Friday, July 23, 2010

Not So Subtle Evidence of Magog Coalition

More evidence surfaces that Israel has not quite accepted the fact that a long time ally, Turkey, is in a full-swing mode toward radical Islam. This was the last piece of the Gog/Magog coalition that was expected to fall into place in the Ezekiel 38 and 39 puzzle. I began challenging people to watch Turkey since it elected a pro-radical president in 2006. The change came slowly, but has picked up enough steam for me to be able to say that the coalition is in place. What keeps it from pouncing, as described in Ezekiel?
1. For one, the Lord has not put the hook in Magog's mouth as of yet.
2. Israel is still attempting to stave off the next two wars by diplomatic means, and by trusting America to help administer the peace. Valiant, but hopeless!
3. Another quick war is prophesied, one that will expand Israeli territory while expanding world hatred against the Jews. The Inner Ring War...Psalm 83, Isa. 17, Ezekiel 25, Obadiah 15-18, Zephaniah 2, and Zechariah 9. Israel's neighbors will become such a threat, and will possibly perpetrate some evil, so much so that Israel will be forced to destroy them. Could that be the hook?
Read from Debka File
More Israeli appeasement of Turkey - return of four flotilla boats
DEBKAfile Special Report July 23, 2010
The Netanyahu government's decision to send back to Ankara the four flotilla boats used by the Turkish IHH terrorist sponsors of Hamas was Israel's fourth gesture of abject appeasement in a week to Ankara, which continues to whip up anti-Israel agitation in line with its undisguised hostility towards the Jewish state, debkafile's military sources report.
The Islam-orientated government of Recep Erdogan is cracking down on pro-Israeli elements of the Turkish high army command, including the chief of staff; the IHH group which is closely allied with the government elite continues to foster ties with fellow Islamic extremists; and Ankara has abused the conditions of purchase of Israel drones and is sharing their advanced technology with Syria, a country at war with the Jewish state.
Yet Thursday, July 22, Netanyahu's inner cabinet of seven resolved to return the four IHH-owned vessels which led the flotilla which Israeli commandos prevented from breaking the Gaza blockade on May 31, virtually without any strings attached.It seems as though, notwithstanding all the evidence to the contrary, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, defense minister Ehud Barak and foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman are determined to keep their heads stuck in the sand and delude themselves that appeasement will restore the rosy ties of yore.
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