Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Show Me Something of Substance

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, will receive a different welcome today at the White House.
The last time he had the unfortunate opportunity to sit down with the American Community Organizer and Chief, the meeting ended up being a royal snub. Netanyahu was treated like a second rate piece of dirt instead of our one and only true ally in the Middle East. This time, Obama will throw out the red carpet in a massive photo op....attempting to portray an image of undying friendship and loyalty. But will anything substantive come out of this meeting beyond the pressuring of Israel to give up more land?
The problem is, there is way too much evidence that Obama does not hold Israel in anything other than disdain. The recent signing by the US of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treat (NPT) demonstrates this to be true. Within the treaty that is meant to halt the proliferation of nuclear weapons, there is no mention of Iran's all-out effort to develop and arsenal of nukes. However, Israel is specifically pinpointed as having a nuclear arsenal (something Israel has never admitted or revealed) and challenges the Jews to de-nuke themselves.
The Obama administration has all but admitted it is now willing to live with a nuclear-armed Iran, much like what took place during the cold war. The difference, however, was that the US held a deterrent factor...our own nukes! Right now, Israel's nuclear capability is THE ONLY DETERRENT existing in the Middle East to Muslim aggression. If that is removed, Israel knows she will go up in a nuclear puff of radiation.
Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton challenged Russia to cease its occupation of Georgia, actually stating: "The United States always has a democracy agenda," Clinton responded. "Continuing to try to perfect democracy is one of the key challenges for any country — both its government and its citizens."
Wow! What about the only democracy in the Middle East, the one that is being ostracised, demarginalized, forced to cede valuable land and security, and ridiculed as a rogue nation by those who seek to annihilate her? What happened to Obama's "democracy agenda" in the face of Islamic aggression that is not only attempting to dominate the world, it has stated it clearly and openly?
The fact that our leadership in Washington has little or no moral fiber upon which to seek and propagate justice is leading us toward events prophesied in the Bible. In the meantime, people are hungrier than ever to find the truth.
Jesus said, "I am the way, the Truth, and the Life..." He still is!
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