities to share your faith in Christ! Invite someone to church! And much much more..... Go for it!

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