Monday, June 21, 2010

Good Signs....Bad Signs

Joe Friday.... "Just the facts, ma'am."
Ma'am... "Well, there's good news and bad news.
Which do you want first?"
Joe Friday... "Just the facts, ma'am."
Ma'am... "Okay. Bad news first!"

All kidding aside...there are signs that the American Culture has really been hit with the stupid-stick.
1. The White House has convinced the majority of the population that BP is the enemy, rather than the regulators who turned their backs on short cuts or took out and out bribes. This doesn't include the fact that the political candidate who received the largest quantity of campaign funds from BP was none other that Barrack Hussein Obama. umm...umm...umm
2. A bust of Josef Stalin has been placed has been placed in a WWII memorial in Montana. How stupid is that...honoring the greatest butcher of the last century right along with our fallen dead from that terrible, but necessary war!
3. Approval has been granted for a mosque to be constructed within sight of Ground Zero in New York City. This will be the largest mosque in the country, and will be raised up to honor the dead of 9-11.....the Islamic radical martyrs...not those who died in the terrorist attack. Islam has done in NYC what it has accomplished throughout Europe. INTIMIDATION! We, being stupid and having rejected the truth for countless lies, are too dumb to see what is happening.
Now, a bit of better news...though I am not sure how far Obama will take this development. From (However, you must read the last paragraph.)
Gaza sea blockade upheld by US, EU as Israel eases land siege
Barring surprises, the sea campaign against Israel's naval blockade of Gaza spearheaded by Turkey may have run its course, debkafile's Middle East sources report.
Beirut is close to abandoning the Lebanese convoy, Damascus has turned away requests to use its ports, Cyprus is negative and even the Iranian expedition appears snarled. Israel has in the last 24 hours won US and European support for its sea blockade. It was endorsed also by Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas after the Israeli cabinet bowed to international pressure and approved the passage of all civilian goods to the 1.2 million Palestinians of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.
After Israel endured three weeks of international censure for its commando raid on the flotilla aiming to break the Gaza blockade and 9 Turkish deaths aboard the Mavi Marmara, the Netanyahu government has hauled the wheel round, stemmed the tide of opprobrium and stabilized Israel's diplomatic and security position. British ex-prime minister Tony Blair, Special Envoy of the Middle East Quartet, pitched in to help Israel out of a tight spot ahead of prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu's White House meeting with President Barack Obama on July 8.
The formula drafted and approved by Israel's security cabinet permitted all civilian goods to reach Gaza, banned military, dual-use materials and weapons, and left the sea blockade in place.
In Gaza, Hamas leader Mahmoud A Zahar, furious over the collapse of the campaign against the blockade, declared Sunday, June 20 that it was time for Qassam missiles to be launched against Israel from the West Bank as well as Gaza. Nothing about Hamas' policy had changed, he stressed in response to Blair's admonition that Hamas could become part of the peace process if it released the Israel soldier, Gilad Shalit, held captive for four years, and renounced violence.

It seems like Ezekiel 38 and 39 may have been put on hold, but remember, another war is predicted before Gog and Magog launches their campaign against Israel. That first war will involve Hamas....Gaza...the West Bank...Syria...Lebanon....Jordan....Saudi Arabia...and Egypt.
Start with Psalm 83...then on to Isaiah 17....then Ezekiel 25...and Zephaniah 2....Zechariah 9, and finally Obadiah 15-19. You'll see it clearly.
So, it is a good development for the USA to have stepped in to help Israel. The act defuses what would have been a defining conflict, but it opens the door to the outline for end-time-wars given in the scripture.

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