Friday, July 16, 2010

Not to be a Naysayer....but....

I know it is probably getting old, but I'll say it again. Sanctions against Iran will never work! They didn't work against Cuba, though the people suffered greatly. Sanctions will do nothing to stop the jihadist, radical, Israel-hating, extremists who rule in Iran.
Ideology for one. These are people who are given over to a religious philosophy that rewards suffering and martyrdom. More virgins anyone? They will do everything possible to fulfill their extreme Shia eschatology of bringing back the Mahdi. (Islamic Messiah) but,
Sanction Breaking is the second reason sanctions will not work....and we knew they would, Russia is breaking its weak acquiesence to Obama sanctions by promising that gas and oil will continue to flow between the two countries. There is absolutely no reason for Iran to give up its pursuit of nuclear weapons. Russia was behind it in the first place. Read on from Debkafile...
Moscow pledges Tehran oil products - against US embargo
DEBKAfile Special Report July 15, 2010
Countering the new US embargo on petroleum and oil distillates embargo on Iran, Russian Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko and Iranian Oil Minister Masud Mir-Kazemi Wednesday, July 14 signed a series of far-reaching energy-related agreements, including a deal to sell Tehran Russian petroleum products and petrochemicals.
debkafile's Moscow sources report that the pacts aim squarely at the law signed by President Barack Obama on July 2 to hit Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps' prime source of income, imported refined oil products including gasoline. The Russian and Iranian energy ministers contracted specifically to "increase cooperation in transit, swaps and marketing of natural gas as well as sales of petroleum products and petrochemicals ."The accords also set up "a joint bank to help fund bilateral energy projects."
This latter provision bypasses the US ban on the banks and insurance companies involved in funding refined oil supplies to Iran by creating a shared banking instrument for handling the funding of fuel purchases. Russian insurance firms connected with the new joint bank may insure shipments.By this step, Moscow moved to offset the penalties America imposed on Iran in the wake of UN Security Council sanctions of June 9 and challenged the United States to blacklist Russian firms by invoking the new US law closing American markets to companies and banks doing energy business with Iran.
At the same time, debkafile sources predict that US inaction against the Russian sanctions-busting transactions with Iran will encourage other countries and international business interests, particularly in the Caucasus and Central Asia which share borders with Iran, to follow their lead and defy the US embargo.According to the latest rumors flying around the oil markets, China and Turkey are willing to help Iran evade the fuel sanctions. Pictures have appeared in some Western media showing long convoys of hundreds of fuel tankers standing by on the Iraqi Kurdistan border and waiting to cross into Iran to deliver tons of petroleum. Even the heavy presence of US and Iraqi troops nearby appears to pose no deterrent to the prospective traffic - much less its absence on Iran's other borders.
What a sad commentary on the weakness of the Obama Administration. But lest we come down too hard on our president, read God's take on the ongoing developments surrounding the Middle East by going to Ezekiel 38 and 39. Most of the Magog Coalition's members are named or hinted at in the above article. Missing....Libya and the Sudan.
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