Saturday, June 26, 2010

Middle East Ebb and Flow

Following developments in the Middle East is like sitting on the beach watching the waves come and go....maybe with a little more terror involved, but its the ebb and flow that I'm getting at.
Just when it seems everything could blow up because of and Iranian/Turkish provocation, something changes and allows the war-climate to cool.

Erdogan faces US stick, Kurdish rebel upsurge, yet clings to anti-Israel stance
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report June 26, 2010
Turkish army blames Erdogan for setbacks against rebelsAs he took off for the G20 summit opening in Toronto Saturday, June 26, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan came under an exceptionally acerbic US rebuke for a NATO member. He was accused of alienating the US and the West and told he needed to demonstrate Ankara's commitment to their (NATO) partnership by Philip Gordon, top US diplomat on European affairs, in a clear rejection of the Turkish prime minister's assertion in parliament Tuesday June 15: "There's no shift in Turkey's axis. Turkey is not a city state, it's not a state on which agendas are imposed," he said.

Taking Turkey to task for opposing the new UN sanctions on Iran and its anti-Israel rhetoric over the pro-Palestinian flotilla incident, the US official pointed out: "There are people asking questions about it in a way that is new, and that in itself is a bad thing that makes it harder for the United States to support some of the things that Turkey would like to see us support."

I am firmly convinced that, although Turkey and Iran have been in the forefront of recent events, their direct participation in a war with Israel will not be in the next wave to hit Israel. Yes, they will be behind the scenes pulling the strings of their annihilate-Israel-to-bring-back-the-Mahdi partners, but the Ezekiel 38 an 39 prophecy is not the next event on the prophetic list.
As America finally steps in to offer a balled-up fist towards Israel's enemies, watch for a lull in the action. Sure, the flotillas will continue to provoke action by Israel. Yep, Iran will keep on doing their nuclear two-step. You bet, Syria will be filtering arms and missiles into Lebanon. But a direct, all-out war with Turkey and Iran is still a bit down the road.
Next up? If I had the answer to that I'd be a prophet.
My guess? That's more like it.
----Again, I believe someone is going to have to attempt to knock out Iran's nuclear facilities. When that happens, Iran's surrogates will get their turbans in a wad and really turn against Israel. Iran will smile at the development, because to me, it sure seems like they are inviting an attack against their homeland so that they can have an excuse to go after the Jews.
----Europe will continue to treat Israel with a .... guilty until proven innocent attitude.
----America and Obama? It all depends on how Obama perceives his treatment of Israel will effect the November elections. However, I'm not sure this little blow up is going to wait for the November elections.

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