Thursday, July 8, 2010

Next Round of Concessions Coming Up

Once again, the push for peace is on, and Israel is the entity expected to make the concessions.
It's the same 'ole-same-'ole....another verse of the same song and dance. Obama tries to halt his falling approval rating by playing nice with Israel, but actually continues to apply the pressure for Israel to concede, and then concede some more.

Arutz Sheva News reports on Benjamin Netanyahu's ABC interview.
Interviewer George Stephanopoulos began the talk by noting the very warm and friendly reception Mr. and Mrs. Netanyahu received from U.S. President Barack Obama and his wife. He then asked, "What concrete steps are you prepared to take" to advance the peace process with the Palestinian Authority?
Netanyahu mentioned three areas in which Israel has come towards the PA, saying Israel has "done quite a bit in relaxing hundreds of roadblocks and checkpoints," as well as "I've talked about my vision of peace of a demilitarized Palestinian state that recognizes the Jewish State of Israel." The third item was the freeze: "We adopted a moratorium seven months ago for the Palestinians to enter the talks. They haven't so far done that."
I admit I am disgusted. Again, the Palestinians are not pushed to the simplest concession of recognizing the right of Israel to exist and have security. They can bomb, fire rockets, attempt flotillas, and generally wreck havoc and get away with it as the victimized party. However, I am also well aware that this is the direction in which events will flow. Why? Okay, hang on to your's a radically Biblical worldview surfacing.... "Because it is written!" In fact, Joel 3 tells us that the dividing of the land will lead directly down the road to Armageddon. When will that happen? Only God knows.
What I do know is this: The president is not nearly as smart as he thinks he is. If so, he would have actually read what he claims to follow...The BIBLE. He does not comprehend the reality. The nations that bless Israel will be blessed. The nations that curse and turn on Israel will be cursed and turned on by God. Since Obama's Muslim-loving speech in Cairo last year, how many disasters, catastrophes, floods, economic woes, and more have occurred? How many more will occur?
Sure, we can attribute these things to the natural occurrences of nature and happenstance. Sure, you can call me a religious nut case! Yes, disasters have always happened. But could there be a pattern and increase to the bad stuff? Is it possible that the hand of God is being withdrawn from our nation....even though we just witnessed a sweet photo-op? Could the path our leadership has chosen (in direct disregard to the majority of Americans who support the State of Israel) be leading us farther and farther from the protective, prosperous hand of God?
I leave you to decide. I have pretty much come to one particular conclusion and am praying that someone in a big, white house will wake up to the truth and start following it.
In the meantime, I pray for the peace of Jerusalem, not its division to people who will then seek to obtain the other half as well. Nothing like radical Islam to throw a wrench in the peace project of Barrack Obama. (Of course, he cannot admit it even exists.)
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