Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Turkey's Actions Foreshadow Ezekiel's Prophecies

Israeli leaders are in a daze trying to figure out how they missed the signs. Somewhere along the way Turkey walked away from a solid economic and military alliance with Israel and turned to Iran, so much so that Turkey is now poised to provoke an armed conflict with their former friends.
Obviously, no one in Israel saw the rift that began in the wake of Iron Fist, the Gaza campaign of 2009, widening as far as it has. That tear in the fabric of relations between the two countries is almost complete.
AP beat writer Robert Marquand, came at the issue from a European viewpoint.
Europe has watched with some dismay Turkey's strident reaction to the fatal Israeli flotilla raid – part of what many see as a larger Turkish "repositioning" of itself on the world stage.
While Europe also condemned the flo­tilla attack, in which Israeli commandos killed nine Turkish citizens seeking to break the economic blockade of the Gaza Strip, there's wariness here over Tur­key's emerging persona under an Islamic-rooted party and murmurs about whether it wants to reassert an old Ot­to­man Empire sphere of influence.
In the past few years, Ankara has mended ties with its neighbors, including Iran. On June 9, Turkey was one of only two countries (Brazil was the other) on the United Nations Security Council to vote against fresh Iran nuclear sanctions.
Yet part of Turkey's shift is due to the European Union's steady rebuff of the mainly Muslim state. Turkey first applied to join the EU in 1987 and waited 18 years for the process to start, which could drag past 2020. "A majority of Turks say they want to join Europe, but ... also feel it will never happen," says a senior US diplomat.
Membership has been essentially nixed by Germany's Angela Merkel and France's Nicolas Sarkozy, who says Turkey is not part of Europe. "Sarkozy has few deeply rooted beliefs, but this is one of them," says Fran├žois Heisbourg of the Paris-based Foundation for Strategic Research. "He would only cave under unanimous European pressure, which won't happen."

So, what is really happening?
This is nothing less than prophecy in motion. God spoke clearly through the prophet Ezekiel when in Chapter 38 he outlined a coalition of nations that would seek to destroy a restored Israeli nation. The coalition is made up of a specific set of people groups who's genealogies can be traced to the sons of Noah. These groups no longer exist by the ancient names, but the important factor in the entire passage of Ezekiel 38 & 39 is the land upon which those groups settled and prospered. In other words, we can interpret the prophecy correctly by determining which people groups occupy the mentioned lands in today's world. Here they are:
Magog--chief prince of Meshech and Tubal.... Sons of Japheth that settled in modern day RUSSIA clearly IRAN
Gomer and Togarmah.... Also sons of Japheth that settled in a large area stretching from western Turkey to the Caspian Sea.... This is nothing other than TURKEY and the Islam-dominated Caucus states.
Put.... son of Ham that settled in extreme northern Africa in modern day Libya.
Cush.. son of Ham that settled from the upper Nile region and into the horn of Africa. This area is made up of Sudan and Ethiopia
You can easily research these countries and see that Russia has formed military pacts and mutual defense treaties with all of them. Magog/Russia is the leader of the coalition even though it looks like each member is acting in its own interest. So it is with any satanically instigated action. Turkey and Iran seem to be the current ring leaders in the drama, but make no mistake about it, Russia's hand is in everything that is happening.
It appears to me that events will soon coming to a point where the kettle is going to boil over. Psalm 83, and its companion passages of Isaiah 17, Ezekiel 25, Zepheniah 2, Zechariah 9, and Obadiah 15-19, indicates the countries immediately surrounding Israel will threaten the Jewish state and be overcome very quickly by the Israeli Defense Force. After that short war, after Damascus, Amman, Lebanon, and parts of Egypt and Saudi Arabia have been destroyed, Magog will lead his coalition to the mountains of Israel to destroy the Jews.
HOW Does it End Biblically? Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog on Ezekiel 38 and 39.
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