Saturday, July 10, 2010

Don't Be Fooled...It's About November, Stupid!

Of course, most of the population that has the slightest inclination to be informed knows that the run to November began in 2008. But the Obama Administration is now in full campaign mode, attempting to pull a disaster out of a catastrophe for the democrat party.
Suddenly, the president is on the side of big business!
Suddenly, the president is for creating jobs. (Green, of course)
Suddenly, the president likes Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel, and actually talks about the bond being unbreakable.
YEP...NOVEMBER is in the cross is several million Jewish votes in the United States. Though most of those "diaspora Jews" voted for Obama in 2008, his treatment of Israel has caused many bushy eyebrows to rise. Solution? Bring in Benjamin Netanyahu for a sweet photo op and ignore the dozen other less-than-friendly subs made toward Israel over the last fourteen months. Will it work? Only for the gullible. Gulp!
Jerusalem Post Editor, David Horowitz, offered this OpEd today. The wool doesn't seem to be hanging over his eyes, and he holds no illusions that the Obama Administration will continue to demonstrate love and kisses after the November mid-terms have come and gone.

Obama on Tuesday began the process of assuring us that he has our back – something absolutely essential when any leader of our tiny country contemplates ‘taking risks for peace.’

So, that’s all right then.

It’s all fixed. The president has always trusted the prime minister. The prime minister has always respected the president.
Everything we thought we knew before Tuesday, it turns out, we didn’t.
Well, not too many Israelis are buying completely into the new glossy narrative of American-Israeli relations.

It’s a little too soon to have forgotten the counter-productive White House push for a building freeze in Jerusalem and the calculatedly reinflated crisis over construction plans at Ramat Shlomo, complete with blistering public denunciation.

It’s far too soon to have forgotten the US-enabled, skewed focus on Israel at May’s NPT Review Conference.

And if Democratic Party interests ahead of November’s mid-term elections meant the vexed issue of an extended West Bank settlement moratorium was left hanging this time, it would be a foolish Israeli prime minister, indeed, who believed that he had wriggled out of that dispute, and that it would not be back at the top of the agenda next time these two leaders got together.

I do not profess to know what President Obama will do next, but patterns and attitudes have be set and are obvious. Obama is a cutthroat politician who will do anything to hold the power and position he has attained. Justice matters not (google the Black Panther issue). Illegal immigration is a way to gain a new voting block (so let's side with a Mexican law suit and sew Arizona). Let's get out those teleprompters and wow the crowds.... (gullible idiots!)

However, I do have a Biblical suggestion. Pray for the awakening would help. But also pray for the peace of Jerusalem... on thinking in terms of what the president is trying to do, Pray for the PIECE of Jerusalem!

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